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Small-town Discovery in Glacier Country: Meet Stevensville

There are some places that feel so welcoming. Those towns that once you hit their main street are filled with charm, happy people and something. Places that make you want to stop and stay a while.

One such place is the historic town of Stevensville, Montana. Nestled between the Bitterroot and Sapphire mountains, in Western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, Stevensville offers some beautiful views, great outdoor recreation and it over flows with small town charm. During the winter months this town doesn’t rest at all, and we had the chance to go and check out all the sites.

Stevensville, Montana is Montana’s first permanent settlement.

First stop had to be the Morning Star, this place has some of the most delicious coffee and sweets around.

So delicious!

Truth time: we love walking down these streets.

Just two blocks from Main Street, is the historic St. Mary’s Mission, founded in 1841.

No trip to Stevensville is complete without visiting their general store, Valley Drug & Variety. Inside you’ll find an old fashioned soda fountain…

…with the most delicious milkshakes around!

Just a few miles outside of Stevensville, is the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge. This 2,800 acre wildlife refuge is open year-round and offers some beautiful sites no matter the season.

Even with it being a little cold out, this place was super peaceful and beautiful.

We ended our perfect day with some local Montana brews at Blacksmith Brewery.

Stevensville is a real charmer and we can’t wait to go back.

Missoula Magic: A Weekend in a Western Montana Hot Spot

We’ve got a crush on Missoula. It’s the kind of place that will steal your heart and never let go. The allure of small-city charm surrounded by breathtaking wilderness has secured its position as one of our region’s cultural and recreation hot spots. If you’re looking for a place to feed your soul and your belly, spend a weekend in Missoula, but plan on being a little heartbroken when it’s time to leave. The list of things to do in the robust mountain town is long, so we took the guesswork out of planning the perfect Missoula weekend:


The Missoula farmers markets are full of local favorites and seasonal surprises like morel mushrooms and fresh huckleberries.

Firsts things first: coffee. Start your Saturday off with a cup of Montana’s best at Black Coffee Roasting Co. (named the Best Coffee in Montana by Cosmopolitan and Mental Floss, 2017). Try the AM blend…it’s morning, after all.

A kayaker on Brennan’s Wave in downtown Missoula.

From there, stroll downtown to the Clark Fork Market (did we mention Missoula is kind of famous for its outdoor market scene?) and grab yourself a waffle sandwich. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

A Carousel for Missoula was hand-carved and painted by Missoula residents.

While you’re in Caras Park, take a spin on A Carousel for Missoula and then take a look out over the river’s edge at Brennan’s Wave and watch the surfers and kayakers play in this man-made whitewater playground.

From there, head up onto the Higgins Bridge and begin your exploration of downtown Missoula’s shops, galleries and eateries. Then for good measure (and because it’s delicious), grab some ice cream at Sweet Peaks or the Big Dipper.

When happy hour rolls around, stop in at the Top Hat or Finn & Porter for appetizers and drinks, and then spend a relaxing evening with an Eddy Out® Pale Ale or a Fresh Bongwater™ Hemp Pale Ale at Kettlehouse Brewing Co. When you work an appetite back up, head to the Wally & Buck food truck (recently setting up camp outside the southside location of Kettlehouse Brewing Co.) for a handcrafted, grass-fed burger from Missoula’s own Oxbow Cattle Company. Read more about Missoula breweries here.

Don’t be scared off by the line…It moves quickly!

If by this point you’re not quite ready for Saturday to be over, there’s a good chance you can catch a live show at the Top Hat, The Wilma or the Kettlehouse Amphitheater. Check out our events page to plan your next visit around a fantastic Glacier Country event.

When the day is done, enjoy some of Missoula’s warm western hospitality at any of its fine lodging options, and rest up for Day 2 of exploring the Garden City.


Head downtown to devour a breakfast at the Catalyst Café & Espresso Bar. We promise it will be an incredibly delicious experience.

