Listen you guys, I have to come clean with you. I’m in love…with a Montana State Park. While I know it may be silly to love something like a state park, I literally cannot help myself.

You see, in honor of the Fourth of July, we decided it was imperative to get out of town and escape to a heavenly place called “the lake.” While there are many lakes to choose from throughout Western Montana’s Glacier Country, we settled on one fairly close to home and headed for Placid Lake State Park in Montana’s Seeley Valley. And it’s there that I fell in love. While Montana is home to 54 state parks (with each being lovely in its own right), I fell hard for Placid Lake.

Sunset at Placid Lake.
How can you not fall in love with a state park that has a sunset like this? 


Well I’ll tell ya.

-It’s literally 45 minutes from Placid Lake to my front door.
-The staff was SO nice. And not in a “we-better-be-nice-because-it’s-our-job” kind of a way. No way, folks. It was a “we-are-genuinely-nice-and-want-you-to-enjoy-this-beautiful-place” kind of niceness.
-They have three different loops for camping and while our park host thought we got a “bad spot” and felt a little sorry for us, we loved it! The lesson: there are no “bad camping spots” at Placid Lake.
-If you’re not into tent camping, not a worry. There are RV hookups and electricity at some of the sites.
-Placid Lake State Park has a boat launch, boat slips and boat trailer parking. Love.

Placid Lake is the perfect lake for tubing with your baby sister.
Placid Lake is the perfect lake for tubing with your baby sister.

-They have bathrooms with showers. $1 for three minutes? Don’t mind if I do.
-Placid Lake State Park is about a 10 minute drive to Seeley Lake, so if you run out of supplies it’s super easy to pop into town and pick more up.

Hauling tubes, Montana style.
Hauling tubes, Montana style.

Placid Lake, you have won my heart. Let’s stay in love forever, okay?


PS: If you’re interesting in camping at Placid Lake State Park, you can reserve sites nine months in advance online.

July 12, 2013

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