I don’t know about all of you, but this summer feels like it’s cruising past at an excessive speed…if we were to clock it, I’d say this summer character is going 80 MPH in a clearly marked 45 MPH residential zone. And I’ll tell you this much, if I was a cop I’d totally give summer a ticket.

While I really want to tell summer to just “hold your horses” in my sternest mom voice, I’m afraid it’s not a strong listener. But instead of lamenting at how fast summer travels, how reckless she is with our sun-loving feelings and her need for speed, I’m simply trying to soak up as many Montana moments as possible.

Here’s a recap of the summer so far through snapshots…

Early summer drive near Flathead Lake.
Summer calls for eating as much ice cream as possible.
Summer also calls for rodeos, cowboys and bucking broncs.
One of my favorite places in the Bitterroot Valley: The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge.
Summer happiness=floating the nearest river with my mom and baby sister.
Get Lost…in Montana. (Don’t mind if I do).
Strolling the grounds of the Daly Mansion in Hamilton.
Summer means long daylight hours and evening walks on the Clark Fork River.
Summer means taking the road less traveled and visiting historic places like the Big Hole National Battlefield.
June in Glacier means powerful waterfalls at Avalanche Lake.
Montana shaped sugar cookies: Yum.
Cruising Lake McDonald.
A nearly full moon over Montana.

All I can say is this: A tip of the hat to you summer for the fun you bring, the memories you make.

Happy, happy summer.

PS: Have a summer snapshot from your travels in and around Montana? Share it on our facebook page.

August 3, 2012

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