You guys, there are some adventures that need to be done when visiting Montana. One of them: whitewater rafting the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. In case you’re not familiar with it, the Middle Fork runs along the southern boundary of Glacier National Park and is a gorgeous teal color that’s created by glacial silt. It’s also one of the most fun destinations for whitewater rafting in Western Montana’s Glacier Country.

Navigating the rapids on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.
Navigating the rapids on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.

I realize that you may be wondering why I’m telling you about this river. The truth: I want you to raft it. You see, not only is the Middle Fork of the Flathead one of my favorite rivers in Montana, but rafting it is one of my all-time favorite activities and I want you to have the chance to experience it as well. So much so, that I collaborated with my friends at Glacier Guides and Montana Raft Company to give away a guided two-day rafting trip for two (including food, gear and a guide) on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Pretty awesome, right?

This would be your campsite.
This would be your campsite.
Just you, a fire and Montana's star-filled night sky.
Just you, a fire and Montana’s star-filled night sky.

Here’s how you enter…

1) Comment on the blog and tell me who you would bring with you on the river and why.
2) All entries must be received by 6 p.m., MST on Wednesday, May 27. A winner will be announced on Thursday, May 28.
PS: You must be 18 years old to be eligible to win the trip.

Update: There were SO many incredible entries into this Montana rafting trip giveaway! Thanks to all of you who entered–it was a delight to read your comments. Also, a big CONGRATS to Rich Rice of Butte, Montana on winning this two-day raft trip with Glacier Guides + Montana Raft!

Looking forward to hearing about who you would take on one of Montana’s most famous rivers,

May 16, 2015

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I'd bring my Mrs! We're taking a cross-country road trip this summer and spending several days in Glacier, so this would be amazing!
Anne Holub
I'd bring my fiancé. We plan on getting married next summer and love camping. BUT we've never been to Glacier together!
Andrew Hardacre
I would for sure bring my 80 year father with me. My Mom passed away in January and he has been so incredibly lonely since and longs to be with her. They were married for 57 years. I brought him to the Final Four to watch his hometown Wisconsin Badgers play. This trip would be another retreat for him to take his mind off her passing but also to see Gods country as my Mom loved nature and the outdoors.
Michelle Padgett
Oh how I would love to win! My oldest sister's dream has been to visit Montana. She is in the process of a painful divorce and OMW I would love to bless her and myself with this trip. I follow faithfully on IG every MT site I can. Such beautiful scenery! Please pick me. Thanks
My husband and I will someday raft the Flathead, and this would make it happen sooner! If we could, we would bring our bluetick coonhound, Jasper, who likes boats but not swimming (just like me). My husband's birthday is May 29, and I would love to give him this trip as an amazing present!
Kurt Vomfell
I would bring my lovely and amazing wife...who is a better fly fisher-person than I am! I have been trying to organize a multiday canoe trip with my buddies for years and so far have had no luck putting one together. Maybe this raft trip could suffice as a substitute. Sincerely, Kurt Vomfell
Carla Low
I would bring my husband with me. We are already planning a trip to GNP this summer but whitewater rafting is outside our comfort zone and not something we would pay for...but winning a trip like this would challenge us and probably be more fun than words can fully express!
M Johnson
I would want to bring Abraham Lincoln because dinner is included in this trip and I'd like to have dinner with Abraham Lincoln.
This is on my bucket list for sure, been wanting to do this for many yea r so now. Never the opportunity! I would bring my hubby and son, used to work in glacier, have passed by many times, know the area well. Beautiful, it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for my family to be together and enjoy our wonderful Montana outdoors and have a little adventure! Thanks for the opportunity! E Flanik
Kaelee McNeill
My boyfriend and I are visiting Glacier in July! We are both outdoor people and would love an adventure like this!
My partner and I just moved to Montana from Florida! Sold off most out possession, packed up our pup and headed out to the great north west! We took on this adventure to explore the amazing beauty this state holds! We're still working to get on our feet out here. This rafting trip would be a dream come true! It's the opportunity to do these kinds of things that brought us out here! Would be super stoked to win!
Nikki Wallar
I would bring my love. This is a bucket list adventure for both of us!
I would bring my husband. My dad helped build the going to the sun road, I would love to show my hubby that part of the state.
Danielle McNew
I'd take my hubby of course! Why? Because he's the only one I vowed to share my entire life with!
Cassandra Gaub
I'd bring my best friend with me. With life and me moving out of state, it's been 4 years since we've spent any time together :)
disa duncan
This would be totally awesome to have an amazing opportunity! I would bring my Husband, Adam, with me. WE both love Montana very much and any time spent there is awesome!
Natalie Knight
I might just go by myself. I would love the solitude and all that beauty!! But I guess I'd probably take my husband. We've had 1 date night in 6 years!!
blythe shore
I would bring my boyfriend Eric. We love camping and have always wanted to go to Montana!
Lori Hanlin
I would bring my husband of 31 years! We love Montana and have been visiting Glacier for several years, however never mustered the courage to go rafting! Can't wait!
Hannah Jo Lally
I'd bring my best friend and roommate. I've had the pleasure of rafting in Glacier, the Tetons and a few different locations in Washington. He has never been rafting but is an absolute adrenaline junkie. We spend our time hiking, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing ad mountain biking. He truly loves the outdoors and exposing him to the thrill of rafting will surely make a fan for life out of him!
Kirk Stone
I would take my wife. Shes never been rafting no matter how hard I push the gulley on her. Plus she said she will not camp but I'm going to break her but the camp needs to be the most beautiful breath taking place and I always preach the entire state of Montana is.
Linda Risdon
I would take my daughter and her friend, who has never been to Glacier Country or whitewater rafting!
Olwen Sims
I'd bring my special husband. All year round he takes care of me, I would like to "pay" him back with this great trip!!!
I'd bring my husband. He did missions work in Montana before I met him. He fell in love with the state and vowed to move back one day. Finances have kept us from doing so until recently. We have had many financial and emotional struggles along the way, (losing family members and friends, and losing jobs and cars) but we are now in the process of saving to move up there next year. This trip would mean the world to him...and to me! We have been married 6 years and I couldn't think of a better gift for his upcoming birthday! <3
crystal standlee
I would bring my mom because she is my bff! Would love more good memories. She's 62 now and I'm 45 cherishing everyday I have my mom!
Dana Rodgers
montana all I can is wow!!!! Never been and would love to visit. Absolutely breathtaking....
Wendy Flansburg
I would bring my cousin because rafting is something we used to do many years ago when we were kids. We rafted with our siblings & parents in our own rafts down much milder rivers! It would be great to bring back some of those good memories!
Claire Lucas
I would bring my son, because it is hard for Mum's and boys to connect sometimes with regard to activities. But this would be perfect!!!
Melanie Hutchings
I'd bring my husband. We're longing to visit Montana and this would be an amazing trip. I'm a huge fan of whitewater rafting and he's only been one time. Pick us!!
Katie B
The various pics from these sites just take me away! I would take my husband and my 8 yr old daughter. My daughter is in love with Yellowstone and after shes seen all these pics of Montana it's been on her wish list since she heard about it and started looking at pictures. Keep up the blog! Love it :)
David Cooper
I would bring my wife! She is wonderful and it's been a dream of ours to visit glacier!
Charlotte Partin
I would love to take my husband and son on this. We would love to have and experience a rafting trip. I am a fifth generation Montana and my son makes six. To spend time as a family in Montana's country is always such a awe inspiring experience.
Gerald Shouse
We were fortunate to take a 20 day guided tour to Yellowstone last year and took a half day raft trip at Jackson Hole. I believe your trip would be "the icing on the cake" after that other trip and would mean I HAVE to return to Montana this year. My wife would happily accompany me.
LeAnne Tombrink
I would bring my wonderful boyfriend since he is from out of state and hasn't gotten to experience much of the beauty Montana has to offer and this wonderful trip would be amazing for that. It would be so much fun!!
Melissa Kepler
I'd bring my best friend of 34 years!!! She's always up for adventure.
Kara Parker
On June 6th I'm leaving my home state of Texas and moving to Montana. I would love to win this trip, I've always wanted to go river rafting. I would take the man of my dreams, the reason I'm moving up there. Kara
I have been dying to go to Montana forever and a day now. I would take my Husband, Sister and her husband, and my two brothers. It is a tradition in our family to go rafting and we try to go every year, either in West Virginia or Pennsylvania. We all are really close and love being outdoors. Its always an adventure and a blast going with them as a group and i wouldn't have it any other way :) - Jenn
Jenna Grindberg
I would bring my husband because neither one of us has ever been rafting, but if there was ever a place to do it, it would be Glacier.
John Patterson
I'd love to bring my bestie of 35 years. We love the Glaicer area. We have decided to no longer take just vacations only adventures. If it can't kill you how do you know how alive you are? We share our experiences with every one and we feel at home out West, but haven't been there in much too long
Lara Hansen
I'd bring my friend Courtney! We love new adventures and seeing Glacier country from the point of view on the river would be phenomenal!
Dan Danhauer
I would bring my wife! We will be celebrating our 17th anniversary this May!
Lelia Siano
I have a friend that loves the outdoors and needs a vacation as much as I do. I have been trying to decide if I want to retire to Montana.
Shawn Bennett
I would bring my amazing partner William who inspired my love of Montana. We are planning our departure from Michigan to our dream of living in Western Montana in the next 2-3 years. I spent 18 years living in the Great Southwest camping, hiking, kayaking and rafting. Its time to explore Montana for the rest of our lives under the Big Sky!
Steve Fallis
I would definitely take my wife. We did a 5 day trip on the Smith in 2010. My wife didn't get to enjoy the first 3days because of the cold. She wants to go again.
I would bring my husband. We are celebrating our 13th Anniversary this summer. His family did not take vacations while he was growing up. He's a US History teacher and I am trying to get him to see as much of our BEAUTIFUL country as possible.
Amy Jo Bujarski
I would bring my sister in law Annie for that we are armature canoers in MN and really would live to experience this together in most beautiful land...Plan to retire out there!!!
Frank Westgate
My would bring eleven year old midsize dog, it would be an experience of a life time. Although I doubt the dog is allowed on the raft, I would enlist the next person who would like to join me. I never been rafting and I'd would love to experience something like Glacier Country rafting and the outdoors - who knows I might even stay. lol
I have no idea who I would bring! I am going to be home in Montana this summer for the first time in five years. I live and work in Spain now an rarely have a chance to get home in the summer to do all of the things that I love. I grew up floating the Yellowstone River and would love the chance to float the Flathead for the first time.
I would bring my boyfriend. I just graduated with my degree in Environmental Biology and have been looking at Montana for a possible new home and a place to pursue a career. Not only would we be enjoying your beautiful state we would be scouting a potential new home. There is so much natural beauty in Montana, I would totally love using my education to preserve such a beautiful part of the country.
Damien McHugh
I would bring my friend Sam because she is bigger than me and if I fell out she might be able to pull me back in!And she's great fun!
Anthony Lee Garland
My daughter just graduated high school. This would be a great way to celebrate with her!
Mike Beatty
i would like to take my son. I lived in the park when I was young and have always love it. This would be a great father son trip.
Bill McKinley
I would to take my 85 y.o. Dad. He grew up in Flathead County and many times will reminisce about growing up and living in West Glacier when my grandmother worked at Glacier Park. It would be a real trip back into time for him and rekindle his childhood memories growing up in Glacier.
Nancy Burton
I would bring my son, who just turned 21 years old this May, because it would be a great way to introduce him to Montana and it would be a first time rafting trip for both of us. Great bonding time!
Paul Boggs
I'd bring my camera and my wife to soak in the beauty and wonder of northwest Montana!
Hannah Schulte
I would bring my best friend with me because this is the last summer I get to spend with her before I move across the county. Plus, her husband is currently deployed and she deserves to do something fun.
I would bring my friend Mike who lives in Idaho. Would be a great way to catch up on old times.
