So…I’m sensing a theme in what I’ve been doing lately. Apparently, I’m all about a good road trip. (You can see the proof here, here and oh ya, here.) But honestly, I can’t even blame myself at this point. Instead, I blame Montana’s wide-open spaces, colorful characters and a landscape that seems to be calling my name ALL THE TIME. With that said, it seems appropriate that this week (Friday, May 13 to be exact) I’m setting off on an epic road trip through Western Montana’s Glacier Country

Cruising Montana's roads.
Cruising Montana’s roads.

“What’s so epic about it, Tia?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. I’m taking the usual road trip and turning it into a (road trip) party. Because why take a road trip alone when you can take a road trip with 20+ of the most fun, adventurous people you’ve ever met?

This is how much we love Glacier National Park.
This is how much I love road trips and exploring Montana!

This week, I’m welcoming Expedia and their team of viewfinders—as well as some incredible folks from England, Australia, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Canada—to my corner of Montana where we’ll experience some of the best that Big Sky Country has to offer. And because there’s literally so much to explore, we’re breaking the road trip into three sections, with each leg focusing on a particular offering in Western Montana: urban (Missoula), unplugged (Flathead Lake Lodge) and unexplored (Whitefish and Glacier National Park).

Urban, unplugged and undiscovered.
(Montana) urban, unplugged and undiscovered.

If you want to see what May in Montana is like, follow along to see real-time updates on snapchat (username: GlacierMT), instagram (GlacierMT) and twitter (GlacierMT). And if you want to see way better photos than any of the ones I’ll take, search hashtag #PictureMontana on instagram and twitter to see photos from the rest of our soon-to-be Montana-lovin’ crew.

In the meantime, I want to know one thing: How do YOU #PictureMontana? Comment below and let me know.


May 9, 2016

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The Curious Creature
So excited to be one of those adventurous people you are meeting this week :) Looking forward to exploring your corner of Montana!!
Me too! We're going to have FUN. :)

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