The Catalyst’s menu is full of locally sourced ingredients and excellent vegan and vegetarian options.

Now that you’re full and caffeinated, and since you’ve explored a bit of the town already, it’s time to play outside. Head to Missoula’s Snowbowl, where there’s plenty to do no matter the season. Hike, bike or zip line your way around the bowl and stay put for a lunch on the mountain…Snowbowl is famous for its Bloody Marys and wood-fired pizza.

When Snowbowl isn’t full of snow you can catch the chairlift and folf, bike or hike at the top of the mountain.

After a day spent playing under Missoula’s big blue sky, check out Western Montana’s premier shopping destination, Southgate Mall. Shop till you drop and then grab a bite at the mall’s Mustard Seed Asian Café, and take your server up on dessert—it’s well worth the calories.

From there, head back toward downtown and see a film at Missoula’s historic community theater The Roxy. Pssst…they serve organic popcorn, beer and wine.

As Sunday comes to a close and you reflect on your weekend in Missoula, you’ll likely find yourself thinking about when you can return again. After all, you’ve only experienced a fraction of the one-of-a-kind activities a weekend in Missoula offers. We have so many tips, tricks and favorites to share that can’t possibly be squeezed into two days. Visit our Missoula community page for lodging options and more activities.

In the mood for a hiking weekend instead? Missoula has several trails with beautiful views on the edge of town. Try Mount Sentinel (pictured), Peace Park or Blue Mountain to see Missoula from another perspective. Visit our hiking page for directions.

Ho, Ho, Ho: Meet This Year’s Montana Gift Guide

It’s no secret that I think the Christmas season is one of the most wonderful times of year. And for those of you who know me, it’s probably no surprise that I love giving presents. Like, really love it. No matter who I’m giving a gift to, I try to make sure that it’s perfect for them, that it has meaning and that they’ll (hopefully) love it. And if you’re anything like me, you want to be sure to give the people you love thoughtful, meaningful gifts.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Montana. Photo: TheBobFactor

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Montana. Photo: TheBobFactor

To help you do that very thing, I’ve rounded up my favorite Montana-lovin’ gifts and some of the best places to shop local for the holidays.

With that said, here’s a look at this year’s Montana gift guide

1. Jewelry. Chances are, the women in your life love jewelry. And I’m here to tell you that Montana has incredible jewelry makers who are creating stunning works of art. Topping my must-have list are Bellwether Jewelry, Ruby and Revolver and Rag and Stone. Located in Babb, Montana, Bellwether Jewelry is the brainchild of an adorable gal named Claire who uses Montana’s landscapes as her design inspiration. I learned about her when I was gifted earrings and a necklace from one of my dear friends (thanks Courtney!) and I’ve been in love ever since.

Two of my favorite pieces from Bellwether Jewelry. Photo: Bellwether Jewerly

Two of my favorite pieces from Bellwether Jewelry. Photo: Bellwether Jewelry

Meanwhile,  Ruby and Revolver has become one of my favorites mainly due to her instagram feed. In two words: it’s amazing. Jessie—the master creator behind the brand—creates some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen, but I’m especially fond of her rings. And if your significant other is a fan of stones, do yourself a favor and check out Erin’s work at Rag and Stone. 

2. Local spirits. While breweries have been a part of the Montana scene for awhile, in the last few years we’ve seen more distilleries open in Western Montana. Two of my personal favorites: Glacier Distilling in Coram, Montana, and Spotted Bear Spirits in Whitefish, Montana. Both distilleries are creating incredible Big Sky Country-inspired spirits and utilizing local Montana grains and products, including Flathead cherries, to do so. You can pick up Glacier Distilling spirits at several places in Montana (check out their distribution here) and Spotted Bear Spirits has adorable cute 50mL bottles that are perfect for gift giving.

