During September, I was in East Glacier at the same time as this group…

The Crowd

They were in town for a nation-wide reunion of all former red bus driver and their families. During the evening that I was there, they had a reception under a beautiful white tent on the front lawn of Glacier Park Lodge. They also had speakers that included Montana’s Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger and the Centennial Coordinator for Glacier National Park–Kass Hardy.

But my favorite thing about the entire evening was visiting with some of the folks who attended the reunion. There were jammers from various years throughout the park in attendance and I was lucky enough to be able to hear some of their stories and visit with them about their time driving red buses.

One of my favorites from the whole evening was Sandy. He drove from 1948 – 1950.

Sandy boy

There was something about his sweet smile and twinkle in his eyes that assured me his time in the park was pretty spectacular.

And based on my short time with these jammers, I’m quite confident the following is always true. Forever & ever.


October 22, 2010

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