This girl has big news for you: We’re throwing a going away party for summer and a welcome party for fall! After all, summer is awesome and fall is jaw-droppingly beautiful and when two seasons as lovely as these have such a cordial hand-off, it only seems appropriate to give them proper accolades.

A picture perfect meeting of summer and fall. A picture perfect meeting of summer and fall.

What exactly is happening at this party? Truth be told, it’s only made up of one thing…A GIVEAWAY!

What can you win?
A) A chance to experience fall foliage in Montana.
B) A two-night stay in West Glacier, Montana.

During your two nights of soaking up fall in Western Montana, you’ll bunk at Great Northern Resort on the edge of Glacier National Park.

The cozy chalets at Great Northern Resort. The cozy chalets at Great Northern Resort.

This could be your cozy abode. This is your room.

The view from the deck at one of Great Northern Resort's chalets. The view from the deck at one of Great Northern Resort’s chalets.

Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post, telling me what you love most about fall in Montana. And if you haven’t been here yet? No worries. Tell me what you think you’ll love the most.

Comments will close on Monday, September 9 at 10 p.m., MST and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 10.

So go on…Tell me what YOU love most about autumn in Montana.


UPDATE: Kim Smith was the winner of a two-night stay in Glacier National Park. Congrats, Kim! Enjoy Glacier National Park!