The cutest little bottles I ever did see. Photo: Spotted Bear Spirits

The cutest little bottles I ever did see. Photo: Spotted Bear Spirits

3. Montana Wreaths. Truth time: I didn’t know about these until a few weeks ago and now I’m obsessed. (I’ll give you one guess as to what my Minnesota-living sister is getting for Christmas this year.) Based in Missoula, Montana Wreaths are handcrafted with grand fir and cedar trees and are absolutely beautiful. Plus, it’s like giving a piece of Montana to your family and friends across the country.

The standard wreath (AKA the wreath my sissy is getting soon). Photo: Montana Wreath

The standard wreath (AKA the wreath my sissy is getting soon). Photo: Montana Wreath

4. Montana Made Soap. Made from goat milk from goats that are raised on a farm near Dutton, Montana, Leigh is a stay-at-home mama (who also runs her family’s farm Grazing Greyn Acres) who creates her soap as organically as possible. The result: delicious smelling and nourishing goat soaps.

Goat milk, coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil: I think I need this. Photo: Grazing Greyn Acres

Goat milk, coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil = I think I need this. Photo: Grazing Greyn Acres

5. Leather bags. If you don’t know about T-Bird Leather and Goertzen Adventure Equipment, it’s time you do. While both companies make their handcrafted leather bags here in Western Montana, each brand has a distinct style and look that is uniquely its own. Based in Whitefish, Montana, and designed and created by Tress, T-Bird Leather is one of my personal favorites. Not only do I adore Tress, but the bags she produces are truly beautiful. Currently on my must-have list: her new mystery braids tote. Why? Because braids and fringe.

Mystery braids tote. Photo: T-Bird Leather

Mystery braids tote. Photo: T-Bird Leather

Handmade in Missoula, Goertzen Adventure Equipment’s leather bags are more gender-neutral and have a bit of a vintage vibe. Trust me on this one: their bags get better with age. Plus, they make fly-fishing equipment for the fishermen (and fisherwomen) in your life. 

A well-loved leather bag from Goertzen. Photo: Taylar Robbins

A well-loved leather bag from Goertzen. Photo: Taylar Robbins

6. Shoes and moccasins for the babes (as in babies) in your life. Hands down, these may be the cutest baby gift in all of Montana. Made my mountain mama Melanie, Starry Knight Designs crafts the most perfectly adorable items for babies, kids and toddlers I’ve ever seen.
Sidenote: anyone got a baby I can dress up in these? 

Bison booties, gray desert boots and fringe booties. Photo: Starry Knight Design

Bison booties, gray desert boots and fringe booties. Photo: Starry Knight Design

7. UPTOP. Owned by Montana boys and brothers Luke and Colt Anderson, UPTOP embodies the love of Montana that people who live here—and those who visit—have for this state. While their “Montana Til I Die” tagline may be the most famous to date, the boys have a wide variety of UPTOP gear that includes T-shirts, hats, hoodies and kids’ gear.

Montana over everything + Montana Til I Die. Photo: UPTOP

Montana over everything + Montana Til I Die. Photo: UPTOP

8. Shop local stores. As part of a family-owned business, I understand the importance of shopping local. When we’re all able to spend our money in locally owned businesses, it makes a difference. Here are a few of my favorite Montana shops: Electric Buffalo Gallery in Bigfork, Monte Dolack Fine Art in Missoula, Think Local in Kalispell, Montana Shirt Company in Whitefish (and online), Sora & Company in Missoula and Great Falls, Cloth & Crown in Missoula, Crown of the Continent Discovery Center in West Glacier and Great Gray Gifts in Charlo (just opened in May 2016 and is one of my favorite stores – they also carry abundant made in Montana products). You can also check out additional stores, boutiques and shops here.

A selection of the made in Montana items at Great Gray gifts. Photos: Great Gray Gifts

A selection of the made in Montana items at Great Gray gifts. Photos: Great Gray Gifts

And with that, happy shopping, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


PS: For more gift ideas, check out my top 10 made in Montana gift list here.


A Montana Mother’s Day

It’s almost one of the most wonderful days of the year: Mother’s Day.

