Weekends in Western Montana are a treat…usually because they are jam-packed full of playing that begins at sun up and continues until sun down–or later! 😉 With so much to do, it’s crucial to consider the options. This weekend is staring me dead in the face with all of its splendor. To which I say, bring it on weekend fun. Bring. It. On.

Here’s some of the choices on the docket:
*Huckleberry Festival, Trout Creek: First of all, they’ve got huckleberries. Second of all, they’ve got music. And finally, they have a Miss Huckleberry Pageant! Although I may have passed the young and cute requirements a few years back.
*Aurorafest, Polebridge: Have you ever tried the huckleberry macaroons at the Polebridge Mercantile? Those by themselves are about reason enough to visit Polebridge. But heck, combine those with live music, the Northern Lights Saloon and sushi from Wasabi in Whitefish (catered at the event) and Polebridge, I think you’ve got yourself a visit.
*Darby Fun Day, Darby: Doesn’t the name say it all? A community market, paired with an evening dance with some of Western Montana’s finest cowboys, and you may have just stolen me away from my huckelberry macaroons.
*Montana Knifemaker Show, Missoula: Okay, I know it seems random. But I am a Montana girl and I like to make my brothers proud every once in a while. I’m sure this would do the trick.

Or maybe, I’ll just go sit in this canoe.
What are you up to in Western Montana this weekend?

August 14, 2009

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