August 28, 2013

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Mark Chitwood
Romantic landscapes. Cool mornings. Sweatshirts. Crunching leaves under your feet.
Leslie Koppenhafer
I have never been but I think I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE hiking during the day then sitting out on the deck in the evening drinking wine and watching the sunset.
Ronda Garnett
been there and LOVED temps, hiking, the hidden lakes and running from a know...not supposed to do that.
Hanna seyl
Fall in Montana, especially glacier, is by far the best part of the year. Most of the tourists are gone, and there is a perfect amount of sun mixed with a nip on the air. The foliage in the park is amazing, and wildlife is still out and about before the long, cold winter begins. I can feel the breeze on my face now!!!! I must come ASAP!!!
Jackie Williams
My favorite thing about the fall is the scent; the trees, the grass, the air all change into something like a Montana perfume that can not be duplicated.
Lucy Ann West
We have never had the pleasure of being in Montana in the fall. Enjoyed some time several years ago in Red Lodge during the early summer. We live in east Texas and don't even get fall color! Fall in Montana is on this 70+ year old's bucket list!
Lucy Ann West
I think we will enjoy the brisk weather and colors of autumn.
Krista Koljonen
I love the fall colors, delicious light, and perfect temperatures in autumn in Montana. That's why I got married 8 years ago in the fall in Montana.
Lucy Ann West
Hot chocolate laced with something special and sitting in front of the crackle and smell of a real wood fire appeals to me!
Shannon Sutherland
Fall in Montana was always the crisp mountain air inhaled while looking for big game. The hikes over the hills to find deer or elk. The crouching care to sneak up on an antelope. The colors the coolness. The freshness. This is a Montana fall.
Donna Farrer
We absolutely love Glacier Nat'l park and have been there in the spring but this would be our 1st fall trip and our main interests are the animals and the amazing views that our Lord has created in one of his greatest gardens! Have never been able to make the going to the sun road so hope to see it , want some beautiful photo ops ! By the way we will be on our way there at the time of the drawing!!!
Lucy Ann West
I'm running out of thoughts. Perhaps snow capped mountains with beautiful gold, red, leaves at the base.
Lucy Ann West
What do you mean by moderation??
Jim wade
I love the beauty that is Montana , the star lit nights , the incredible sunrises and sunsets , the people were so friendly , and when your on the river for 5 days I was just lost in Montana to coin a phrase that's really appropriate .
Jacob Johnson
The fall foliage amidst rugged mountains!
Jocelyn gerard
I love that it will not be as crowded and wildlife is more active!
leah emery
I love the color of the fall leaves.
leah emery
The fall leaves are so beautiful.
Alan Lee
I think I have already entered once but don't want to miss a chance if I haven't. We have never been to Montana in the fall. I guess what I could say that the only two time we were fortunate to get to Montana was durning the summer months and the wonders then could only be enhanced in the fall. Of all the western states we have been in Montana is my favorite. I love the openness, wildness and freedom it makes one feel.
Charise Curda
As summer turns to fall in MT, the color changes and cooler weather makes for the perfect time for cuddling. Pulling on that favorite sweater, nestled next to the one you love on the porch with a cup of hot chocolate, all while watching the sunset behind the mountains. There's so much to love about Montana in general its hard to pick one time of year to describe!
Cheryl Gilhooly
I have never been to Montana, but the changing colors of nature have to be "Absolutely beautiful"!! I Would love to spend two autumn nights in Montana!!
Velma Thompson
The changing colors of the leaves has been enthralling for me as long as I can remember. There's also a crispness in the air because of the colder, longer nights.
Carmen Tucker
Nothing like the crisp cool air, with colors leaves dancing on the breeze. Knowing soon a white blanket will cover all the colors of fall and the want for spring is just a short nine months away!
Cara Chestnut
Seriously...what's NOT to love about fall in Montana? The cool crisp air, the gorgeous fall colors, etc...One of the many things that I love are the golden yellow leaves of the Quaking Aspens in Glacier Park and the beautiful Tamaracks that dot the mountainsides in Glacier and the surrounding Flathead Valley. They are gorgeous!
Leslie Harrington
What I like about fall in Montana...the chance that Monday in the Fall will be cool and crisp with a golden palette on the foothills. Tuesday will return to summer only with shorter daylight with longer shadows. Wednesday the forecast will read "Early snow." The rest of the week could be cloudy and raining but it doesn't matter- because you are in Montana. :)
Joan Best
If this is where i leave my comment about what i love most about in Fall in is what i feel. What i love most about Fall in Montana is the crisp clean air which has more of a forest aroma in it now along with the pretty reddish colored sunrises and sunsets, and seeing the beauty of the leaves turning color esp the tamarack trees, and most of all my compainion and i who are in our late 60's having longer times on our deck in late afternoon to relax. For even though i want Summer to stay on longer, Fall tells me we are done w/ the hard labor of gardening and harvesting our vegetables and berries. Happy Trails, Joan
Tami Greene
What I love about Fall in Glacier Country is... A Cool breeze and yellow leaves falling from the trees! The squirrels stuffing their cheeks and the grizzlies fishing from the creeks! Pumpkin spice, football and the coming holidays! The cows in the meadows know it’s their last chance to graze! Crisper days and chilly nights… Knowing that we are blessed to even witness these sights! Sunsets and harvest moons… Knowing ski season is coming soon! Hoping to someday see the Northern Lights, But ending up in Polebridge…completely satisfied!
Ashley Geier
