As many of you have probably seen on facebook, twitter or in the local media, the Montana Office of Tourism campaign is creating quite the buzz in Chicago.

Recently Ms. Barbara Brotman wrote an article for the Chicago Tribune about the campaign and…we totally love it.

A little excerpt, “Montana is thrusting its mountainous finger right in our Midwest faces, taunting us with its magnificent scenery and world-class outdoor recreation.” And of course my presonal favorite, “Join me, friends. Let’s tell Montana to fly-fish this.” Click here to read more.

Well sure, we are, but only in our sweetest “come see our beautiful big sky, hike through Glacier National Park and eat huckleberry pie with us” way. Because really, we just want you to party with us.

So now will you come? Please?
PS: Quit fighting it. You know we’re fun! And we have bighorn sheep, so you’ve got to like us.


June 4, 2010

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