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Hitting the Road in Search of Montana’s Best Fall Colors

It’s probably no surprise that I’m a big fan of fall in Montana. In fact, I think it may be my favorite season. But to be honest, the changing colors of autumn in Big Sky Country tend to get overlooked for other more colorful destinations. Which I totally get. If you ask me, one of the reasons Montana is glanced over as a fall color destination is because people just don’t know that we actually have fall foliage here.

Fall in Montana: Exploring the Bitterroot Valley

I think L.M. Montgomery said it best when she wrote, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Truth be told, October (with November being a close second) is one of the most underrated months of the year, especially in Montana. And I get it. Weather in Montana can be a little unpredictable, but if you’re bold enough to visit in October you’re going to find that it’s actually quite lovely. Plus, when the weather has one of her “moods” she typically snaps out of it pretty quickly and returns to her pleasant self, complete with sunshine and gorgeous fall foliage.

Family-Style Dining + Small Town Montana: a Perfect Thursday

If there are three things I love in life, they are small towns, butter and homemade rolls. (You guys, deep down I’m a really simple country girl…with a crazy love for butter.) So last week, when I had a friend in town visiting from the east coast, we decided to combine our mutual love of small town Montana with our love of food and take our maiden voyage to a place we’ve both been wanting to try: The Dinnerbell.

A Summer Road Trip: Clearwater Junction to Polebridge, Montana

It’s hard to stay in one place during summer in Montana. There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to adventure in, around and through this place I call home. And I have to tell you, this year is no exception and with gorgeous weather, the need to hit the road came earlier than usual. So on one sunshine-filled day this June, my two traveling companions (affectionately known as boo and baby girl) and I loaded up the car and decided to take a road trip north. Our destination: Polebridge, Montana.

Montana to Wyoming: A Wild West BFF Road Trip

Truth time: two of my favorite states in the country are Montana and Wyoming. Sure, in the past we’ve joked about the (friendly) rivalry between Big Sky Country and the Forever West (you can read about the smackdown between Montana and Wyoming here and here), but the fact of the matter is that these two states are BFFs.

A Montana Road Trip: Polson to Whitefish

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Montana is beautiful during late winter and early spring. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I took a road trip from Missoula to Polson (you can read more about that—and see photos from that stunning drive—here) on a picture-perfect day? Well, the truth of the matter is that I kept on going and the second half of that day took me from Polson to Whitefish. And it, my friends, was beautiful. Here’s a look at the views from Montana’s Flathead Valley.

A Montana Day Trip: Missoula to Polson

Yesterday was one for the record books in Big Sky Country. While it’s early March here in Montana’s Glacier Country, it was one of the most stunning days I’ve spent exploring in a long time. Because it was such a beautiful day, a girlfriend and I hit the road from Missoula to Polson. While this […]

A Montana Food Tour

You guys, if there are two things I love, they are Montana and food. I come by my love of both honestly. After all, when you grow up in Montana at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and when you have a grandpa who was constantly cooking in the backroom of my family’s general store and regularly asked if I wanted to “taste something good,” you’re bound to fall in love with both food and Big Sky Country. Sidenote: Much to my grandpa’s dismay, I didn’t think everything he made was as delicious as he did. 

Exploring the Spaces Between the Places: West Glacier to East Glacier Park, Montana

There are certain travel corridors in Montana that I’m obsessed with: Highway 200,  the Seeley-Swan Valley and Highway 2  near Glacier National Park. And after last week’s adventure along a backcountry road (you can read more about that here), my traveling companies and I continued our spring road trip and headed toward a place that this messy-haired girl loves and adores like it’s a member of the family: Glacier National Park. 

A Spring Road Trip Adventure in Montana’s Glacier Country

Last week, it was time to hit the road and explore one of my favorite areas in Western Montana’s Glacier Country: Interstate 90 and Highway 200. While I realize that saying the area along I-90 is one of my favorite places may be a bit surprising (after all, it is an interstate), I have good reasons for feeling that way: it’s stunning (really and truly), fairly untouched and full of some of the cutest small towns. Plus, both of these scenic driving routes are surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, lush forests and some of the loveliest waterways in the Montana.

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