Fact #1: It’s summer.
Fact #2: Missoula is a pretty fabulous place.
Fact #3: You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better than Missoula in the summer.

There’s good reason that Missoula is one of the most popular “play places” in Western Montana. It has the Clark Fork running through the heart of downtown and recreational opportunities are everywere you turn your head. Plus Missoula has that big city vibe to it, with a thriving arts scene, tons of live music and some pretty stellar restaurants.

And since I like to share (my mom made me learn when I was knee-high to a grasshopper), I’m going to share some summer vacation ideas of things to do and see around Missoula. Kind of like a “YOU MUST DO THIS IF YOU’RE IN THE GARDEN CITY” list.

Idea #1: Hit the water. Take a guided rafting or kayaking trip on the Clark Fork River with 10,000 Waves Raft & Kayak Adventure. No matter you’re skill level, you’ll be in good hands with these guys. PS: I speak from experience. A group of ladies (including me) hit the water with their guides in mid-June on a juicy river and it was an absolute blast!

Kayaking the Clark Fork (photo by Suzanne Ahearne)
Kayaking the Clark Fork (photo by Suzanne Ahearne)

Idea #2: Explore downtown. Missoula’s downtown is incredibly walkable and was recently designated as a historic district. Peruse the shops, grab a cup of coffee from a local shop or catch live tunes.

Downtown Missoula (photo by Donnie Sexton)
Downtown Missoula (photo by Donnie Sexton)

Idea #3: Hike the M. A shork vertical hike up Mt. Sentinel (less than one mile) brings you to the giant white M that watches over the city. Plus, you’ll get a nice view of the valley and your cardio workout for the day. Reward yourself with a scoop of ice cream from Big Dipper.

For more ideas on things to do in Missoula, click here or here. Happy playing!


August 6, 2010

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