Last week, it was time to hit the road and explore one of my favorite areas in Western Montana’s Glacier Country: Interstate 90 and Highway 200. While I realize that saying the area along I-90 is one of my favorite places may be a bit surprising (after all, it is an interstate), I have good reasons for feeling that way: it’s stunning (really and truly), fairly untouched and full of some of the cutest small towns. Plus, both of these scenic driving routes are surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, lush forests and some of the loveliest waterways in the Montana.

We started our journey by taking I-90 west to St. Regis, before taking the St. Regis-Paradise Scenic Byway (Highway 135) to Highway 200 and the charming small town of Trout Creek.

Clark Fork River Montana
Hello, gorgeous. This view is brought to you courtesy of the St. Regis-Paradise Scenic Byway.
The Tour 200 area in Western Montana is full of scenic views like this.
The Tour 200 area in Western Montana is full of scenic views like this.
Trout Creek Montana
Breathing in the fresh air along Noxon Rapids Reservoir in Trout Creek.

After a lovely afternoon in Trout Creek, it was time for us to continue north to our next destination. Sidenote: if you’re looking for a cute and cozy place to stay, be sure to check out Lakeside Motel & Resort on the shore of Noxon Rapids Reservoir. 

Being the adventurers that we are, we decided to take a truly off-the-beaten path route that went around the reservoir, through the Cabinet Mountains and along some of the most stunning backcountry scenery I’ve ever seen.

Winding through the national forest.
Winding through the national forest.
Lyons Gulch in the Cabinet Mountains.
Lyons Gulch in the Cabinet Mountains.
A stunning view along a long Forest Service Road.
Views included rushing creeks, open mountain meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks.
That mountain peak put a big smile on my face.
After navigating backcountry gravel roads, that mountain peak put a big smile on my face.

It was a good day.


PS: You can read more about road tripping along Montana’s Highway 200 here.

May 22, 2015

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Thanks for the wonderful photos! I'm in the middle of doing Montana Road trip posts on my blog, and we're almost to St Regis. I'm going to have to take this byway sometime.
Mokihana, it is such a beautiful byway! Be sure to stop by Quinn's Hot Springs on your way - it's one of my all-time favorite spots.

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