Maybe it’s the season, but I’ve been thinking about how much I love Montana. So today’s blog is all about showing Montana some lovin’ and why I’m thankful for this state.

My thankfuls…
-I’m a born and raised Montana girl.
-My family is big and most of them live here in Big Sky Country, which means…
-I grew up with a TON of cousins! Some of my fondest memories are with my cousins and siblings and include exploring Glacier National Park, adventures to Gibson Dam, playing on jet skis, campfires at Cataract Falls, traveling all over the state for football games, cross-country races, basketball and music.
Our trip to Glacier National Park this summer
-Montana is SUCH a diverse state and full of surprises. It has a great balance of outdoor recreation and culture. For example, after a day spent outside, you can catch a Broadway-caliber performance from the Alpine Theatre Project in Whitefish or spend your evening filling your belly with champagne fondue from Missoula’s Red Bird Wine Bar.
Great day on the snow!
-Jeans can be worn practically everywhere. Sure, I like to thrown on a gown and jewels with the best of them, but I like knowing that I can always put on my jeans and I’m good to go.
-Montana is meant to be shared. This state is truly a magical place…when I hear about visitor’s experiences or find out that they love it just as much as I do, it makes me happy.

Many Glacier Hotel

What about Big Sky Country do you love?


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November 5, 2010

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