Leigh Marcotte
My husband of 35(00) years! :-) We are booked to stay in Glacier National Park this summer, so the rafting trip would be a bonus to our 1750 mile drive one way to the west entrance of GNP.
Mad Queen Linda
I would bring our Flat Fred. Many people have Flat Stanleys, but we have a Flat Fred. One of us would look like Mr. Bill in that raft, with a big, round "O" for a mouth. Not pointing any fingers or taking any credit, but Flat Fred's mouth is a fixed object on paper.
Sarah Owens
I would take my mother. She raised me with an adventurous spirit, and she maintains her own lively and up-for-anything attitude in her 60s. We have both rafted the Middle Fork of the Salmon, though we did it on separate trips two years apart. She lives in Idaho, while I love in Colorado; would be great to come together in Montana for this trip of a lifetime.
Trent Sizemore
I'd bring my girlfriend Melissa! She will be moving to Montana soon, and would love this. Living in West Yellowstone, we have plenty of wilderness to explore, but an overnight rafting trip would be awesome!
Jeanette Allday
I would bring my adventurous husband! We are moving as a family to Montana next month to begin working full time with a non-profit specializing in alleviating human trafficking in Asia and Europe. We are so excited about the new work opportunity and about exploring our new state. Since we will be full time volunteers, we are pinching pennies. What a fun excursion this would be to get away and see the countryside while still being mindful of our finances! Thanks for the chance to win!
I would bring my wife, I have done a little rafting/camping in the Great state of Montana and want her to experience the same. This would also be great because we could have a small trip away from the kiddos, but she would be more experienced for when we take the little ones over to raft as a family. Honestly, I still have the photo hanging from my trip rafting there and talk about it often. Thank you for the opportunity and God bless.
Emily Laschowski
I would bring my husband for sure!! We try to make it down to Glacier country every year from northern Alberta. We have always wanted to try rafting!
I would take my husband, another Glacier fan!
Chuck Wright
I'd bring my bride Michelle who loves the outdoors and has dreamed of an outdoor trip to Montana. She loves Texas but misses the scenery of her hometown in Washington. And I want to go because it looks amazing.
Denice Malley
I would bring my husband. He needs a get away! He works hard for his family, helping support our son and his two daughters. He deserves an adventure and this is something we have always wanted to do.
I'd bring a friend that I haven't yet made. I'm studying at U of M this summer as part of an NEH grant for teachers. I am over the moon excited to finally get to meet Montana and am so looking forward to the rafting. Surely there will be another adventure minded soul in my program who'd love to join in an all forward!
Judy joseph
Hmm, I have a friend who has the same passionate love for Montana as I do. Spending two days on this magnificent river would be such food for the soul. It would be a great way to soak in the great splendor of Montana. How great to at back there!
Celeste A. Yeager
No question about it! I would bring my 18 year old daughter, Elizabeth Arianne Kutz-Yeager. Only in November of 2013 was she diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. On May 31, 2015 she will graduate with all academic credits of her high school diploma! So many medical, educational, mental health, social service, legal/justice professionals placed life obstacles in her path, yet she remained true to her course, albet to the tune and beat if A Different Drummer. With her enhanced visual, auditory, tactile, and internal emotion sensors, this would be the most amazing and rewarding experience for her, and an opportunity for me, as her mother to bond over an amazing experience with, rather than celebrate my role as strict disciplinarian. It would be heaven on earth!
Christina Audet
I would bring my mom. We keep saying we will hike the AT or visit the Grand Canyon, but we never follow through. I would love to finally go on an adventure with her. Also, I have not seen her in almost a year due to personal issues. In the past few months we finally started talking again and I would love to spend some time away doing something we would both love.
Susan Schweik
I'd bring my 24 year old daughter with me. Here's why: Here name is Emma Montana. Here's why: I met her dad the summer of 1978 when I was working in Glacier. We barely new each other, went for a day hike to the top of Mount Brown when a bad storm came up. Broke into the lookout tower up there and spent the night with 360 degree lightning illuminating the mountain peaks and mountain goats around us. After we came back down the mountain the next morning, we were inseparable for the next 12 years. Of course we got married in Glacier. But our daughter hasn't hiked with her backpacking, mountain-loving dad in Glacier. When she was five months old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He died when she was ten months old. He was a Vietnam vet, and I took the compensation money from the Agent Orange class action suit and donated it to an Agent Orange hospital in Vietnam--Emma's been there with me. She's only been in Glacier once, as a baby, when I packed her up to the top of Mt Brown for her dad's memorial and stuffed notes for him in the cracks of that lookout. I haven't been back since, and neither has she. It's past time to show her the place her dad loved, in the way he loved. Please help us celebrate (with) her dad, rod McElroy, in this place he and I loved together.
Megan Clifford
I would bring my husband and my daughter! I have never been rafting and me and my husband never get out so I think it would be a great experience for both of us! We both work full time and need a get away! Plus this summer is our third anniversary!
Mary Morris
No question about it, I would bring along my husband, Jim. He used to run a rafting business in Alaska. After all that hard work catering to the public, I'd love for him to sit back and relax and be pampered the way he treated his clients. Never been on the Middle Fork, but have heard it is incredibly gorgeous!
I would give the adventure to my sister and brother-in-law. They have always wanted to do something like this, but with 3 kids they havent been able to do to much adventurering. So i guess it would be a kinda of anniversary gift.
I would take my significant other Pat! We have never been on a rafting trip and it would be a great way to bond while enjoying nature.
Tim Sommerfeld
I would invite my 16 year old daughter Paris with me! With my long work hours and her constant flow of schoolwork, it's not easy for us to spend a lot of quality time together during the week. I couldn't think of a better bonding experience than to spend a two-day rafting trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead to re-connect with my daughter and experience the quiet and beauty Montana has to offer!
Jody Richards
I would love to go river rafting with my husband - is is something that has always been my dream - i was always going to do it when my children were grown. But after raising 13 kids for 36 years (with at least 8 more to go). I would love to go before I am too old to enjoy it.
I would take my father whom resides in Montana but has not been on such an excursion! it would give me the reason to come home to Montana from Michigan after not being there for 9 years!
I would bring my husband, for sure! I would like to bring my oldest daughter and her husband and my younger daughter and her boyfriend. Our family has gone on raft trips before, but my son-in-law and soon to be son-in-law have not! They both love the outdoors and Montana and I would love to introduce them to white water rafting in one of my favorite places on earth!
Sheron east
I would bring my husband Bill. He is my everything. We have done some amazing trips together (back packing for ten days, rappelling in Zion, skiing) but I have never been white water rafting. I love the parts of Montana I have seen. This would be an incredible trip for us.
Stacey Boruvka
My husband - just because we need some away time to relax. Love it up there!!!!
Nedta Baldwin
I would take family members, I love being with family and I love the outdoors. It would be wounderful to be doing something so wonderful with family.
Juli Smith
I would bring my best friend Liz because he turned 40 this year an no one through a celebration for her. And I turn 35 and would love to celebrate my day with my besty!
george abramshe
I would bring my wife....who is from the Bronx NY.....rafting is one experience she has never enjoyed. She can swim and camp....but rafting in GNP and with the GG would be a perfect gift...
isaac sticht
I would bring my wife. Its our anniversary this summer and she has never gone white water rafting. I personally have experience and want her to know the thrill!
Sophia Morelli
I would love to celebrate completing my master's degree with a dream rafting vacation! I would bring my boyfriend because we are both nature and adventure lovers. We've been working hard in school and deserve to rejuvenate in the beauty that is Montana!
Paula choate
I would bring my hubby on this fabulous trip!! He would love it!!!
I'd bring my mom because she deserves it and is my best friend! :)
Kasey Rogers
My hubby would love this and he would be the one I bring :) we need a getaway from life and the kids haven't had that in over 6 years :/ this would make it where we wouldn't want to for another 10 ;) okay okay another 5 lol
Talitha Key
I have always wanted to visit Montana. This would be the perfect opportunity to make one of my dreams come true. And I would bring my best friend just so that she can have the adventure of a lifetime. We both work hard and a vacation is what's called for.
Katrina flores
My boyfriend. He was born and raised Montana until he joined the army back in 2001. We met here at Ft bragg over 2 years ago. I've never been to montana but always wanted to retire there (even before I met him). This would be an amazing way to explore montana for the first time
Karl frank
I would bring my 14 year old son Erik who has had a rough school year with illness. He greatly loves the outdoors and I have told him how beautiful the Rocky Mountain west is, but experience is the best way to make his own memories. Oh yeah, dad is getting older and probably doesn't have too many more raft trips in him. Thanks!
Talitha Key
I have always wanted to visit Montana and possibly move there one day. This will make one of my dreams come true. I would bring my best friend. She's a hard working single mother of 3 kids and deserves to have the adventure of a lifetime.
Jessie harbin
I would bring my wife. Since we been dating and married I enjoy being with her. I work in Africa so when I get days off she and I together enjoying life even if it's just sitting at home or out just doing nothing at all. My wife is my Mississippi that's my nick name for her.
Alisa Hines
I would take my daughter because we are so alike and it would be a wonderful mother/daughter outing.
Aaron Miller
I would bring my wife, Cindy and my two sons, Nolan(16) and Callan(12). We love new adventures in Big Sky country. Especially when it involves water!
robert t graybeal jr,
if I won I would take my wife because we haven't been on a vacation and in over 20 years. I've never been to Montana but I always joke around with my wife that if she wakes up one day and I'm gone I'll be in Montana. I can't explain what keeps drawing me there but it sure would be nice to finally get to see what I know I've been missing. I hear a lot of people say they want to see Alaska before they die but there's no way that I could put Montana second to Alaska. Thank u !!!!
I'd bring my fiancé of course! I know he'd LOVE it!
Cindee Parker
I'd bring my husband of 22 years! He retired from the military 2 years ago and we made Montana our home. So many things to see and do, not enough time or money to make them happen as quickly as we'd like. And, we've never done anything like this before, so that would be a great experience!
Margaret Meyer
I would bring my very close friend that has been battling terminal cancer for a few years. She has been want ing to go rafting for a while. She loves the outdoors...
Annette Clayton
I'd bring my husband; we live in MT but have never been to Glacier. We love camping and the outdoors, this would be a perfect 2nd honeymoon trip since we are renewing our vows after 20 years.
Lynnette Proffit
I would bring my husband. He spent most of his adult life oversees serving in the military and hasn't had much opportunity to see the United States. This would be a great opportunity.
Kim Mayhew
I'd bring my husband. He's a wonderful, adventurous companion <3
Teresa Kincaid
Love Montana never went rafting there but would love to try it.
Penny Wertenberger
I haven't been rafting since the Deschutes River - over 10 years ago. I'd take who ever would go with me. I miss rafting!
I would bring my sister! I am 28 and she is 31. In the past 18 months both of us have endured incredible heartache. She lost a child in December of 2013, and it has left a deep wound. My heart was broken. These events slingshot red both of us into an unexpected journey of self-discovery. Growing up my sister and I took many family vacations with our parents out west. It has become apparent to me just how meaningful those camping trips in Utah and Colorado were. All the memories I have from those places- whitewater rafting in Colorado at age 10, camping under the stars in Death Valley, hiking through Goblin Valley and climbing the Great Sand Dunes, were all so formative to my adult life, only I hadn't realized it until I was 28 years old. One of my dreams for the past 2 years has been to camp in Montana. I have never been, and I think Montana is one of the most absolute enchanting places on this planet. My heart lives there in every single daydream. A place of peace and beauty could be exactly the right venue for a spiritual conquest that I could share with my my sister, who is also my best friend. My sister and I are adventurers at heart, and spending time appreciating the land camping in Glacier Country and whitewater rafting as adults, would be an unforgettable experience. This trip would truly be a dream come true, and something to mark off of both of our bucket lists. I cannot imagine anything better than this trip to reignite my passion for nature and desire for adventure which has been laying dormant for nearly 13 years. There is nothing I want more than to share these experiences again with family.
