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Spring in Western Montana and Glacier National Park

This spring, Western Montana’s Glacier Country is the perfect place for a fresh perspective and a breath of fresh air. The snow is melting from the region’s hiking and biking trails, and the landscape is greening up with wildflowers, wildlife, rushing rapids and waterfalls. It’s our most undiscovered season, and is arguable one of the […]

April 22, 2024

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An Epic Montana Road Trip (AKA My Favorite Kind of Road Trip)

So…I’m sensing a theme in what I’ve been doing lately. Apparently, I’m all about a good road trip. (You can see the proof here, here and oh ya, here.) But honestly, I can’t even blame myself at this point. Instead, I blame Montana’s wide-open spaces, colorful characters and a landscape that seems to be calling my name ALL THE TIME. With that said, it seems appropriate that this week (Friday, May 13 to be exact) I’m setting off on an epic road trip through Western Montana’s Glacier Country. 

Chasing the Sunset in Missoula, Montana

Truth time: this month’s Montana sunsets have been amazing.

5 Things I’m Loving in Missoula, Montana

Let’s all just take a moment to celebrate a few things: it’s been a fun winter, we’re starting to see glimpses of spring, the sun is shining and I’ve spent the entire week in one place: Missoula, Montana.

One Day in Missoula, Montana

I’m convinced that summer in Missoula, Montana is the stuff that dreams are made of. The days are long (like really long – in July the sun rises at 5:46 a.m. and sets at 9:34 p.m.) and there’s always something to do, from floating the river to perusing shops and art galleries downtown.

Exploring Missoula, Montana

You guys, I just had one of the most fun weeks ever. Why? Because I was able to spend it exploring Western Montana with five of my favorite humans.

Top Activities: May in Montana

Oh, hello spring. It’s good to see you. So good in fact that I think you deserve a hoop, holler and maybe even a curtsy. After all, you and I both know that this winter was a bit of a long one. Not that I’m complaining…because I’m totally not. After all, our snowpack levels are off the charts and that alone practically guarantees a fun summer!

A (Montana) Valentine’s Getaway for Your Love

Well, the holiday that you’ve all been waiting for is (nearly) here: Valentine’s Day! While there is much discussion over the intense love and hate relationship with the holiday itself, this messy-haired girl has always been a fan of it. And while it’s a day that’s commercially deemed for lovers, it’s so much more than that.

A Montana Girl’s Love Letter to 2013

Well, another year has come and gone. And to be honest, I can hardly believe it! It’s like the older I get, the faster time seems to go. (Side note: I’m beginning to sound like my mama!) While time continues to sprint away from me, I can say with much satisfaction that 2013 was a […]

Winter in Montana

It’s official. Winter has fully arrived. And I must say, it has done so with a bang….of snow. During the early season, snow fell in our upper elevations and laid down a strong base (like the strongest in years!) for the winter recreation season. Well played, Old Man Winter.

The Latest From Glacier Country

Guided Summer Activities in Western Montana

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Wildflower Season in Western Montana

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