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A Perfect Escape to Montana’s Flathead Lake Lodge

There are some places that you visit that feel like a total escape from daily life. One such place: Flathead Lake Lodge.

Take me for a Sleigh Ride (in Montana)

Being from the countryside of Montana, it’s probably no surprise that I’m a big fan of horses and now, seeing as I live in the “city,” I welcome any opportunity to take a horseback ride, wagon ride or sleigh ride. Earlier this month, I headed out to one of my favorite guest ranches (Bar W Guest Ranch near Whitefish) for a snowy sleigh ride behind Dutch and Duke, two beautiful Percheron horses.

Playing in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley at The Resort at Paws Up

As you might remember, earlier this summer I visited Montana’s luxury ranches with a friend of mine who was coming to Big Sky Country from out of the country. We started our ranch visits at The Ranch at Rock Creek (read more about that here) and Triple Creek Ranch (check out that visit here), before venturing to our last destination in Montana’s iconic Blackfoot Valley: The Resort at Paws Up. 

A Chuckwagon Dinner at Montana’s Z5 Ranch

There’s a new sheriff in town. Okay, not really, but there is a new guest ranch in Western Montana (and that’s kind of like the same thing).

Two Days at Montana’s Triple Creek Ranch

Truth time: some of the best meals I’ve ever had were at a guest ranch tucked into the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. The dining experience at Triple Creek Ranch was one comprised of culinary delights that you’d expect to find in a city, as opposed to the quiet mountains of Montana. Located a short drive southwest […]

A Weekend in Montana at The Ranch at Rock Creek

Earlier this summer, one of my dear friends called and told me that he was planning a trip to Montana to visit the state’s luxury guest ranches. I (quickly) volunteered to travel with him while he was here and we soon made plans to visit The Ranch at Rock Creek. 

Combining My Two Loves at Montana’s Bar W Guest Ranch

Sometimes, I’ve just got to give it to you straight. Fact: I love a place that brings out my inner cowgirl. Fact: I love cowboys. Always have, always will. Fact: I love a place that combines my inner cowgirl with my love of cowboys. Fact: The Bar W Guest Ranch combines those two loves and […]

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