Debbie Ballenger
My daughter in law & granddaughters 14 & 16 will be visiting MT for the first time this summer. We will be camping in Glacier the 13th - 16th & it would be a wonderful surprise to be able to go rafting.
Donna Montgomery
Woot! Woot! I would bring my boyfriend. .we both have had hardships and struggled thru raise our families..we still work long hours at almost 70 years of age. We found each other on a dating site and cannot believe our luck!! Both of us are adventurous and healthy, love the great outdoors,, pick us! Pick us!! What a thrill!! It would be a trip of a lifetime!! Gods country!! Now or never bless all!
Heather Kindt
I would take my fiancé. We are getting married next month & he has never been to Glacier. We both love the outdoors & outdoor activities. Would be a wonderful getaway.
Beverly Ezell
I'm not sure who I would bring, but I'm sure I have several adventurous friends who would volunteer. While I enjoy water sports and being outdoors, rafting is something I have never attempted. I am learning to live outside my comfort zone, doing things and going places that weren't possible before and my life is much richer for it. After losing my husband last year, I have learned the meaning of: Life is short, take chances. I want to live life to the fullest.
Jacquelyn Elser
I would bring my daughter! It would be a great experience for us both! :)
margaret martinez
A holiday I've dreamed of. What could be better then to visit the area that one can only imagine as heaven.
Kelly Stratton
I would bring my husband. We got married July 17th, 2014 and didn't have a honeymoon. We ended up pregnant the week after our wedding and I just had our beautiful baby boy. I grew up in Montana and would love for the two of us to be able to get away to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and each other. Our past and first 10 months of marriage was all pregnancy and working all the time to prepare with little to no time for just the two of us to enjoy being married. This trip would be perfect for us!
I would bring my husband, he would enjoy a trip out of the ordinary from everyday life. I also have Montana on my Bucket list of places to visit and would love to see the stars at night. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Jen Murphy
My boyfriend and my 2 teenagers and I are scheduled to be in Montana this August. My late husband and I lived in Missoula for five and a half years in the early 90's. We had been to Glacier many times. When my husband passed, I took my young kids to Montana to see where we lived and enjoy everything we enjoyed living in Montana. Unfortunately for us, we went in early June and the snow kept us out of most of Glacier Park. That was 6 years ago. We are set to try again in August and we can't wait to get " home"!
Peggy Kratzer
I would bring my best friend Amy who shares my adventures in hiking the trails and kayaking the rivers of Arkansas and southern Missouri and photographing all the interesting sights along the way.. She has never been to Montana and is tired of hearing me talk about it, so I think she needs to see it for herself. Rafting the beautiful North Fork would be a dream come true for both of us!
Annie love
I'd bring my dear friend Sally, she and I are the outside version of "Thelma and Louise" She deserves to get a way, she is a selfless person who goes out of her way to help anyone who is in need. I would like to give something back to someone who never ask for anything except friendship..
Jane Harrison
I would want my husband and his best friend, MW, to go on a 2 day raft trip on the Flathead River. They have been best buddies for almost 30 years. This is an experience that they would absolutely love. I am not very outdoorsy and neither is the wife of MW so this would be a great gift that I could give to them. My husband is helping me through double knee replacement and he certainly needs a great reward! Montana and the Flathead River are so beautiful! What an experience it would be!
phedra forist
I would bring my best friend Marie. She is like a sister to me, a fellow nurse and needs an adventure away. She sacrifices herself for others on a daily basis. This is a twofold story though. My good friend, I called Peter Pan, lived in Montana. I visited him. He was a white water rafting guide. Unfortunately we were never able to take that trip together. And I miss him terribly. Good luck to all who enter :)
Steve Reckart
My son is dying to see Montana !!!
*audible gasp* What an opportunity! I would bring my fiancé. We traveled from WI to Glacier Park less then a month after we started dating and it's where we realized this relationship was "it." A couple years later and now we are planning our wedding! He LOVES surprises, his birthday is the end of the month, and we both have said we want to try rafting- man on man we would be ecstatic! Like "people-on-the-Ellen-DeGeneres-show" ecstatic. Borderline peeing our pants. :)
Peggy Brower
I would be my friend Adam. We live in MT and have traveled and camped over most of the the state. I lived in Whitefish and Kalispell but never white water rafted and could knock it off the bucket list!
Tim Bentley
I could honestly think of 20 different people to take, and without a doubt, have a blast, but since I must choose, I'd take my beautiful, compassionate, hard working fiancé! She's a wonderful woman and mother, who doesn't get the credit she deserves. She's a full-time LPN at a local retirement home, and works 60+ hours a week. We are from a small town tucked away in the beautiful eastern Ky. mountains, and neither of us have ever been out west. Of course it's a dream of ours to do so!!! Thanks so much for the consideration, and have a great one! Your friend, Tim
Bennie Carden
I would just love this opportunity, I live in England currently but grew up in the valley. I'm coming home to visit at the end of July. I would love to bring my oldest son on this trip, he only has a few years left before he goes off to college and I would love to share this adventure with him. We have always talked about doing such a trip. The wild beauty of Montana rushing along teal rapids, breathing in that fresh pine air. What could be better?
We are from Texas and enjoy tubbing every summer on the Comal but rafting those beautiful Montana rivers has been a lifelong dream for us. I'd bring my husband to keep me safe and my daughters Baylee and Kennedy because they are as adventurous as I am.
tammy chambers
I love MT and have dreamed iof Glacier. I would like to bring my son and daughter. Family adventures are what keeps keeps family ties together.
Rebecca Sheldon
this would be a nice late Anniversary trip for my husband and myself.
Michael Brewer
I would bring my dad. My family and I are getting ready to relocate to western Montana all the way from Indiana. Bringing my father out to experience why we've decided to trade amber waves of grain for galcier-topped mountain peaks is something I plan to do. A rafting trip would be a perfect way to kick off his Montana adventure. Maybe he'll like it so much, he'll decide to join us, or at least come to us for holidays instead of the other way around.
Jeannie Davis
I would take my sweet boyfriend. It would be a nice get away for the both of us with no kiddos. He works hard and needs a break with all that had been going on.
David Hentzen
I would take my "river chick" of a wife and my two sons. My sons will be leaving for college in a few years and I want to give them experiences not more things.
Tom Devoe
I would bring my beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and adventure partner in travel! My wife! What better way to convince her of my passion to discover Montana and the Glacier region!
Marcia Bujarski
We were to Glacier and I saw the rafters. My husband and I were just talking about how this is on my bucket list of things to do. At almost 63 I better get a move on. I would bring my husband. We'll be married 45 years next April and wouldn't this be a wonderful way to celebrate. Glacier was so amazing and we watched rafters for a couple of hours putting in and taking off. We are up for it if we would win, and love every minute.
Molly Mellema
I would take my husband. He has never been white water rafting and has never been to Glacier. Seeing as I grew up in Missoula and am now living in Michigan (where my husband is from) I am hoping that he would fall in love with NW Montana and I could convince him to move back sooner rather than later!
Michele Gerdes
I would take my Bill. We do everything together. He lived in Missoula and its his favorite state. Mine too! We love to travel the western half on motorcycles. God's country.
I would bring my daughter who is just graduating high school, because she and I would have So Much Fun together!
Nicholas Downs
Hi there! I am going to bring my partner on this trip to have some adventure and fun! I live in Vancouver, Washington and he lives in Bozeman, MT. It's hard for us to see one another more than once a month if we're lucky. I went on a rafting trip with my mom, sister, step dad and friends last summer down the bitter root river (first time I ever rafted) and it changed my life. I want to share the experience of rafting with good company again and make amazing memories in Montana, my future home. -Nicholas Downs
Elizabeth Lyons
Thanks for the contest. I would take my husband, Tom, because soon we'll be moving back to Texas to be closer to family and in the five years we have been living here in Montana he has almost died twice at the hands of a sub-par medical community in Butte. I would rather he have a more positive, and beautiful, experience before we leave so he can have better memories associated with Montana than he does now. (Please forgive the sob story but he has had a rough go the last two years resulting from a medication he shouldn't have been on as long as he was which caused him to nearly bleed out along with a botched appendectomy a year later which put him on life support. I was told to pull the plug on him and let him die so I had him airlifted to Seattle and he lived to tell the story.) A rafting experience like the one you're offering would do wonders for him. Again, thanks for the opportunity!
Melanie Rasor
I would bring my "other half"!! We are native Montanans and the last time we were in GNP was 24 years ago!! It's definitely time to take a road trip back up there and enjoy the extreme beauty of the only state we are from and will never leave!! We have never been on a raft trip up there and our 30th anniversary is on June 15th....would be the best way to celebrate our 30 years of wedded bliss!!
Vicki Westphal
We are from Wisconsin, and going on vacation to Kalispell & Glacier Park in June. I would LOVE to share the experience of rafting with the love of my life, Rick.....he is an amazing, giving person and this would be a great surprise for him! Thank you for sharing a great opportunity.
James wood
I would my girlfriend we have been to get her for a year now I want as her to marrie me This would be the right time and place to do so . plz pick me . 8035084269 in case .
rebecca Keefer
Would love to take my husband with me on an adventure!!
Thomas (T.C) DeYoung
I would bring my girlfriend who has renewed in me the love of the oitdoors, the longing for adventure & expkoration, and the ability to look on things that others think as ordinary & mundane wirh "new eyes" seeing it with all the majesty & wonder it truely holds.
Sydney McNac
If I won, I would give the trip to my grandparents for their anniversary! They lived in Butte for a while and loved it. They now live in Spokane and are the sweetest and most generous people I know. I would love to give them a trip to remember.
I d bring my spouse of 23 years he s been rafting in Tennessee... I've never been but I have always wanted to be in Big Sky Country ... can t think of a better way to spend my 51st birthday !
Julie Ruby
I would bring my best friend Mary. She has never seen the Rockies. She would love it. I would love it too. It would be a dream trip for 2 best friends.
I have always loved Glacier I go every year but I have never been able to afford to camp or take a rafting trip. I also go rafting all summer in the missoula area this would be a dream come true for me.
Erica Lehfeldt
I would take my husband! This year is our 6th wedding anniversary and I would love to be able to take a trip back up to Glacier and raft just like we did our honeymoon 6 years ago!
There are very few things in life that provide balance in our high technological and fast paced world. My husband and I are public servants. High stress, limited time off...shift work. I lived in Montana as a child and I would love to return home and spend time on the river rafting with him...away from the stress of work and back to the sights, sounds and scent of my childhood. Simple pleasures, the sounds of the river demanding attention and fireside chat while watching for shooting stars. Yes, we would love to come and boy would it be fun to bring our son and daughterinlaw. ⛺️
Lewis Miller
I would bring my wife, because she's never been rafting & it would be an awesome experience for her!
Cally Dschaak
Would love to win! I would bring my husband, because he loves Montana, the outdoors and water...and what a fun thing for us to do together!! This year is our 10 year anniversary and we honeymooned in Glacier park!
Bridgette Hallcock
I would love to bring my significant in this trip! We have been together for 11 years and would love to show we can still have fun and experience new thrills and still surprise each other!! I LOVE Montana, but I don't think he has traveled there. I would love to experience the beauty of Montana with him!!
Trent Canupp
I would bring my wife Susan. We lived in the Flathead Valley in the 90's. We reluctantly had to leave but have been able to return for visits. We are missing "home" greatly and will be visiting this year. A two day float trip would be on our favorite river would be a fantastic addition to our trip.
Barb Figgins
I would be bring my hubby! We have been to Glacier several times. We were there 2 years ago with family and some of us wanted to raft then but the raft company was closed. :( It looks fun, but I'm sure I'd be scared! hahahaha But you only live once! :) Sure would love to win!
Emily Pinkston
I would honestly bring my husband and 2 daughters with me because we have never done anything like this before. We have lived here for 2 years now as we are from Iowa originally. This state is the most beautiful place I have ever been to or lived. Rafting with my family for 2 days sounds amazing!