And for many of us, that means celebrating that special lady in our life. Whether it’s a biological mother, an adopted mother, a mother-in-law, an aunt who’s like your mom, a step-mother or a grandmother, you likely have someone in your life that plays this role. Me? I’m just lucky I guess. I have motherly figures coming out my ears. This girl is the proud recipient of a mama, a step-mother and two grandmothers that are as feisty and as spunky as ever.

A Montana girl and her Montana mama.

A Montana girl and her Montana mama.

And to be completely honest, I feel blessed and fortunate to have all of those women as part of my life. For one, I have a great mother. If I was to sum her up in three words, I’d say she was glamorous, fun and exuberant. She also happens to be one of the most unselfish people in the world. (Luckily).

Fun facts about the lady that I call mom…
-She thinks that all babies are her babies. I kid you not. Chances are if she gets her hands on your baby, they will be returned to you covered in lipstick-laden kisses.
-She brings out the best in people. No matter what, she always wants you to do better and kind of demands it.
-During the last couple of years that she was with us, my gram’s health wasn’t very good. Through it all, my mom took care of my grandma and never complained. Not even once.
-She loves her nieces and nephews (and their babies) like they are her own.
-She doesn’t think her children are perfect and she doesn’t make excuses for us. Instead she wants us to be better and to always, always do our best. That’s something I like in a mama.
-She doesn’t embarrass easily. (This must be where I get it from). With this little lady, dancing to music in a store is more usual that unusual.
-She gets better with age.
-She’s tough and strong. She regularly unloads freight trucks by herself.
-She channels a unique balance of fierceness, elegance and beauty into her little 5′ 4″ frame.

To sum it up, she’s a great mom. While she may not be a perfect one, she’s a perfect one for me.

And for those of you who are still looking for the perfect gift to celebrate your mama I’ve rounded up a few Montana-inspired gift ideas, just in time for the mother of all days.

Elk Camp Arts Gallery
This art gallery is located in Eureka on Highway 93 and is one of the most charming, filled-with-art shops in Western Montana. Local artist and gallery owner Randy McIntyre has plentiful treasures and trinkets that are perfect for Mother’s Day, including hand-crafted jewelry, barnwood framed prints and hand-painted wine glasses.

Hand-painted (and dishwater safe) wine decanter and glasses.

Hand-painted (and dishwater safe) wine decanter and glasses.

Grouse Mountain Lodge
Just for Mother’s Day, Logan’s Bar and Grill at Grouse Mountain Lodge is offering a brunch that includes delectable dishes like leg of lamb, an omelet bar, a waffle bar and chicken francaise. For reservations, call 406.863.4700.

Mustard Seed Cafe
If you’re in Missoula, one of the yummiest places to take your mama out is to Mustard Seed. My suggestion: Order dessert first. Why? Because after your entrees, you won’t have room for it. And trust me, a dessert from Mustard Seed is not-to-be-missed.

Sailing on Flathead Lake
Whether you’re a Montana local or just passing through, book your mom a sailing trip at Flathead Lake Lodge. During the summer, the lodge offers daily sailing excursions on the crystal clear waters of Flathead Lake–an experience you can guarantee she’ll always remember.

A sailing trip on the largest natural freshwater lake in the West--Flathead Lake.

A sailing trip on the largest natural freshwater lake in the West–Flathead Lake.

A Piece of Montana
While your mama may not be in Montana, now she can have a piece of the 406 with her always with these trendy trucker hats (my mom rocked one last summer and it was adorable) or a Glacier Country Montana mug, available at

Wishing you and your mama a love-filled Mother’s Day,

May in Montana: Farmers Markets

The arrival of May means one thing in Montana. The season of farmers markets is upon us. And this girl is a firm believer in the fact that strolling through a local farmers market is one of the best ways to experience a community’s culture and some of the best of what they have to offer.

