Truth time: two of my favorite states in the country are Montana and Wyoming. Sure, in the past we’ve joked about the (friendly) rivalry between Big Sky Country and the Forever West (you can read about the smackdown between Montana and Wyoming here and here), but the fact of the matter is that these two states are BFFs.

Montana + Wyoming = BFFs.

For me, it’s just that I feel like the wide-open spaces and friendly people of Wyoming get me. They’re like kindred spirits for this Montana girl that hails from the middle of nowhere Rocky Mountain Front. So when work duty called, I grabbed one of my best traveling buddies and we set off for a destination that was new to both of us: Cody, Wyoming.

From start to finish: 406 miles.
From start to finish: 406 miles.

And I have to tell you, it was one of the best road trips I’ve taken in a long time. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was diverse and stunning and we enjoyed checking out many of the highlights along the way.

Bye, Missoula!
Bye, Missoula!
Because when you pass a sign for a used cow lot, you have to stop.
Drummond, Montana. (Because when you pass a sign for a used cow lot, you have to stop.)


Cruising a backroad between Columbus and Joliet.
Cruising a backroad between Columbus and Joliet.

After several hours on the road, we came to the Montana/Wyoming border. And I don’t care how many state lines I’ve driven across in my lifetime, it’s always fun to hit a new one. Plus, these Montana girls love a good photo op!

Goodbye (for now), Montana.
Goodbye (for now), Montana.
Hello, Wyoming!
Hello, Wyoming!
We all know I can’t resist a selfie.

From here, we made our way to Cody and had some free time to explore the town.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West.
The Buffalo Bill Center of the West.
Two words: totes adorbs.
One word: yee-haw!
Legends Book store had MONTANA tea!
Legends Book Store had MONTANA tea!
Just two cowgirls, wandering about town.
Just two cowgirls, wandering about town.
Oh hey historic hotel, named for Buffalo Bill Cod's daughter Irma.
Oh hey historic Irma Hotel. PS: the hotel was named for Buffalo Bill Cody’s daughter Irma.
Buffalo Bill and the gang.
Buffalo Bill and the gang.
PSA: this is the only bison you should ever approach.
PSA: this is the only bison you should ever approach.
Going out with my boots on.
Going out with my boots on.

A few things I loved about Cody, Wyoming (and think you will too):
-It’s super close to Montana.
-Cody is one of the hubs for exploring Yellowstone National Park. And it’s really easy to get to Montana from Cody, via Yellowstone.
-It has great history!
-It’s adorable and charming. Not even kidding, every shop we went into they asked where we were from (don’t worry, we proudly told them Montana) and they genuinely cared about our experience in Cody.
-I had the best steak (possibly ever) at the Proud Cut Saloon & Steakhouse.
-It was an easy drive from my home base in Western Montana + the drive was seriously beautiful.

After such a great three days road tripping from Montana to Wyoming and back again, I’ve got two questions: 1) When can I go back? 2) Who wants to go with me?!


May 5, 2016

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I'm from Southern Illinois, I took my sister on a trip out west a couple of times. We went thru South Dakota then over to Cody. Absolutely loved it!!!
Tamra Bolton
Love Cody! You are right...beautiful drive, great destination , friendly folk and plenty to see and do, and great food to try! My favorite states besides Texas, of course ;)
This Mississippi girl loves road trips through Wyoming and Montana. I love Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, the Tetons and the drive through Bear Tooth going to and from Yellowstone from Red Lodge.
Hi Montana girl, Thank you for sharing abort Cody. We are going to Yellowstone in July and also Cody good to get some pre information. And you had some nice photos. Thank you.
Dennis Nace
The trip looks great. I never visited Montana.
Scott Demaree
You missed your turn at mile post 333. Maybe next time you'll want to upgrade that road trip. We'll make it worth your while, I promise. Thanks for the great blogging, Keep it up.
Nice writeup! Hoping to get to do some exploring in Montana next summer.
Had a small ranch in Cody years ago. Loved Wyoming and wish I could have stayed there forever but with a business in Florida finally sold the ranch. Wyoming is so different from Florida in every way. One thing for sure, the people were always super friendly in Cody!
Lindsey Brooks
I do! I am thinking about driving from Cody to Montana. I would love to know where in Montana would be a good place to visit. I am from Virginia and I have never been to Montana. From there I would like to go to Big Sur, CA. Would love any suggestions for experiencing the best of Montana. Enjoyed reading your blog.
Holly K
Hi Lindsey, we recommend that from Cody you do a "Glaciers to Geysers" Tour which takes you from Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park. Find out more here:, and

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