Kelly Harris
I would bring my adventure partner, my husband Lee. We converted a Sprinter into an RV, quit our jobs, and sold everything to travel, explore, and blog about adventures we have in all the National Parks.
JoAnn Bauer
I would bring whomever would go with me, I'm sorta older and would love an adventure on white water in Montana. It would be great for the spirit. Worked hard building roads all my life and never really had a vacation. One can dream.
Jason Chaulk
I would bring my wife Danielle, unless I want to live in the doghouse and chose somebody else! This would be a dream trip as we just moved to the area from Tennessee.
Malinda Hostetter
I would take my husband of 13 years. We have 3 kids, one with severe disabilities so they need a lot from us and we don't get much time for us. I've been to Glacier. I went after college with next to no money just for gas and some food. It was the best trip of my life! MT is gorgeous and I'd love to go back with my husband, he's never been there. He is an outdoorsman but gets little time for it. We would be extremely appreciative!
Lisa Wingren
i would bring my father, he is 78 years old and in great health! I have always wanted to bring him out west with me, last year my mom passed away suddenly but she required extensive care for a long time. This would be the best way to tell him thank you for taking such good care of mom! He hasn't been out west since 1953!
Tyra Frizelle
Hi, I would bring my best friend/boyfriend. I grew up in whitefish & I havent been able to get back to Montana in about 4 years. We live in Tahoe & the winter has been so sad! I would love to show my boyfriend the beauty Montana has to offer. My home. This would be the best trip of our lives. We are already planning on attending my best frineds wedding this summer... so this would be a great addition!!! :))))
laureen puetz
I would bring my daughter-bonding time
April Kuhlmann
I'd love to win and bring my teen daughter. She has spent countless hours looking at my good ol days photos from when I backpacked and camped in Montana for a summer before I got married. She always says- "I have to go there soon! Those skies! Those mountains! It's like a little piece of heaven on earth." Indeed it is. Thanks for your consideration!
Tamara Johnson
I would bring my husband. Kind of a "going home" trip. He was born in Montanna and has been gone since he was twelve. He is a class 3 whitewater kayaking instructor and we are both avid sea kayakers. This would be an awesome trip for us.
David lawson
I would bring my son. He is 14 and loves the outdoors and kayaking. We have never rafted in montana but already have a trip hiking and camping planned there this summer. We are also looking forward to some great fishing while there.
Tate Kendrick
I would take my girlfriend Jamee. She is from Montana and we will be going up there this summer. We enjoy spending time together outdoors and both want to go camping all the time.
Aimee Lambros
I would bring the love of my life, whose birthday is May 28th, because we have always wanted to do this together and have just recently moved to Montana this spring. What a great way to begin exploring this gorgeous state.
Norma Totherow
If I won the trip, I would bring my friend John. Due to being hit by a drunk driver, he is disabled at the age of forty and has lost his career and just about everything he had. He is such a caring person, he takes care of all his elderly neighbors even when he's sick.
Tamara Lysons
I would take my hubby. He grew up in Montana, but has never been to Glacier National Park. He's been gone a lot for the National Guard, including two deployments to Iraq, so our time together is more valuable than things. Vacations together, especially camping around Montana in the Summer have been our best memories! This River trip would be an amazing memory for the two of us!
Janet Larson
I would bring my Jamaican friend. He's never been to the US but will be coming to visit Montana soon! What a great way to show him the most beautiful part of the US!!
Bruce Nilsson
I have done the one the one day trip, what a blast, So if I am lucky enough to have my name drawn I would like to take a child from the Montana Make A Wish Foundation.
I would love to bring my son, we love to go camping, kayaking, and just being out doors, this would deffinantly be an experience of a lifetime, nothing like big sky country to raft and camp under.
Virginia Brown
If I were to win this trip, I would take my best friend and life partner; my husband. We do not get to spend very much time together because he works construction away from home and I stay behind to tend to our 3 teenagers. He is only able to come home for a day or so on the weekends and we try to spend as much of that time as we can as a family doing things together. So my husband and I do not get to spend much time just the two of us together. To win this trip would definitely be a bucket list item and an adventure we would cherish!
Marsha Katz
If I won the rafting trip for two, I'd pay extra for a 3rd person and have both my granddaughters come with me. One lives in Sonoma, CA, and one lives in Singapore. They have only been able to be together twice in their 10 1/2 years, and this would be the trip of a lifetime for these two athletic, outdoorsy, wonderful girls.
Lisa Muenzer
I would bring my husband for our 26th wedding anniversary. We didn't get to celebrate our 25th due to an illness and we've always talked about wanting to see the beautiful Big Sky country of Montana. It's so different from our home in florida. So ii would be a fantastic 26th anniversary present.
Cyril Matthews
I would bring my 16-year-old grandson. My Mother was from Montana & I grew up in the West, camping under the stars is a special thing I would like to share with him as he lives in Florida where an outing usually means a trip to Disney World.
Dawn Brennan
I would bring my son, Shea. I am soon to turn 60 and I can't imagine a better birthday gift than to spend two days on the river with him.
maryanne fitzsimons
I would like to bring my daughter s. Life is so busy and it would be wonderful to share some natural beauty and adventure with them before they begin their promising future and while I am still young enough to enjoy it with them. They are both finishing college. What a wonderful graduation it would be
Yvette Smith
I would bring my grandson. He had learning disabilities mist of his life and we have always wanted to visit Montana, one of the few states I haven't had the opportunity to visit. My grandson is awesome and it would be an experience we would always remember.
Nancy Bastien
Since Glacier National Park is top on my bucket list , I would love to see this majestic place on a trip like this. Of course my husband, the love of my life, would be by my side!
Steve Paull
I would send my wife and 14 yr old son instead of me. I would send my son who is a big fisherman and my wife because she loves river trips. I love them too, but thirty years of marriage gives you perspective.
Dianne Acker
My partner would be my husband. We were high sweethearts 50 years ago and went different ways but fate smiled on us and we found each other 7 years ago on the internet and have been married since 2008. Bought a motorhome 5 years ago and have been fulltime RVers on one big adventure ever since. This would be another item off our bucket list.
Greg Newman
I would take my wife and son, they haven't been on a trip like that before. And both of them love montana.
Susie Ernszt
if I would win this , I would be so stoked bc I never win anything. I would bring either my father or boyfriend. My family just moved to Montana about a year ago from the South & we all absolutely LOVE it. & my boyfriend has lived here his whole life (bred & born) loves the outdoors but never has been to Glacier. This would be an awesome birthday gift for him! His birthday is on the 21st of May! I'll be crossing my fingers! Please and Thank you!
Paul Lloyd-Davies
The Middle Fork is one of the most spectacular and complex set of scenery along any Montana river!
Olivia dillon
I loved America when I went the first time and being from Australia where it's dry as all hell! I love a good white water rafting trip with my partner in crime and cousin Maddy. We are always up to crazy adventures
Julie Dewitz
I would bring my daughter Maggie who is a graduate of Missoula doctorate of physical therapy program . We both feel in love with the beauty and freedom of Montana . Glacier park is one of our favorites . My last whitewater rafting was down the Colorado/grand canyon in ? 1970. Would love to spend this time with my daughter as a reward for all her hard work!! Thanks for the chance to dream !! Julie Dewitz
Jesse B
I would bring my son who is graduating high school this year. It would be a blast to have a trip like this before he heads off to college!
i'd bring my husband. We will be there in September!
Mary North
I would like to bring my husband. We love the outdoors and have never been to Montana!
jennifer johnston
My hubby has never been to Montana.. it has been years since I have been.. and we've never been rafting. Would LOVE it. Thanks
Jennifer Eitelberg
I would bring my husband on this trip. We have lived in Montana 12 years now and still not gone to GNP. Our 19th Wedding Anniversary is coming up and Whitewater Rafting is what we did on our honeymoon!!!
I'd bring my tribe-a group of girlfriends who absolutely love the outdoors and have a moderate skill set...we would love to get out on the river, spend some quality time and learn mad rafting skills! :)
joyce hambright
I would bring my husband. I remember when I was a child and would see the rafters coming down the river, I have wanted to do it for over 35 years but have never gotten the chance till now.
Sounds fantastic! My fun and adventurous daughter and I would love to raft down the Middle Fork of the Flathead!
Jessica Domitrovich
I would bring my husband as he has never done anything like this in his life and I want to show him some of the stuff that I did as a kid growing up in Montana.
Randall Flategraff
I would bring my wife to enjoy the natural beauty of Montana I would love to visit Montana this summer and be able to see my grandparents in Gallatin Gateway (Bozeman) are both battling cancer.
brandy orsburn
I would bring my husband, because we live for new adventures every season of the year, ESPECIALLY during the summer, this would be AWESOME!!
I'd take my wife. She's from Alabama and only been in Montana for a couple of years. Great way to introduce her to that type of adventure. Oh, and if I didn't take her either the bed would be cold or the couch warm. So...
Megan hensley
I would bring my mom, because her and I have never been on a trip together, nor traveled west of the Mississippi river. :)
doane Weygandt
my husband and his son. They live 000 miles apart but both enjoy his hiking, camping and water. Both have given of their free time to the community, my husband also volunteers in explorers even though his children are grown, he volunteers in church and community thru emergency response and ham radio. He teaches Asa sailing and flyfishing as a volunteer. After serving in the service of 25 yrs he taught 21 yrs in a HS. It's about time he and his son do some relaxation time to just enjoy life at its best.
Rae Ellen
I would take my husband. He never takes a vacation, instead using his vacation days for kid sicknesses or appointments or for being with me when I’ve been hospitalized. Being such a hard worker and for never truly taking a vacation, he deserves a chance to have even a few days of fun and happiness.
doane Weygandt
My husband as he has served the nation for 25 yrs service, then taught 2 yrs. he has been in scouts as a leader, taught sea scouts and explorer scouts. He is involved in community emergency response team, ham radio response , church and deserves a time of R+ R to just kick back and enjoy nature at its finest.
Jennifer Bearden
I would bring my husband. We love Montana and hope to move there one day, we are both from Florida but love the west. We haven't been to Montana in 10 yrs, would love to win this trip.
Jessica Baugh
I'm from Montana but have somewhat recently moved to AZ for work. My boyfriend has never been (he's from Phoenix) so for my 30th birthday this summer I'm going to take him on a 2 week montana adventure to show him how beautiful big Sky country is. This would be a perfect addition to our trip!
Melissa johnson
I would take my hubby, Neil. We are celebrating 30 years of marriage and this would be so memorable! Plus we LOVE Montana!
David Mozingo
If I were to win the rafting trip I would take my girlfriend Mai. I would love to let her experience the beauty that Montana and rafting have to offer. You see, she has never been outside of North Dakota and needs to get out and experience some of the beauty that surrounds her. I have been taking her camping around the area and she loves the outdoors!! This would be fantastic for her and I both!! Thanks.
Lauralee Lowrey
I would bring my husband, Tom. We love to raft and try to get a trip in every year. He works 6 days a week with no time off , so it would be so great to get him away for some exciting RR
Pennie Quigley
I would bring my husband, john. We just got married but were together 40 years ago. Life took us in different directions but we reconnected lastbyear and were married last month. I am from Montana and want to share this adventure and the beauty of my home state with this man I love. It would be a continued honeymoom for us.
Nate Bandow
i would bring my oldest son. We did a short rafting trip by Jackson Hole when he was younger and I know he would love this trip. This would be a great trip for the 2 of us to go on. It would really bring us closer!!!
I would take my younger brother. He's visiting me in July on his leave from the army and will be doing his first tour in the Middle East this December. I'm so excited to see him one last time before he goes over seas and would love to have this adventure with him!
John Gates
I would take my son Hunter he is serving in the United States Air Force stationed in Washington state we live in Florida I miss him and it would be a great time together
I will bring my husband, stepdaughter, and her cousin. Planning on visiting Glacier for the first time ever the week of July 20th. The girls and I have never been to Montana. We can't wait!
