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Hello Glacier National Park (AKA for the Love, How is this Real Life)

Confession time: sometimes I wonder out loud to myself, “Is this real life?” Because you guys, I have to tell you that there are days where I legitimately wonder how in the world I’m in this exact spot at this exact moment to be able to experience this life.

Western Montana: Choosing a Travel Guide Cover

Every year, we are tasked with selecting a cover for our annual travel guide. And every year, we have stunning selections to choose from. (But then again, it helps that we live and play in one of the most beautiful places of the world). However this year, we decided to do something different. We decided […]

Montana: Sometimes There Are No Words

Every once in a while, there are moments when this girl wonders if the last few days have been real. Once such moment happened last week. I’d been on the road for work for several days and had seen some pretty amazing Montana moments along the way. As I was searching for the words to […]

Great Glacier Giveaway

I have to tell you something. It’s something I’ve been itching to spill the beans to you on for weeks and now I can finally shout it from the mountaintops: Western Montana’s Glacier Country is GIVING AWAY a trip to Montana! As a girl who’s been in love with Montana for years, giving away a […]

Five Days in Glacier Country, Montana

Happy first day of autumn! I hope this finds you each well, relishing the past months of summer and looking forward to a beautiful fall. Last week, I headed off for a few days with two of my favorite Montana ladies and some friends from Europe. We were together a total of five days (give […]

Storytime: Montana Style

Over the last several weeks, we’d been reading stories from travelers, writers and bloggers about the beauty, fun and experience that is Western Montana. Stories heralding everything from our brewery scene to places to view wildlife and red jammer tours to the best towns to grab great food. And we love it. Here’s a sampling […]

Glacier Country, Montana: We’ve Got Swag

Hey you. Happy Friday. I hope you’re having a splendid, summer-lovin’, fun-filled week. And I hope you’re ready to win some swag from Western Montana’s Glacier Country. We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but we’re running a promotion on our facebook page called the “GREAT GLACIER GIVEAWAY.” Each week (for 10 weeks) we draw a […]

Portland + Montana=Direct Flights

We got some exciting news this week: Alaska Airlines announced that it is adding seasonal DAILY, DIRECT flights from Portland, Oregon to Missoula, Montana. The flights will start June 5 and continue through August 27. Can we get a woohoo? (woohoooo!)

Jammer Reunion

During September, I was in East Glacier at the same time as this group… They were in town for a nation-wide reunion of all former red bus driver and their families. During the evening that I was there, they had a reception under a beautiful white tent on the front lawn of Glacier Park Lodge. […]

Heaven on Earth

This summer, we stumbled upon a request in the Missoulian newspaper. The request was simple. There was a young man in Missoula whose last wish was to visit Glacier National Park. Of all the places in the world that he wanted to see before his time here on earth was over, it was Glacier. With […]

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