Sidetrack time: Last summer I was able to visit a friend in Mexico City. We hit all of the highlights of the city and I loved each and every moment that was spent there. But I’ll never forget the morning we spent at a local market. The smells and the energy, combined with an insightful look at the city’s culture, introduced me to a side of the city that I hope I never forget.

Dancers in Mexico City.

Dancers in Mexico City.


While I may be overly sentimental, I’m holding firm to the belief that local markets are a fantastic way to immerse yourself into a destination’s culture. And the farmers markets that are found throughout Western Montana’s Glacier Country are no exception. Leisurely strolling through a market on a sunny Montana day will give you a pleasant and fresh look at what makes each community so special.

Bigfork Farmers Market
Wednesdays (3 p.m. – 6 p.m.) and Saturdays (9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.) – June to October
Embracing all things local, this market provides products grown or made in Montana, including produce, plants, flowers, baked goodies, jams, jellies and hand-crafted arts and crafts.

Columbia Falls Farmers Market
Thursdays (5 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.) – mid-June to mid-September at Pinewood Park
This small town market combines live music with a family friendly atmosphere, as well as local arts and crafts, tasty food and produce.

Darby Farmers Market
Tuesdays (12 p.m. – 6 p.m.) – May to October at S. Main Street Park
Soak up small town charm and snag fresh produce, jams, soaps and crafts.

Eureka Farmers Market
Wednesdays (4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.) – May to September at Riverside Park
A hotbed of local talent and goodies, this market features produce, bedding, baked goods and arts and crafts from local Tobacco Valley artists.

It's farmers market time in Eureka, Montana.

It’s farmers market time in Eureka, Montana.

Hamilton Farmers Market
Saturdays (9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.) – May  to October at Bedford, Second and Third streets
With more than 150 vendors all from Ravalli County, this lively market includes fresh organic produce, locally raised beef, alpaca wool, jewelry and locally harvested wood furniture.

Hand-woven baskets. Photo: Donnie Sexton

Hand-woven baskets. Photo: Donnie Sexton

Kalispell Farmers Market
Saturdays (9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.) – May to October at Flathead Valley Community College
One of the oldest markets in the state, the Kalispell Farmers Market boasts a variety of goodies, including arts and crafts, meat and eggs, native plants, iron works, woven rugs, woodwork, handspun yarns, photograph and fresh produce.

Libby Farmers Market
Thursdays (12 p.m. – 5 p.m.) – May to September at Libby Chamber of Commerce
This market features live music entertainment, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, crafts and baked goods.

Missoula Markets
Tuesdays (5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.) – July & August; Saturdays (8 a.m. – 1 p.m.) – May to October at North Higgins and under the Higgins Street Bridge
An integral part of summer in Missoula, farmers markets feature fresh local produce, baked goods, organic dairy products, locally brewed coffee, flowers and crafts. An added bonus: The People’s Market is just up the street and is held every Saturday through the summer.

Live music in Missoula.

Live music in Missoula.

Polson Farmers Market
Fridays (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) – mid-May to October
Located at the southern end of Flathead Lake, this market offers fresh farm produce, flowers, wood crafts, jewelry, photography and soap products.

Stevensville Farmers Market
Saturdays (May to October)
Located in the heart of downtown, the Stevensville market features local goods.

Seeley Lake Farmers Market
Sundays (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) – June to September
This outdoor market features locally grown produce, as well as artists and local food vendors.

Thompson Falls Farmers Market
Saturdays (9 a.m. – 12 p.m.) – June to September at Rose Garden Park
This community market is known for its locally grown produce, craft items and baked goods, as well as handicrafts created by local area artists that include paintings, leatherwork, pottery and quilts.

West Glacier Farmers Market
Fridays (3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.) – June to Labor Day 
This quaint afternoon market showcases local products from farmers and artisans. Bonus: It’s steps away from the west entrance of Glacier National Park.