Zach Miller
Chris Trudell - because there's no one else who I would rather enjoy this #MontanaMoment with!
I would bring my awesome aunt, Amy. She is an amazing woman who is in love with montana. It is her favorite place to be, but because of my grandmother's health issues she had to move back to Vermont a few years ago. Amy and I took an amazing road trip to Montana and back to move her here, and it was the best adventure ever. We both love the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking and hunting. I would love to be able to take her back to Montana for another wonderfull adventure. Not sure when we would ever get the chance again.
Ashlei johnson
I'd bring my husband Bradley! We love to hunt, fish and camp together! Who better to have on an awesome trip then my best friend and soul mate!
Richard Wieth
I would bring one or both of my kids. We fell in love with Whitefish area this Winter skiing and would love to get a dose of Montana Summer, imagine it would be awesome!
Trish Reynolds
I would cherish a trip with my husband of 43 years. We have been coming to West Glacier from Florida since 1991, dreaming of the day when we could move here, and the day is right around the corner; in fact we are in the driveway! We want to know that river and enjoy that river while we still can, but we need to learn how to survive and respect that river. What better way to do that!
Bryan Kane
I'd bring my good friend because that's something awesome to do with a buddy who'd be as psyched as I would be and enjoy every second of it.
Trish Reynolds
I would cherish a trip with my husband of 43 years. Since 1991, dreaming of the day when we could move here, and the day is right around the corner; in fact we are in the driveway! We want to know that river and enjoy that river while we still can, but we need to learn how to survive and respect that river. What better way to do that!
Emily Baker
I would take my amazing wife! Our first date was a guided raft trip 8 years ago south of Bozeman. So much fun!! She connects with the outdoors like no other and would be overjoyed to have this experience.
Glenn Hodge
My daughter and I have been on your shorter raft trips and love it. This would be over the top for us. My daughter is a missionary to Spain and will be visiting with my wife and I this summer. A two day trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead would be a tremendous gift for both of us.
Brenda Pikus
I would bring my best friend, Rodney. We have been on many beautiful journeys together and are looking forward to many more. We have been to Glacier one time together and it was absolutely wonderful. We see the beauty in nature and appreciate all that nature has for us to see and experience. Looking forward to our next adventure!
Michael Browning
I'd bring my amazing wife Corrine. She's pregnant, but not slowing down. We live in Georgia but love, love Montana and rafting. I couldn't imagine the joy she would have.
Nancy Satterlee
I would bring my boyfriend, my dream was to retire in Montana but my boyfriend thinks it's just cold all the time with snow, I have shown him the summer pictures of Montana but I never thought to show him the rafting, maybe because it's meant for him to go and experience the rafting in Montana instead of looking at the pictures.
Rory Bond
I would take my camera and my husband of 16 yrs. I would bring my sense of humor and my sense of adventure! We love nature and making friends! Montana is so beautiful, it would be a gift to have this trip:)!
Mandi LeDoux
I would bring my husband of 29 years with me. Our daughter and 4 grandchildren 7 and under recently moved back in with these empty nesters. A nice getaway would be a welcome chance to have a little time alone. Also, we LOVE Montana. My husband has family living there and quite a familial history with Frenchtown, Montana.
I would bring my boys! I have an 8 year old and 9 year old, they love rafting and camping and someday hope to be river rats like their uncle. We spend 2-3 weeks in Montana every year.
Dennis Molloy
I would bring my daughter. She is a High School Art and Photography teacher. Like myself she is always up for an adventure and fearless, willing to test her limits but she spends way too much time at work and rarely has the chance to get away.
Cheri Vander Weerdt
I would bring my husband. We went to Glacier on our honeymoon 18 years ago, and fell in love with it! He's done an amazing job this year losing weight, and getting back in to shape, what a better way to celebrate?? We've been on the half-day rafting trip with other people, but have never been able to go as just a couple. We have 3 wonderful kids, and we love to take them to the National Parks, but we could use a trip just for us, especially to Glacier! We've always talked about doing an overnight trip, and this would be the perfect way to do it!!
jennifer jepson
My husband! We have been trying to raft there every summer for the past 10 years but our little dude has cerebral palsy and we feel guilty leaving him behind!!!!! If we win we can't say no, right?????
My beautiful daughter.. I grew up in in the Cut Bank area. Always say I am going to bring her to experience all the beauty I took for granted in my youth.. P.S probably my husband too... he would enjoy it too!!!
Erin Kissock
I would love to share a rafting trip in one of the most beautiful areas of my home state with my most amazing boyfriend. We love outdoor activities and have been talking about taking a trip to the Flathead Valley and since he hasn't been there this would be a wonderful way to experience it. Plus it would make a fabulous birthday present (my birthday is May 28th) :)
Nelson Spivey
I would choose to take my 10 year old (my 8 year old isn't comfortable on water yet) because I want them to grow up loving Montana and all she has to offer as much as I did and continue to do.
Nancy Stone
This sounds like the perfect mother-daughter get away.
Michelle Petersen
I would bring my 11 year-old son Jimmy! It would be a wonderful way to spend quality time together away from electronics and other distractions! :)
Ed Tinsley
If I were fortunate enough to win the 2-day raft trip, I would bring my beautiful bride of 27 years. Thirty years ago this summer we met as seasonal park employees, and yesterday our daughter graduated from the University of Montana! We plan on visiting the Park to celebrate our "anniversary" in June!
I would love to win. I would take my Doxie and a friend along!
Deborah Churchill
I would bring my sister! We Both love the outdoors, 'n have rafted a coupla times on the east coast, but Montana has been calling us both! Camp out and white water rafting the Middle Fork of the Flathead?? Heaven! My all-time favorite activities! There's an oar there with my name on it...
Susanne Bragaw
I would bring my daughter, who will graduate high school next year then leave me in Kansas with our dogs, for college in Massachusetts. She has always wanted to go white water rafting and I was diagnosed recently in the beginning stages of Multiple Myeloma cancer, so I'm trying to focus on a bucket list of things I want to do with her before I sm no longer able.
I would bring my husband, his health is deteriorating and I'm not sure if the new treatments will work. He always says I let fear and caution rule my life (now) and I want to show him I still have some adventures in me. Whether or not the treatments work, this will be a very special memory we would treasure forever. Montana has always been a special place for us as well.
Gene Furlin
I would bring my wife, I have needed a hip replacement for the last 11yrs and have been fighting with insurance companies to get it done. In January I finally was able to get the replacement surgery I needed. My wife has been by my side the whole time without any complaints. We have went to places like Glacier, the mountains and other outdoor adventures, but I was never able to participate because of the hip. My wife and I have a lot of outdoor living to catch up on together with both of us participating, so that is why I would bring my loving wife.
Valerie Navarro
I have been to Montana. Been to Yellow Stone National Park as a kid several times. Even been hiking for a week in the wilder, eastern side of the park as a young adult. There is hardly a National Park I haven't seen or hiked in the west. But I have not been to Glacier National Park. I would like to see it. Hike it. Feel it. I would bring my daughter on this trip. We live in Denmark. I born in the USA. She has yet to experience the beauty of this part of my country.
Valerie Navarro
I have been to Montana. Been to Yellow Stone National Park as a kid several times. Even been hiking for a week in the wilder, eastern side of the park as a young adult. There is hardly a National Park I haven't seen or hiked in the west. But I have not been to Glacier National Park. I would like to see it. Hike it. Feel it. I would bring my daughter on this trip. We live in Denmark. I was born in the USA. She has yet to experience the beauty of this part of my country.
Mary Drew Powers
I'd want to give the trip to my daughter and her fiancee for a wedding present. I've rafted the Middle Fork and it is awesome!
Lisa Haider
I would bring my son. He has worked so hard in college and despite suffering from depression has succeeded and will be graduating this year. He has always wanted to do something like this and it's not something we've been able to afford. I would love to give him the opportunity to fulfill a dream.
I would take my husband, because we never have time to do anything together...
Kathy Tiehen
My childhood friend (we lived in Illinios at the time in grade school) whom I had not seen in 45 years, and I would like to celebrate our # 60 birthdays together when she travels to Montana this summer from New Jersey. This will be here first trip to Montana! She found me via Facebook! We had been trying to find one another all these years! She moved when we were 10 years old. I even named one of my girls After her ( Julie)! We look forward to reuniting and making new birthday memories! ( mine is July 26 and hers is August 12) thank you!!
Matt C
I would bring my 2 sons, I have been to Glacier National Park as a young man with my faher and had a great time, so it would be awesome to keep the tradition alive with my sons up close and personal.
jenny payton
Id bring my boyfriend to have a most excellent beautiful adventure. I've been dreaming of Montana for quite sometime and I'd love to meet you in Montana.
Matt C
I would bring my 2 sons, I have been to Glacier National Park as a young man with my father and had a great time, so it would be awesome to keep the tradition alive with my sons up close and personal.
I would bring my sister, Karen with me! The two of us love to go adventuring together, and she's never been on the Flathead River! What a great way to spend some quality time together!
Nita Doyle
My sister! We've always wanted to try it!
Well, I am just beginning my life over again so I would choose to bring an awesome friend who I know to be fond of the great outdoors, but that I know would push me out of my comfort zone to do this amazing journey I've always wanted to do but have always let my fears get in the way. Samuel, my forever friend.
Bob Oetzel
I would enjoy the company of my wife. She has never been West of the Mississippi River. The openness and very tall sky out west is just fantastic to experience!
candy fralin
If I won I would give the trip to my two boys, who are 18 and 19. It would be an awesome time for them.
Julie Wray
I would bring my Hubs, my sis and her hubs, my brother and his wife, my dad, my daughter, and all my nephews (my son is too young for such a long trip, I think)! We're coming to MT from TN this summer for almost 2 weeks. I can't wait! I grew up in Cut Bank and I only get home to MT once a year, so, a two day trip would be so cool!
Dawn McCourt
I would bring my husband and kids. We've been rafting together a few times and it's been so much fun. What I love most is that it's one of the few times that my two pre-teens have worked together and helped each other without me asking, and without all of the usual sibling bickering. I love seeing them treat each other as friends.
melissa robbins
I would take my big bro. We went on the middle fork through bible camp as kids and this would a great way to revisit. We don't get the quality time we once did so this would be a way to kick it with him and do something amazing.
I'd love to take my partner Mel on a trip like this!! What an amazing experience for our first trip to the States!!!
Lynn Olenik
I would take my friend Claudeen. It will be her first time to Glacier and her first time in the mountains. The river is one of the best ways to experience Glacier.
Andrea Wooldridge
I would bring my very special son Kevin. He has Down syndrome, but is always ready for an adventure.
Bonnie Miller
If I would happen to win this, I would like to gift it to my 2 sons. They are both Firefighters in the Air Force. Because of their assignments, they haven't seen each other for 5 years. I think it would be a wonderful reunion trip for them. Since I also have family [niece] that lives in the area, I'd ask their families to join us and have a long over due family reunion while the guys are out having fun. I used to work for several rafting companies in CO along the Royal Gorge [not as a guide], so I'd like to pass that experience along to my sons [one who hasn't been], who need an opportunity to spend some brotherly time together. Thanks for the opportunity to perhaps win a great trip for my sons.
I would bring my husband! We are locals but have never rafted the Middle Fork. We would love to win this for the home team=)
Kelley Gaustad
I would bring my hubby! We are Montana natives and love new adventures! Our New Year' s resolution was to get out and try new things together. We are " empty nesters" trying out new things!
We will be there in June; 2 lifetimes' dreams. Nature, and being on the water in particularly, sets my husband's spirit free. He is a Vietnam Combat Veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart and awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor. He's a humble warrior, now seeking Peace from nature's healing powers. I choose my husband for this trip, and I hope you will too. I'm too disabled to go myself, therefore it would be nice for his son to go with him. Thank-you!
I would bring my husband. We've just started short day trips with kayaking over the last 2 summers and would love a 2 day trip for the two of us with river rafting.
