It’s Monday. And after a gloomy overcast start to the day the sun is radiating its warmth, which in my mind means that life is good!

And since it is Monday, we’ve probably got people already looking with hope toward the end of the week. How about this? We’ll give you something to keep your motor running and going for the next few days…Deal?

Actually, speaking of deals, we’ve got a lot of them up for grabs in Glacier Country. Read on for deals that are sure to keep your week sunny and your motor running.

Glacier Raft Company: With their season winding down, they have rafts, kayaks, canoes and paddling gear on sale.

Confluence Rafting: Now through September 15, they are offering a three night, two day expedition (including meals and activities) for $395 per day.

Falls Motel: Now through September 15, they have a Kayak the Clark Fork package that includes lodging and kayaking.

For more travel packages, click here. And have a happy Monday!

August 17, 2009

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