Whitefish Farmers Market
Tuesdays (5 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.) – May to September at Central Avenue & Depot Park
One of the liveliest markets in the region, the Whitefish Farmers Market features live music, fresh herbs and spices, food vendors, produce and locally made arts and crafts.

The Whitefish market features a different musician each week.

The Whitefish market features a different musician each week.


Montana’s Small Business Saturday

It’s cold and snowing in Montana. To which I give a hearty “woo hoo!” because that means winter season is nearly here. Which also means that this girl had to wear her snow boots this week and has been perpetually chilly. But no complaining here! Instead, while I wait for my body to adjust to the stellar winter we’re about to have, I’m going to bundle up and spread the love…in the form of small business shout-outs.

Small businesses have a legacy in Montana…One founded upon hard work, long hours and a mix of blood, sweat and tears. Some have stood the test of time and have been passed along generation to generation, while others may still be gaining their footing in Big Sky Country. But whether they’ve been here for years or are just settling into their own corner of Montana, I love ’em just the same, as they often bring that extra dose of heart and soul to an area, street corner or town.

Here’s my list of some (please note this is not an all-inclusive list) of my favorite small businesses that call Montana home…and why they sparkle in my eyes.

The Toggery, Whitefish
It’s the perfect combination of outdoor apparel and cuteness.

Tupelo Grille, Whitefish
Two words: Bread pudding.

The Montana House, Glacier National Park
Open year-round, this shop is the ending to my perfect winter day in the park, filling my need for hot tea and treats.

Elk Camp Art Gallery & Showroom, Eureka
A brand new shop, this gallery features artists and craftsmen from the heart of the Tobacco Valley.

Kettlehouse Brewery, Missoula
They have two locations in Missoula with great beer, but for this girl they sparkle because they work with Big Dipper Ice Cream to create beer-flavored ice cream treats. Yes, please.

Hidden Legend Winery, Victor
A family owned winery, Tim uses local honey and berries to make their (award-winning) meads. PS: I love local honey.

Monte Dolack Gallery, Missoula
Monte’s work manages to inspire and calm me, all at once.

Lincon’s Silver Dollar Bar & Gift Shop, Haugan
A childhood favorite pit stop, there are more than 50,000 silver dollars on display.

To the small businesses, and their stalwart owners, thanks for being a part of Montana.

Saturday, November 26 marks the second annual Small Business Saturday, with many stores across the United States offering discounts, deals and specials in their shops to encourage consumers to shop locally.

Here are a few deals from around Montana for November 26…
*Whitefish: Purchase a $25 gift card at The Naked Noodle and get 10 percent off meal purchases.
*Augusta: Allen’s Manix Store is offering 15 percent off non-grocery items (excluding guns). Just down the street, Latigo and Lace is offering 15 percent off on T-shirts and additional selected items.
*Missoula: MSO Hub is offering 15 percent off (excluding clearance and non-profit organization items). And just a few doors down, MkLAREN Boutique is offering 20 percent off storewide.

Christmas is Coming, Montana

Let’s talk about something that I love almost as much as Montana. Shopping. While you might envision me out herding cows (right, dad?), cruising the hidden corners of Glacier National Park and digging in the Montana dirt, it’s time you envision your messy-haired friend as a shopper.

You see, I come by it honestly. Look at this cute bundle that is my mom. She is a shopper and taught my two sisters and I the lay of the shopping land.

Last Christmas. (Don\’t mind my brother\’s hair…it\’s longer and prettier than mine).

While the town I grew up in was (and still is) small, my family owns a general store that literally has the motto “If We Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need It.” I’m sure you can only imagine the goodness that is packed into those four walls. As an added bonus of having a store as part of our family, my mama would let me peruse the catalogs with her, ordering things like Montana Silversmiths jewelry, wall hangings, toys and chocolates.

So it should really be no surprise that all these years later, I still love shopping.

Which leads me to the best part of shopping in Big Sky Country…being able to scoop up locally made goodies that are distinctly Montana. And since Christmas is indeed coming, it’s time that we start filling our lists. Here are some of my “top picks” for 2011…

A MONTANA NECKLACE. Cloth & Crown, a local boutique in downtown Missoula, sells these little beauties in gold and silver.

