Well folks, this is it.

This year is something that I’ve both partially dreaded and looked forward to…it’s the year I officially celebrate three decades of life. (Yikes, right?)

Little miss and mama.

When I was younger, I always thought of 30 as kind of old. (I have obviously since changed my tune). The women I knew who were 30 were a mix of mature, cool and solid…and they always seemed much older than me. After all, most of the 30-year-olds I knew went by “Mom” or “Aunt.” And they were cool (especially my aunts), but in my mind it also seemed like it would be nearly impossibly to ever reach the age they were. As the years have passed and I’ve steadily been closing the gap that stood between me and this year, I realized (DUH) that 30 is not old.

Over the last three decades of life, I’ve learned a lot of things…and while I have many (like many, many) things left to learn, I’m happy to add the following to my “Things You Should Know By The Time You’re 30” list…

-Smile. It makes you look much nicer.
-Dance at weddings. For that matter, dance anywhere you can.
-Treat people with kindness. Even when you might not want to.
-It’s okay to be silly.
-Always moisturize.
-Work hard.
-Even though it’s hard to image when you’re little, there is a chance you won’t look like a cabbage patch doll forever.

Left: As a cabbage patch doll at around age two. Right: Proof that by the time you’re 30, you can look slightly less like a cabbage patch doll.

-Coo over other people’s babies.
-You can be tough without being mean.
-Enjoy the present.
-Be nice to your brothers and sisters.
-A hug goes a long way.
-You can never tell people “I love you” too often.
-Make sure people know you love them by how you treat them, not just the words you say.
-Always carry lip gloss.
-Love what you do. (I love Montana and feel pretty darn lucky to get to share it with other people as part of my job).

Hiking near Missoula, Montana.

And while I could go on, instead I’m going to go soak up the last few days as a “20-something” and greet 30 with a big smile on my face. Because in all actuality, it is awesome.


August 24, 2012

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