Well, it’s hard to believe that 2010 is almost to a close. This year was a busy one at Western Montana’s Glacier Country that kept us hopping, exploring, playing and promoting Western Montana.

Some highlights from the past year…
-We snowmobiled into a backcountry yurt near Olney and spent time snowmobiling in the Mission Mountains. So much fun!
-I turned another year older. But as I told my dad last night, age is just a number. Luckily.
-My nephews, McCann and Joshua, turned 1 & 2. Now that they’re here, it’s hard to imagine life without them. These little bruisers are 6th generation Montanans. Lucky little boys.

Testing the waters in GNP – firmly gripped by their parents

-Went on a “girls only” trip that covered a lot of ground, from Greenough through Missoula and up to West Glacier and Whitefish. The ladies I went with were an absolute delight. Added bonus: my abs got a stellar workout from laughing.

Preparing to kayak the Clark Fork River

-We spent time on the Blackfeet Nation and watched as bucking horses were rounded up for a rodeo in Browning. Absolutely beautiful location and a true Montana experience.

Lovely friends on the Blackfeet Nation

-This girl visited Whitefish Mountain Resort three times last winter and didn’t ski or snowboard during any of those visits. Ironic? Yes.
-My immediate family (and some cousins and their babes) took a family vacation to Whitefish and Glacier National Park. Our caravan totaled 19 people – We were quite the group of travelers.

Doesn\’t get much sweeter.

-Spent Christmas at home.

Christmas Eve in the Rocky Mountains

Working in the field I do, I get to share Montana (or as I like to call it, “God’s Country”) with visitors from near, far and just down the road. I’m also able to interact and collaborate with some truly wonderful people.

The lovelies I work with

When I think of my “dream job,” the closest I can come to describing it is to be doing something that I love in a location that provides a home for my heart. And I’m happy to say that here my heart is content.

Wishing you all a very happy and blessed 2011.


December 28, 2010

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