I like to wear my Montana close to my heart.

THE BEST HONEY you’ve never tasted (and the cutest beeswax ornaments I’ve ever seen) from Glacier County Honey in Babb.

Local bees made this sweet goodness.

CHOCOLATES, CARAMELS and CANDY. The Sweet Palace, and their delicious caramels and chocolates, has to make the list.

Two years ago I gave Papa Bear coconut haystacks in his stocking. Pretty sure that cemented my place as favorite child.

GLACIER COUNTRY GOODNESS. And (insert shameless plug here) for those of you that want to take home a little piece of Glacier Country, check out our travel mugs and water bottles. (The water bottle is my favorite of all time).

Your own piece of Glacier Country.

Happy shopping.

PS: Santa, if you’re reading this, I was REAL good this year.

Montana Lovin’

Here at Glacier Country, we like to be crafty.

Our most recent craft was making custom Glacier Country, Montana insulated mugs.

Big Red.

These mugs are cool for a few reasons:

1) This winter has been COLD. And these mugs keep our drinks HOT.
2) They come in several colors.
3) We’re giving them away!

Our first drawing is going to be held on Monday, February 14 in honor of the DAY OF LOVE. To enter, we’re asking folks to share the reason why they love Western Montana. Simply go to our facebook page, find the mug post and enter the reasons you love Big Sky Country.

Here are a few of the responses we’ve received so far…
“Montana is my paradise…”

“I could write a book on what I love about Montana. There is no place in the world like Montana and it is a place that I totally have a love affair with.”

“Montana is naturally lovable…”

“I love the people, honest and true Americans…”

So please, share away for your chance to win a GlacierMT mug…Happy weekend!


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Well, it’s safe to say that winter and the holiday season are upon us in full force. Snow is falling, ski mountains are opening and Montana is looking much like a winter wonderland. Which means that Christmas is right around the corner…

In honor of celebrating the season, I’ve been keeping my eye on some cool Montana gift ideas. In case any of you have people on your list that would love a gift from Big Sky Country (I know I do – shout out to my sister in NYC), here are a few ideas to make your Montana-inspired gift shopping even easier.

Montana Meads: Headquartered in Victor, Hidden Legend Winery makes meads from Montana berries and honey with delectable names like Spiced Mead, Huckleberry Mead and Wild Elderberry Mead.

Beeline Nutty Honey Butter: During a recent stay at Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish, owners Woody and Betsy Cox whipped up an utterly delectable breakfast that included this honey butter.

Glacier Gift Shop: Even though the lodges and inns of Glacier National Park are closed for the winter season, you can still find goodies from the gifts shops! Items include work from Bret Bouda, Glacier National Park Christmas ornaments, Montana movies and music, as well as specialty-brewed Montana coffees.

Wildwater Artwear:
This collection, created by West Glacier native and Glacier Raft Company employee Katie Thompson, draws its inspiration from water. All of the items (including jewelry and scarves) are handmade and are essentially, wearable art.

I\’m the proud owner of these Montana shaped earrings

Montana Club: What else can I say, except they have great food and gift certificates to boot. I can almost taste their Montana Top Sirloin now…

Linda’s Montana Gifts: Located in Thompson Falls, this gift shop includes everything from handcrafted wood items to Montana made jewelry and wood products.

Glacier County Honey: Located in Baab on the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, this honey has to be made from some of the happiest bees around. Glacier County Honey also makes beeswax candles and Christmas ornaments.

Glacier County Honey

The Sweet Palace:
Located in Philipsburg, the Sweet Palace is your headquarters for some of the tastiest handmade taffy, caramels and fudge. My favorites: the huckleberry taffy and coconut clusters.

Huckleberry taffy from The Sweet Palace

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do. 😉

*Images were borrowed from respective websites.