Last week, I packed my Montana lovin’ bags and headed to California for work. While en route, I sat in front of a daddy and his two little ones (I’m guessing they were three and four). And, as fate would have it, got the goodness gracious kicked out of my seat for the duration of the two+ hour long flight. Part of it, I’m sure, was the boredom of being trapped on a plane when you’re that age. (Heck, even at my age I fit it hard to sit still for that long). And part of it, I’m sure, was how excited they were to be soaring through the sky on a new adventure.

As we continued on our journey and flew above incredible places like Crater Lake in Oregon, I could hear their little voices exclaiming things like, “This is the BEST plane ride ever!” and “Did you see the clouds? They look like candy!” And I realized something. Something that, shame on me, I had forgotten for a moment due to a number of reasons.

Traveling is about joy.

It’s about creating new experiences, seeing new things, making memories and connecting with people in a way that you perhaps didn’t anticipate. When I boarded that plane the only thoughts going through my head were “Man, I’m tired.” and “I hope our pilot is trustworthy.” (Can you tell I’m a bit of a worrier?)

And now?

I feel quite fortunate that I sat where I did on that plane. The kids helped me remember to always be in the moment, to look forward to each new experience and to find the joy in every journey I take, whether it’s filled with smooth flights and blue skies or stormy weather and turbulence.

And while it’s not the most fun to have your seat jostled by little munchkin feet, I’m sure glad they were there.

Wishing you joy in all of your travels and adventures,

April 27, 2012

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