It had been a while since I’d been home. Not the home where I lay my head every night, but the place where I was born and raised…a little town that sits in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain Front called Augusta, Montana.

The Rocky Mountain Front.

And since it was Mother’s Day last weekend, I decided to pull a fast one on my mama and head home to help celebrate one of the world’s greatest gifts: mothers.

The drive from my current house to my home is a lovely one. It takes you through lush Montana valleys, across mountain passes and onto the rolling hills of the eastern edge of the Continental Divide.

Hello Highway 200.
Nothing says home quite like ranchers moving cattle down the highway.
The last 1/2 mile is fittingly called Lovers Lane.

Upon arrival, I headed to my family’s second home, also know as “the store.”

Hello old friend.

And it was here that I spent several quality hours with my mom. We painted, cleaned and caught up on the types of things that a girl just needs to visit about with her mama.

It was a great weekend…one that reminded me just how grateful I am to call this lady mom.

Little Susie.

Here’s why…
-She’s bossy and sweet. A combination that’s hard to pull off.
-She’s a lover of people, especially babies.
-She treats her nieces and nephews as if they were her own children. (She literally loves them that much).
-She’s funny. (Sometimes it’s intentional and other times she has no idea how much she’s really cracking us up).
-She’s classic.
-She loves with all her might.
-She can wear purple lipstick and get away with it. Not many women can (or should) do that.
-She’s tough.
-She gives good hugs.
-She taught us how to work. Much of our free time growing up was spent working. Sure we enjoyed play time, but some of my fondest memories are working alongside my family.
-She is one of the best storytellers ever, a trait she inherited from her papa.
-She’s fierce and elegant at the same time.
-She expects the best from people.

In a nutshell, I’m glad she’s mine. She’s a tough, Montana-lovin’ mama and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Playing in Glacier National Park last summer.

Here’s to mothers everywhere,

May 17, 2012

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