I would bring my husband of 40 years. Visiting Montana is at the top of my bucket list of things to do before I die. Having lived my entire life in the south, I long to see the wonders of Montana and to be able to go white water rafting would be the icing on the cake.
Sharon Johnston
I would bring my grandson and grand daughter, Because they need to see the beauty and enjoy the out doors.I want them to see the place we lived for 25 years.
Montana is the last best place! John Steinbeck was in love with it, as are my husband and I! It's beautiful and perfect for outdoorsy people! We love camping, fly fishing, ect.
Kathrine Jenkins
I'd have to give the trip to my son and his girlfriend since I'm on oxygen and wouldn't be able to do the trip. They will take lots of pictures and tell me about every minute of it so I'll feel like I was on the trip with them.
Cynthia Wenberg
I would like to send my husband and oldest son who is graduating from high school. My husband works long hours and does not get much fun time to bond with the children. This father-son adventure would be a good memory for them to have some bonding time.
Tamara Harasen
I have been planning a rafting trip with my two teenaged sons since I discovered the beauty of Western Montana two years ago. They are beginning to be intrepid adventurers and I can only hope to tag along for as long as I can keep up!
Deb Watson
I would take my partner in life, Ron Snodgrass. He was forced to move from this paradise when the real estate market crashed. We met, and have finally made it home just this month. I am new here, so have not had the pleasure of rafting the middle fork!
My grandson is getting married this summer, so this would make a great wedding gift.
Robert Rupp
I would bring my old friend Mike Johnston who I have shared many backpacking adventures with going back over 40 years.
I would bring my best friend. I have been river guiding for 14 years and the last few years I have been unable to get out on the water or see any of my friends because I fell ill with late stage lyme and RMSF. I have been starting to feel better and would love to see such a beautiful place and rebuild bonds with a good friend.
tim seaman
I would take my son so he could enjoy and appreciate the place he was born buy has never seen.
Jodie McIntyre
Hello I would love to bring my youngest son and my Dad. They both love to fish and adventures. I am not sure if my Dad has been on a rafting trip.
I would bring my partner in crime my husband! We have wanted to plan a trip to MT for some time now, and reading about this amazing opportunity, our desire has increased. It's a stunning state and anyone lucky to get this gem of a prize will surely be in for an adventure.
Melissa Gardipe
This trip would definitely be taken with my husband since we love new adventures together! We enjoy camping but have only been on one rafting trip together. This would be so awesome!
Bailey McCartt
My sister and I love GNP and the Middle Fork. We would love to join you all. We need a break from college and work!!
matt torok
I would bring my wife. She has some experience with white water rafting. Me on the other hand would be a fish out of water. Fun for others to watch.
I would bring my brother in law. He is a native Montanan, and I am a recent transplant. I Moved to Montana to raise my daughter here, closer to her family. It would be a great adventure for us to share together. There's nothing quite like being on the water.
Brenda Brown
I would take my husband. Always up for a new adventure and we will be traveling in that general area this summer. We love seeing our America!
Marsha Randall
I would take my husband. I would love to have a fun outdoors adventurous trip with him, he has been rafting a few times and has enjoyed it alot. I have grown up in Montana and love Montana and miss it alot. We met in Kalispell, MT and love the area. Our 4yr wedding anniversary is coming up June 21st!
Shawn Cahill
Sweet I'd love to my new wife who has never been rafting before. We are getting married in two months !!!
Christina McBane
You know, I would take my mom. I rarely get to spend much time with her and I would love to restore as much lost time as possible. Nothing like the great outdoors to bring people together.
Jacob Lopez
I've been a small town Montana boy all my life and yet I have never had the time or resources to go and experience most of Montana. My soon to be wife, 12 days until we get married, has a desire for adventure like me, yet we have no means to capitalize on such adventures yet. I think surprising her with this would be a great way to jumpstart our lifelong adventure together! This would be a blessing to us both! Thank you for the opportunity and your generosity!
David Schlegel
I would bring my best friend, my wife with me. After moving away from family and both working full time we only have enough time and energy left for our two beautiful girls (ages 3 and 7 months). Lately, we don't have any time for eachother and no family nearby to watch our girls for a date. It'd be rad to have a weekend doing what we both love (being outdoors) and we have always wanted to go to Montana. I'm sure we could get the grandparents to come love on our girls for that trip!
Sharon Delaney
If i win a two day rafting trip on the middle fork of the Flathead, I will bring my son. He and I floated the Smith when he was 10 yrs old. Now he is 28, and we don't see each other as much as we would like. This would be such a wonderful replay of our last rafting trip. Fingers crossed!
Steve Troop
I have been thinking a lot about who I would bring with me on this trip. I thought about my various family members & friends but have come to the conclusion that this trip would better serve some young seriously ill children with cancer. If I win, I will donate my opportunity to some child or children who really deserve to go on this amazing white water rafting trip, it will change their lives for the better forever!!
William DeRuyter
If I won the trip I would take my grandson because he is and adventurer like his papa. Thanks
Cooper Schwegel
I have the pleasure of Glacier as my back yard. BUT my girlfriend and future WIFE has not had that pleasure. She recently moved here from Ohio and has never floated a river....little does she know I want to propose to Well, this would be the perfect opportunity. If I were to win this two day rafting adventure, I'd have to have us all organize an amazing proposal half-way into this journey. It would bring much joy into all of our lives. That is my entry. Thank you all!
Danny Christmann
I would bring my lovely Wifey-Poo who has stood by me for 17 of my 26 years in the military and 3 years of chemotherapy for leukemia. I would also try to figure a way to bring our 2 children we adopted a little over 2 years ago.
Mary Mancuso
i would take my boyfriend Eric, we have been in a kind distance relationship for 2year, because of our financial situation we only see each other 2days out of a month, we are saving to buy a piece of property in Montana, I think this would be an amazing start to our new adventure.. Thank you Mary Mancuso
Stacy Lynne Conley
My daughter and I are relocating to Montana this Summer after a series of tragic circumstances in our lives. We feel Montana is what we need to begin a new life and this trip would be such a blessing to us. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Stacy Conley
Christina Hanson
I would bring my daughter. She has had a very rough year so it would be nice to melt some of her stress away! She was Diagnosed with scoliosis and has to wear a brace for a couple years. The kids have not been very nice at all. I haven't taken her rafting in about 10 years!
Rory doolan
I'd bring my special lady. I've never camp rafted like this but have always wanted to. It would be amazing.
Yvette Breaux
i would bring my husband. We've always dreamed of traveling and going on an adventure. This would be perfect.
I would bring my husband. We've always wanted to do an overnight rafting trip & it would be a worry free bonding experience!
Beth Angermeier
I would bring my youngest daughter, Jessica. Neither of us has ever been whitewater rafting - and it's time to change that! We would love to experience the beauty of the Flathead River from a raft - and to do it together would just simply be the best!
Danielle Streichert
I'd bring my 13 year old daughter, Piper. Neither of us has seen this part of the country. What a glorious way to experience and enjoy an adventure on our beautiful planet!
Kelly Tobolski
If I won, I would take my husband with me. We have always loved camping, and have always wanted to go to Montana. We would love to go whitewater rafting in Montana!!!!!!!!!!! We need a vacation, and this would be awesome!!!!!!
Laura Jackson
I would bring my husband. We went to Montana two years ago for our honeymoon (from GA) and FELL IN LOVE. To this day, I would guess we talk about Montana at least once a day. Would love to win!
Malcolm McGregor
this is such a great idea . I would bring my two sons to recover some time that has slipped away from us over the years. As adults , we each had such busy lives that the "see ya next week " statement turned into months. What better place than MT and the river to spend time with each other .. Thx for the opportunity.
John Studer
I would take my nephew who was disabled in a car accident!! He would love it!!;0)
Mark Schuman
I would bring my best friend James, he's from Arkansas and has never experienced the beauty and wonder of Montana. He struggles financially and I would love for him to experience the Middle Fork of the Flathead and the beauty of Western Montana.
Krista Meckling
There is nothing like the beauty of Montana. And there is nothing like sharing it with someone who has never experienced it before. I would love to bring my boyfriend to have him experience all the wonders Montana offers. He has done some amazing things for me, and I want to repay him by taking him to one of my favorite places on earth. Plus being able to watch him check off his bucket list along side me is pretty cool: Montana and rafting!
I would bring My best friend Jeff. I think it would be awesome for both of us. :-)
I'm not a water rat, so I'd do it for my two daughters age 24 and 14 for the youngest daughter's 15 birthday. Good sister bonding time!
Julie Peters
I would bring my husband, Steve. Montana has always held a piece of my heart and so does he!
Kristi Kirkland
It would be the perfect excuse & timing to take the family on a Vacation! Since opening a new business we have not been able to take one. My family has blessed me with their support I'd love to go on this adventure with them.
Crystal Ragland
My husband and our son would take the trip. My husband is obsessed with Mintana since our first visit last year and our son has never been so it would be great to be able to share this with him!
Bill Obermire
I would take my newly graduated 18 year old son. He is starting the next chapter of his life at UM in Missoula this fall, and this trip would be both a send off from me and an introduction/ welcome into Montana. Bill Obermire Gillette, WY
Great blog, and very informative for a group of 4 of us visiting Montana from Down under during July. Would absolutely love to win an adventure like this, and give at least two of us this opportunity of a lifetime - white water rafting wow - not many opportunities for this in Australia. It would be a great experience to relive and retell on our return home.
Debbie Noland
May 27th is our 38th wedding anniversary. Seems like it was meant to be. I would bring my husband. I've spent my whole life wanting to live out there in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. This would be a great way to get my husband to see why I love that part of the country so much.
My partner, Charlene, for sure! We've both had great adventures on our own but my work and her education have, thus far, gotten in the way of us adventuring together. What a killer opportunity to go tear it up together! With guides, of course. Otherwise we'd be eaten by bears.
Bonnie Miller
I would like to gift it to my 2 sons that are in the Air Force, Because of their assignments they haven't seen each other for 5 years. It would be a great reunion for them.
Mike Swaintek
This would be perfect for my 2 sons and step son.
Teresa Williams
my son just moved out there for employment. My husband and I would love to visit him. He misses his family but he keeps telling us how beautiful it is and wishes we could see it. It would be a wonderful surprise to be able to visit him
Roberta Knight
I would bring my friend Dorothy...she is just getting into kayaking and goes with me...she gets so excited to be out on the water she makes our trips a lot of fun!
Michelle Cyr-Gillilan
I would bring my husband, Ben. I had a fairly routine surgery in April that had major complications. The look on his face when I came out of surgery was of such love and relief. He really needs some fun. My parents live in Butte and I was raised in the Boulder Valley. We are going to visit in July and he is giddy with excitement!!!
Michael Slot
I'd bring my girlfriend. We're already hoping to do a little hiking and horseback riding in Glacier this summer. Wanted to raft to but chose to horseback ride. This would make an awesome addition to our trip
Dan Leary
id bring my wife. We enjoy rafting and she loves Montana. I'm also retiring the end of May so what a way to go out. But please email me material on your trips please.
I would bring a friend!
tera cook
I've only been rafting one time in Montana. I'd love to bring my husband of 25 years and experience this together. Chuck McGurn
Kim McGuffie
I was raised and lived in Kalispell MT for 34 years. Four years ago we moved out of state to Mississippi. Living in a place like Mississippi makes you realize just how incrediable the Flathead Valley and Glacier really are. We have not been home in a couple of years now. I miss it absolutely every day. I would bring my husband who never goes on vacation, never gets time off and works way too hard. This would be a great trip for my husband and I to connect back to our roots!
Crystal Mallery
I would bring my husband of 26 years -- John Mallery. He and I are visiting MT from Nashville in July in celebration of our 50th birthdays later this year. We rafted the Gauley River in West Virginia when John turned 40. It would be awesome if he could get some western whitewater action for his BIG 5-0 since he was born in Missoula!
