If you’re anything like me, you like to know what type of weather to expect when you’re gearing up to play or work in Montana’s great outdoors. From my office, I can look out the window and see exactly what the weather has in store for me.

But one of the tricky things about Western Montana is that in a five mile span, the weather can be vastly different. Sure, it might be snowing and overcast in Missoula, but drive 40 miles south and it could be sunny and clear.

For my job (and for fun), I do quite a bit of traveling around the region and you can trust your pretty little head (or handsome manly face) that I like to know what kind of weather to expect when I’m hitting Montana’s open roads. And to be honest, it kind of makes my day to see what Lake McDonald looks like in winter or to catch a view of the snow-covered Flathead Valley.

Which is why I HEART webcams…in a big way.

Not only do they fill me in on what our fickle friend Mother Nature is up to, they transport me to the quiet waters of Lake McDonald on a peaceful December day or let me see the winter storm whipping through St. Mary along the Rocky Mountain Front.

View from Lake McDonald webcam, 12/9/11

And because everyone should be able to be swept away to Montana (even if just for a moment), here is a list of webcams offering views of just what’s happening in our neck of the woods. So you can be in Montana, even if you’re not actually here…

Lost Trail Powder Mountain (Bitterroot Valley)

Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Bitterroot Valley

Missoula Valley

Glacier National Park
-Includes Lake McDonald, Apgar Village, Apgar Lookout, Park Headquarters, St. Mary Visitor Center, Two Medicine

Whitefish Mountain Resort

See you soon.

December 10, 2010

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