Every now and again, we stumble upon something magical. A place that fills you with wonder and leaves you wishing you could hear the stories it has to tell. For me, one of those places is Glacier Park Lodge.

Growing up on the Rocky Mountain Front, each year my family would venture up to Glacier National Park for our annual summer outing. I have distinct memories of pulling up to the lodge and having my eyes—which already took up half of my face when I was a little miss—become even bigger upon seeing this beautiful building.

Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier, Montana.
Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier, Montana.

While we stayed at the lodge countless times, one memory has stayed with me like it was yesterday. One night, when I was supposed to be in bed sleeping like an angel, I snuck out of our room—clad with wild blond hair and a long white nightgown—to peer over the railing from the third floor balcony. I listened in amazement as the piano, accompanied by melodies from a group of singers, filled the timber-built structure.

For many summers when we were just little tots, I traveled to Glacier National Park with these two. (We let our father and stepmom come too).
My Glacier National Park traveling buddies. (Don’t worry, we let OMR and our stepmom come too).

This year, the grand lodge is marking its 100th year. Built in 1912 – 1913, Glacier Park Lodge was constructed from 60 timbers (Douglas fir and cedars that were hauled from the Pacific Northwest) and was given the moniker “Omahkoyis” or “Big Tree Lodge” by the Blackfeet Tribe. And while it officially opened its doors on June 15, 1913, a grand opening celebration was held on June 22, 1913, making this year its 100th birthday.

And what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a party.

Photo courtesy Glacier Park, Inc.
Photo courtesy Glacier Park, Inc.
The lobby of Glacier Park Lodge, now and then.
The lobby of Glacier Park Lodge, now and then.

On Saturday, June 22 the public is invited to attend Glacier Park Lodge’s Centennial Birthday Celebration. Taking place from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., the festivities will kick off with a rededication ceremony that includes special guests Ron Cadrette (GM for Glacier Park, Inc.), J.J. Hill (descendant of Louis Hill, the builder of Glacier Park Lodge and Many Glacier Hotel) and Chief Earl Old Person from the Blackfeet Tribe. Following the rededication, the afternoon will be filled with photo booth fun, cotton candy, live music, a free BBQ and birthday cake.

Happy birthday, Glacier Park Lodge. May you have many, many more.


PS: As an added bonus, Glacier Park, Inc. has created a Glacier Park Lodge desktop calendar for free download.

June 7, 2013

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