Toni Williams
I will bring my 10 year old granddaughter, who discovered white water on the Yellowstone in Montana. She became an instant enthusiast! My hubby will tag along too. Grew-up in Montana and am always homesick! Best place in "forever".
Natalie smith
I would bring my husband. He makes everything an adventure and this would be the best one yet with him. I used to live in MT and he's never been so i would love to share that beauty him.
Cathy Jones
I would bring my fiancee. He is a 23 year veteran and captain of the Jefferson Town Fire Department here in Kentucky. We have gone on many adventures together, except rafting. It would be a perfect way to celebrate his retirement and conclusion to a lifetime of service to others.
Kelly Gemignani
I would take my soon to be husband. We are coming back home to Montana for the summer to get married. Unfortunately we have to wait an entire year to take any sort of honeymoon! This would be a perfect short get away for us to spend some time together as newly weds! Neither or us have ever been rafting and have always wanted to go!
I would bring my husband John. One of our first dates was an overnight raft trip sleeping in a 2 man tent. 24 years later I would do it all again!!
Barbara Burdick
I would bring my 21-year-old son because he loves Montana, we both want to see glacier country, and there is no one else on earth I would rather share the experience with.
Debee Olson
My husband, Bob and I have rarely ever taken a vacation in our 36 years of marriage! All we do is work. We both love wild and scenic places and this trip would be a great place for us both to relax and enjoy the river with all its character and beauty. Life passes by to quickly not to visit Montana and have an opportunity like this.
Lena Paul
I would bring my husband! We have 3 girls and have not been apart from them for 10 years. The few day break would be wonderful, and we love the outdoors!!
I would bring the hubs and kids. It would be a great trip of firsts - MT and rafting.
Jack P
The question assumes I would only take one person with me since it's to win a trip for two. However, this is one case where I'd just offset the expense of bringing my family with. My wife is a no brainer for this trip; I just wouldn't want to do this without being able to share my excitement with her first hand. However, she's actually done this before meeting me. My sons, however, have not had this experience so if I can bring them along I will.
Duane Maynard
My wife and I are retired. Although we have been married only 2 years we have fallen in love with Montana since moving here in 2014. My wife previously went on a white water raft excursion ( a few hours not overnight ) and loved it, saying it was not white water enough for her lol! What a great second anniversary gift this would be! (June 1st is our 2nd Anni.)
Janet Long
I would bring my husband. Glacier NP is my FAVORITE national park and will be there in August for my 9th hiking trip. I love Glacier NP!
Elizabeth Delatorre
I am getting married in January and it has been a dream of mine to travel to Montana. I would love to take my fiancee and experience all that Montana has to offer. I would love the opportunity to go on this amazing adventure!
Laurel Carrell
I would bring my husband to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary and my current remission of my rare auto immune disorder. (It has caused me to go blind in my right eye 3 different times and have permanent partial vision loss.) We celebrate every day that I can still see this beautiful world! We are trying to see and do as many things as we can before a relapse occurs. Would love to experience this raft trip!!
Dan Kuhn
I would bring my wife, Cheryl, along with me for a well needed reunion trip, as we shared an exhilarating and awesome whitewater adventure 24 years ago on our Honeymoon in August! Our guide was adventurous and well seasoned and it made for a wonderful trip. He handed us both buckets and we bailed water to stay afloat!
Devan Harmon
I would give the trip to my husband and son (15). We love to fish, hunt and camp with our little family and friends. To give them this would just be another amazing opportunity for them to share some amazing bonding time. And since Montana is our favorite state to visit and unfortunately unable to live in at this time; it would be a great way to view this beautiful majestic place. With water rafting on our list of stuff to do but haven't gotten to would just be awesome for them to experience.
jen rau
I would bring my husband and our best friends James Clark and Katie Powell. I would bring them to enjoy an experience of a life time and ha e fun. But mostly because there two if the most giving people in the world and they deserve a trip like this. As so I would bring them because they both are close to finishing there degrees at college to become art teachers, and this would be a great way to celebrate there achievement.
Tracey Juneaux-Peterman
This has always been a dream of my husband's. I would take him. Every year we explore a different spot of Glacier, it is so beautiful.
Cheryl moss
I would take my father who 73, and has been cancer free for over a year now. He has never rafted, it is great to do things he has not done yet.
Belinda Farinas de Leon
I would bring my husband! He has dedicated his life to bringing our adventure bucket list to life. You see he has been my best friend for years but when I was diagnosed with cancer and MS, he decided we shouldn't waste any more time and marry. We try to make an adventure happen every year before my abilities are taken from us and the Middle Fork of the Flat River has been on our list. Please help us make it happen.
Ben Darrow
I would take some of my friends in the Flathead who are always up for the river!
I would take my best friend Diana. She's hilarious and would make the trip so much better with her love of adventure and go get'em attitude. Don't think I'd be able to do it without her egging me on!
Daniel Mecca
I would bring my girlfriend. We both are avid lovers of the outdoors and she has never been to Glacier before. I've been there a couple times and know she would have the best time of her life by going to it. Neither of us have done any sort of rafting before either and dream of doing it. I want to share with her such an amazing experience we'd have the best time ever!
Anna Peterson
I would take my best friend and big sister, Sarah. She moved to Kansas a few years ago and it would give her a reason to come spend some sister time with me. We love to be outdoors and out on the water, especially together. It would be an amazing adventure for us.
brandie aughinbaugh
I would love this! I would bring my husband with me for the experience. Being a native Montanan, from Deer Lodge, I would love the opportunity to share the beauty of my home state with my husband. He is a truck driver, and I am a stay at home mom of 3, so opportunity doesn't come along very often. We've been together 12 years, married for 9, & have never had a "honeymoon". But, for this , he wouldn't pass it up! What a great give away! Whomever is lucky enough to get it will definitely have an experience of a lifeyime
Chloe Bornstein
I'd take my son, Yoni. Though I am American we waited for 10 years for his green card after I came home to take care of my Mom. We live in Colorado now but his dream is to live in Montana and build a cabin. This would be a great way for him to see Montana for this first time.
I would bring my boyfriend. We have done a lot of rafting but never the flathead. We have an over night on the blackfoot , but nothing guided it could be a lot of fun. Would love to photograph that area. Thank you for the chance ! !
Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I'd bring my husband, John who is not from this side of the US, but absolutely fell in love with NW Montana the first time we came home on leave. We are both USAF vets. He just retired two years ago after serving 42 years with the USAF. I retired with 32 years. I'm from Kalispell, but have never rafted the river. You'd make a couple of vets very happy (and grateful) if we could do this trip!
I would bring my wife. Whitewater rafting has been on my bucket list since before we were married and now that I've taken up fly fishing Montana is at the very top of my bucket list! This trip would be the ultimate dream adventure.
Mike Sanders
my friend and I would love the trip as the beauty of nature is food for the soul and when combined with whitewater makes for an unforgettable experience.
teresa hunt
my best friend is from the South. He's pretty convinced that everything is better down there. I have tried to take him places that prove differently, without luck, so far. This rafting trip is my chance, once and for all, to prove him wrong. Help me show him the unparalleled beauty that is Montana.
Dan Fison
Without too much detail, a year after moving to the Bitterroot, I found myself rethinking my life...8 months of surgeries, near death, a failed marriage and turning 55 will do that to you. Now healthy again, I'm connecting with a women from my home town 1200 miles away, same age, worked with her brother for 31 years, same friends yet narrowly missed each other in High School and over the intervening years....we are now finding each other.... I'll take new life begins now...with in Montana....
Laura Lundquist
I would bring a camera and a notebook so I could document the experience. Then I'd write about it and augment the story with photos so others could experience the joy and beauty of a Wild and Scenic River.
John Shook
I would take my two teenage children because they are my favorite adventure companions.
My hubby! We are planning our summer vacation in MT. My parents are watching our daughter for part of the trip so we can have some exploring time by ourselves and this would be great fun for the two of us!
Sara Buck
This would be an awesome getaway to take my husband on! We have two young kiddos and rarely get a weekend away. He is originally from whitefish and I would live to treat him to this for all he does for our family!
Kim Brogan
I'd want to bring my sister. We live thousands of miles apart and each year we try to get together to raft somewhere in the USA, but this year my sister couldn't afford it. I could pay her way to Montana, but paying for her raft trip too would really make it hard.
I would take my husband, Hudson. He's not a big river fan, but would probably learn to love it if it was in Montana! :)
I would take my husband, who has rafted before but has never rafted the Middle Fork. Glacier, the river, the Flathead Valley, this is heaven on earth, and where I spent a lot of my childhood. I can't wait to get back there again. :)
Sara Rowe
I would love to win this trip. I would bring my husband with me to surprise him for our 40th wedding anniversary. I love Montana!!!
Robin Judge
My grandfather was a park ranger at Glacier National Park when my father was born. My brother and I would love the chance to win this trip. I'd take my brother because he has always been a hard worker and would enjoy a great experience like white water rafting the flathead river. Please and thank you.
Beth Blake
I would bring my sister Caryl,I've never been rafting and she has . I've been to Montana(just not long enough to really enjoy it) and she has never been there. She has gone thru so much and this would be an awesome trip for us to do. I don't get to see her and her family much even though we live in the same state. I drive truck for a living
Tom Rupsis
I'd bring my brother-in-law. He is from Norway and recently moved to the US (Portland, OR) with my sister. What better way to introduce him to the bounty of MT than this!
heather dempsey
I would bring my son with me. He was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14 years old. Its been really tough on him. I know he would love it. I had cancer a few years ago and this would just be an amazing experience. I used to live our west in Colorado. I love the mountains- they are very calming. This would just be awesome!!
Sandy Williams
my husband doesn't travel anymore ...I live right here in Montana and want go on a float trip! I have not been able to go on a vacation for 8 years and to be able to sleep under the stars and and enjoy white water would be a dream. I would take my Grand children ages 25-12. I am in good health and love hiking the outdoors....dream come true !
Jody Wirth
I used to live in the flathead. It captured my soul. I would bring my twins and my wife. Show them where I used to kayak. It would be a nice home coming........
Bethany Nordby
This sounds like a wonderful and exciting honeymoon with my amazing fiancé!! After almost seven years together, we are finally making it official. Montana is his favorite place in the world. If it wasn't for his family being in Wisconsin, he would definitely have us move there and never come back. :). I would love to surprise Jordan with this trip for him and a first trip out there for me.
stacie printz
I would like to pick my husband. We have not been anywhere alone on a trip or vacation for quite some time. We live with and care for my husbands mother, who is unable to care for herself. My mother-in law has an amputated leg and is in a wheelchair. My husband has to do just about everything for her, I am not usually able to do as much, because I work full-time. A nice getaway trip would be a much needed little honeymoon surprise for my husband and myself. Thank you.
stacie printz
I would like to pick my husband. We have not been anywhere alone on a trip or vacation for quite some time. A nice getaway trip would be a much needed little honeymoon surprise for my husband and myself. Thank you.
Ron Jakober
I would love to bring my Dad. Throughout my childhood and teen years my Dad always took us canoeing and rafting on the upper Delaware river and the Lehigh River. All throughout the years My Dad has been in love with the outdoors, camping , hiking, boating. Now that he is almost 80 he has slowed down a bit but is still active. The one problem he has is that he has glaucoma and is loosing his eyesight. I would love to take him on a journey that would allow him to see what I see in this beautiful land.
Brian Clarke
I would bring my girlfriend Elizabeth. We are both living in New York City because of work and miss being outside more than anything. I came this way from Park City, Utah and Charleston SC, and would love to spend some time in serene Montana with her and some good folks and some cold drinks.
Nona Smith
I would bring my 11 year old daughter. Id love to experience something new with her in our new home of Montana! We'd get a chance at some fantastic bonding time while learning a fun and new activity! Love the BIG SKY!
Ken Keierleber
I would bring my 15 year old Grandson. He has not yet seen the beauty of western Montana. We would stay a few more days to tour Glacier NP, Flathead Lake, and any other sites in western Montana that we would have time to see. It would be a great adventure!
