Last week, I packed my bags and headed for my childhood home. During the two-hour drive over the river, across the mountain pass and through the woods to my folks, I had an excited anticipation of just being home. My schedule this summer and fall (between weddings, adventures and daily life) got the best of me and I hadn’t been home for a few months. For this mama’s girl, that was simply too long.

And, to my delight, it seemed like the weather wanted me to get home as badly as I wanted to. Tuesday afternoon greeted me with this…

Clear roads and snow-kissed mountains.

After I arrived home, this was my first stop.

The family store.

For my family, the store almost seems like a more natural first stop than home. Likely, because much our growing up years were spent there. It was there that we spent hours stocking groceries on the shelves, unloading trucks, continually cleaning the more than 100-year-old building and waiting on customers (which was always my favorite part).

While we spent ample time at the store over Thanksgiving break, we also made sure to spend time together at home. Cooking, cleaning, watching movies, laughing and having long overdue visiting sessions.

The view from Lover’s Lane.
We decked the halls (and windows) at the store.

Wishing you each lots of love, joy, friendship, peace and warmth during this Christmas and holiday season.

Montana hugs to you,

December 2, 2011

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