Summer Surmi
I would love to win this trip for its much needed. Just finished dealing with a divorce and I would like to take my friend Tim on this trip because he has been so amazing with his support and being there for me through the hard time's and I feel he deserves to relax
b l sultan
my buddy
Erin Keuter
It would be a great opportunity to see the area as I remember it from childhood.
Michele Bickta
I would bring my hubby!! We both work really hard and I know that his favorite place to take a break from life is Montana!!
I would have to bring my best friend, my husband. There is no one else I would want to share this adventure!!!
jamie ray
My best friend who has survived Hodgkins Lymphoma, chemotherapy and radiation x 1 year. We said if she did we would go whitewater rafting. Of course the medical bills are outrageous. She would love Montana...I know I do!
My husband. We need an adventure in addition to the adventure we're currently navigating. We just began our 24th year of marriage, our third child of eight is graduating from high school this May, and my hubby is currently working on his Masters Degree while continuing to support our family. This trip would be awesome for us.
Krystal Zohner
I would take my sister, who has traveled the world but never done anything quite like this!
Melissa Puglisi
I would love to take my husband on this wonderful trip. Our hearts hurt and nature heals like no other. His mom died unexpectedly a month ago: now he has not parents left. I am caring for my elderly parents, watching them slip away slowly to Alzheimer's and dementia. We are still raising our 6 beloved children (ages 20 to 7). It'd be amazing to be together, just the two of us without any responsibilities, and soak in all the beauty. This trip would definitely reawaken our hearts to life's great adventure!
I would bring the president of my fan club, my husband. He has been my "river partner" for over 25 years. He taught me river navigation which has not only translated literally, but figuratively in life navigation also. Thus, there is no one else that could fill those "aqua socks" and that is why I would bring the president of my fan club, my husband.
Glennis Miller
I would bring my sister! I am 28 and she is 31 in the past 18 months we have both endured incredible heartache. She lost a child in 2013 which left a very deep wound. My heart was broken from the ending of a serious relationship. These events slingshotted both of us into an unexpected journey of self-discovery. Growing up my sister and I took many family vacations with my parents out west. It has become apparent to me just how meaningful those camping trips to Utah,Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada were. All the memories I have from those places – whitewater rafting in Colorado at age 10, camping under the stars in Death Valley, hiking through Goblin Valley and climbing the Great Sand Dunes, we're all so formative to my adult life, only I hadn't realized it until I was 28 years old. One of my dreams for the past two years has been to camp in Montana. I have never been and I think Montana is one of the most absolute enchanting places on this planet. I can't explain what originally drew me to that state, but something about those family trips left an imprint on my soul and I feel like there is more out there for me to explore, and for some reason I know in my heart that Montana is the place to do that. My heart lives in Montana in every single day dream. A place of peace and beauty could be exactly the right venue for a spiritual conquest that I could share with my sister, who is also my best friend. My sister and I are adventurers at heart and spending time appreciating the land camping in Glacier Country and whitewater rafting as adults would be an unforgettable experience. This trip would truly be a dream come true for both of us, and something to mark off of both of our bucket lists. I cannot imagine anything better than this trip to reignite our passion for nature and desire for adventure which has been laying dormant for nearly 13 years. There is nothing I want more than to share these experiences again with family.
I'd take my daughter. After 14 years of living in two different large metropolitan areas we are able to be together with our daughter, son-in-law and our grandchild here in the most beautiful place on earth. We took on XC classic track skiing this past winter and enjoyed Essex and Blacktail. We are now hiking and camping and have hiked Whitefish Trails, Star Meadow Road trails and Blacktail Mt trails. This trip would be our first float since 1995 during a trip to Colorado. As a side note I enjoy promoting our destination to all of my friends in the Hospitality Industry.
Daisy Delaney
I would bring my husband- you see, im a truck driver... When we first met he road with me over the road and we loved being able to get out and enjoy the small hidden treasures of America... We ate lobster in RI, saw Niagra Falls, sun bathed on Floridas beaches and even gator wrestled in Florida... The course of life brought me to North Dakota for the oil boom- the crash made us seek more conventional employment at the cost of not being able to travel as freely... But we came up here to fulfill financial goals as to one day be able to retire in Montana...but right now I need something to remind him that there's a reason he's enduringNorth Dakotas -60 temp winters and it's flat, not as scenic, landscape... But if you don't choose me... I really liked Sarah Buck's entery... On the 18th I believe...
Jerry Spencer
I grew up in Michigan. A very nice place and full of woods. When I was young, I enjoyed getting out in the woods tremendously. I spent much of my youth in Michigan hiking, hunting, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. So it was when I was 15 my parents took my sister and I on a grand adventure through the West. I was just astounded by the scenery, but even more impressed by the people out here. All the young people seemed very free and seemed to be having the times of their lives. I recognized in the people that we met, that they had a much more friendly and open attitude than I was used to. Heck, everybody waved at you when you passed them on a small highway. Everyone seemed friendly and welcoming. It was a truly revealing experience for me. I realized at that time that the West was were I needed to be. Just three years after that grand adventure, I graduated from High School. My best friend and I made decided to "head West" and see what we could come up with. I spent that summer working at Old Faithful. Then returned to Michigan for college and came back out the next summer (1979) to work in Glacier Park. It was in Glacier that I met my future (and current) wife. We were one of those summer romances that are so common among the employees. We are still married 35 years later. THIS summer, I am sponsoring a visit by three people that I would like a chance to impress with "the West". These 3 people are my sister's youngest daughter and her two teenage girls. They are visiting from the Detroit area and "Uncle Jerry" has promised to give them a grand tour of Montana and the area. We're for sure going to Glacier, and hoping to make it to Yellowstone. It's all part of my secret plan to help the next generation that is growing up in urban sprawl get an appreciation of how beautiful and welcoming things are in the West. You see, despite my best attempts to lure others of my generation to follow us out here, my family has only been able to come out a couple of times, and no one else has moved here. So, now we want to influence the younger generation and at least make them aware of the beauty and wonderfulness that is Montana. And YOU could help...... I'm a "working stiff". Just barely paying bills like everyone else. We plan to take "the girls" to Glacier, to Yellowstone, hopefully on a Zip Line tour somewhere, to the ballgame in Helena, to the museums, etc. We had planned a rafting trip, but only for 1/2 day and not sure if we'll fit it in. BUT - a 2 day trip on the Middle Fork? That would be SUPER. The girls would get to camp out and experience an entirely different realty than they are used to. I would wager that such an experience would be one of the things that they will remember fondly well into old age. Wont you please help me help these girls discover the wonderfulness that is Montana?
Katie Poole
I would take my husband. We are coming out to Glacier this summer (my first time) and would love to add a rafting adventure to our vacation.
Heather Morris
I would bring Chris,my Partner in Mischief (aka PIM). He's so much fun to be around, he keeps me feeling young and strong and every adventure should have a little mischief! Also, I'm a computer geek and he makes swords, so we both need to "get out" a little more. :)
Troy Miller
I would love to experience the scenic wonder and beauty of the Middle fork with my wife. She is my best friend and fellow adventurer. It would be nice to escape for a couple of days to let the sound and energy of the water wash away our cares and revive our spirit!
Rich Rice
I'd take my sweet wive of 50 yrs, who has floated and fished with me since we moved back to MT in 1973. After all those years of rowing in rain, snow, wind, darkness and cold it would be the best gift of her life to go with people who know what they're doing!! Rich Rice Missoula & Butte, MT
Tammy Eickhoff
I stumbled across this blog and and an incredible experience! I would love to bring my husband. The poor SOB has never been west of the Mississippi !!!!! Nothing would make me happier then to see the total disbelief on his face when he finally sees what untouched nature really looks like, smells what fresh air smells like and feels the peace of just being.
Connie Smith
I spent the summer of 1977 in Glacier Park working for the Youth Conservation Corp. I had the wonderful experience of a whitewater rafting trip and loved it! Thirty-eight years later (eek!) I would love to do it again. I can think of many people who would like to go with me, but I would choose my daughter. My two sons have both had an opportunity to whitewater raft, but my daughter has not. I think she would love it too! A mother daughter trip would be awesome....
Steve Moats
I would love to introduce my grandson to this wonderful form of recreation. What a great adventure for him.
Lynn bynum
I would bring two of my grandsons, and wish I could bring all of them. What an adventure!
Justin Bras
I would bring my boyfriend. I'm taking him to Montana for the first time this summer. I grew up in Montana but have never gone white water rafting and if he doesn't love Montana like I do we will probably breakup.
Ken Cooper
I would bring my best friend who just happens to be my wife. 40 years ago we began our journey together and rafting and camping at Glacier seems like a perfect way to celebrate.
This would be a wonderful adventure for my husband. He is a Vietnam Combat Veteran, having been awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart. He's a humble man and finds peace while on the water. We'll be coming to Glacier National Park in late June. I am disabled and cannot go, so it would be nice if his son could accompany him. I choose my husband, and I hope you do too! (I thought I'd entered once before, but don't see my entry, so apologizes if I entered twice.)
Rachel P
I would take my (very-soon-to-be) husband. We've never been to Glacier but are dying to go! This would make a great honeymoon. It's our goal to visit as many national parks as possible in our lifetime :)
Jason Gordon
This would be quite the adventure for a young couple from Wisconsin. We have rivers but no mountains... so no exciting rapids like you guys have! Either way, we are coming your way this July! I would take my wife Lizzy because she deserves a vacation and is the only person in the world who I would like to share an experience of a lifetime like this! JASON
Michael Whitcomb
I would bring my wife because she has fought for our family while I have suffered with Crohn's disease for the past 9 years. I am finally in remission and we have never had a trip away like this. I have always wanted to visit Montana, and this would be a great trip to experience the beauty of this state. Thanks for the opportunity!
Stephen baker
I'd bring my life partner and my 24 yr old daughter and her boyfriend, two of the four of us have never been to Glacier.
Laura Simis
I would actually gift this trip to my parents. They work so hard and spend so much time staying home taking care of the family, that they usually get left behind as my siblings and I venture out for service trips, school, and more. Their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is next year, and this would be an amazing gift for them as they celebrate their love.
Melody Elizabeth
This trip is desperately needed! I would bring my 14 year-old son. I am a brain tumor survivor and have been a single mother for the bulk of my son's life. Last year, I married the love of my life. My son and I would finally have the complete family we have been praying husband abandoned us several months ago. It has been a horrific season of loss and so devastating for us both. Montana is on my wish list for relocation, so that we can make a fresh start in a beautiful wilderness. This would give us the opportunity to visit Montana for the first time. We NEED this trip! Thanks much. Blessings.
Rosie Goldich
I would bring my awesome friend Lindsay Brown! I just moved to Montana a few months ago and am quickly falling in love with its beauty. Lindsay is such an adventurer and is opening my eyes to all the adventures I can experience in Montana! This would be awesome trip to win.
Stacey Harvey
I would bring my husband. He is my rock and is always giving so much of himself and sacrifices so much to provide for our family. We both are very much into the outdoors... Mostly camping and hiking. But we have yet to try rafting! With homeschooling three kids at home we don't get much opportunity to get out and enjoy "us" time.
Patrick Koonts
I would bring my son on the never really done anything of this magnitude and I can't think of a better place to create a one of a kind bond with awesome memories.I have always loved Montana but never had the opportunity to visit,it would have to be the ultimate camping trip in my opinion.
Nancy D. Brown
I'd love to go rafting on this river and I'd bring my husband because 99% of my travel (for work) is solo and this looks like fun! I'd love to share this #MontanaMoment in Glacier Country with my husband who would LOVE Montana!! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us.
Kayla Wills
Yeah, would love to get the free trip as I am already going on a hike with the group. I would bring my husband and/or my son. We will be celebrating our 29th anniversary. It is our first trip to Glacier! My son is going to go backcountry camping while we are there.
Susan, I think your rationale for who you'd take should have won hands-down. But I think you should make that journey with Emma anyway. Best wishes...

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