Fall is my absolute favorite of the seasons, and am excited to experience my first Montana fall this year! I'm excited for the changing of colors during fall, as well as my increased chances of watching Elk, and Moose!
I love Montana every season, but the fall is one of my favorites. There are fewer tourists in Montana, and the breeze is cool on my face. The trees and leaves are beautiful and mine to appreciate.
I have not been to Glacier in the fall, but have been there two times in the summer. It is so beautiful and I can only imagine all the beauty of the changing color of the leaves and the cool crisp nights.
Jessie Pate
That big blue sky creates such a dramatic backdrop for those golden and red leaves!
Alex McCarty
I worked with Montana Conservation Corps during the 2011 season. Fall in glacier is spectacular! I miss the brisk mornings of cutting new trail. I miss the trees changing colors and the lovely smell that follows fallen leaves. I dearly miss cold nights huddled by the fire after a long days work. In general I miss montana and all of the amazing people that inhabit the last great state.
Patrick Hawksley
Unfortunately, I don't know what I love about fall in Montana as I have never experienced it but, I'm sure its amazing.
Hala Helstien
I grew up and live in Southern California. I am 30 years old and I have come to love the different seasons that our country has to offer. Living by the beach isn't very fun for me. My husband and I love to travel and we seem to always go to the mountains. We have been to Glacier 3 times (twice in the winter and once in the Summer) and we absolutely love it there! We got engaged there and we just got married there about 3 weeks ago on August 11th. I imagine Fall being the perfect time to go. Seeing the leaves change and the wildlife enjoying the crisp air. Not to mention there will probably be less tourists, :) We would love the chance to go during the fall!!
Gillian Bruni
My husband and I were married on a beautiful golden September day in the Apgar amphitheater viewing the lake and mountains. The autumn sun broke through the clouds at the moment we exchanged vows as if Heaven itself was shining down on us in approval. We would love to spend our anniversary there at the end of September.
stephanie irish
this would be awesome to win
Jeremy Brown
I love how quiet Montana is in Autumn. It is still warm enough to do so many things out-of-doors, and the air is so crisp and fresh.
Julie Fiscus
The foliage!
Karen Snow
I hope this is where I enter! I am a native Montanan who has spent the past 6 years getting to know Glacier after moving back (I lived out of state for 20 years). This year, I've spent the most time there and have seen it in a whole new light. After this weekend, I will have visited Glacier 6 times since early May. That first trip was my first time seeing the park in "spring" and it was beautiful. Later that month, I biked up from Avalanche to (almost) Logan Pass (had to hike the last 1/2 mile). This gave me another incredible and new experience in the park. This weekend, I get to spend 2 nights at Sperry Chalet - a bucket list item for me :) I have never spent a Fall weekend in Glacier, which I think would be amazing. I'll bet the days are still warm but the nights are cool - and that the colors will be unbelievable. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! Thanks for your consideration!
Gladys Leal
I love the Fall "smell" in the air during the first month of Fall in Montana. That coolness that makes you want a hot chocolate while sitting on the front porch looking at the Big Sky stars.
Meredith H.
I don't know yet! We've only seen Montana in the dead heat of summer so far, and June 2014 is a long way out for our next road trip. Also, I'm sure I'll love the smell of bison the autumn!
Ann Bates
Fall in Montana is the best of spring and summer combined: ideal temperatures with sunny days to give your outdoor adventures their last "hoo-rah!" and a bittersweet "Fair well!" to the striking foliage that will segway to snow .
There's no place more beautiful, nor peaceful, than Glacier National Park and the surrounding area. The colors of fall on top of the scenery i imagine would be unmatched. We've been in the summer and then in April to wrap up skiing season, but the fall is when we'd most like to go, since we have no change of seasons where we live. The views, the wildlife, the changing temperatures, the people...MT is the most serene, inspiring, relaxing, and amazing place.
Beth Gillihan
I love the cool, crisp air and the beautiful leaves!
Cyndi Frey
My husband and I both grew up in Southern California. We married in Sept of 1999 and moved to Montana. It was a scary move for me but my husband had been to Montana previously and knew in his heart this was the place he wanted to live. I still remember my 1st trip to Glacier. All I can say is SPECTACULAR!!I have been to the park in June, July & Aug., but never when the tress are turning. My family just camped at the West Glacier KOA this summer and all I could think about is "oh, I wish I would see the park in the fall!" We live in SW Montana and I'm in awe when the leaves turn to the beautiful falls colors. The bummer with living where we do is sometimes the wind blows the leaves off the trees before they are able to turn the beautiful, vibrant orange and yellow that I adore. This Sept. 4th., my husband I will celebrate our 20 year anniversary, I can't think of anything better than celebrating with the beautiful fall colors in Glacier Park
David Palmquist
Glacier is simply stunning!! i said that forty-two years ago when I first worked there, and I said that to all the visitors when I worked at Two Medicine Camp Store last summer. Just about all of them agreed with me!! Glacier is the best kept secret in the country! I so much wish I would have returned again there this summer, so if I could get two nights there this fall, it would make my dreams come true - again! The amazing changes that happen so quickly from summer to fall are amazing. I had to leave the camp store a day early last year because it started to freeze at night and we had to shut off the water. Glacier is its own world and the most amazing place on earth!
brad martin
I love MONTANA. Period!
David Beaulieu
would love to see the fall colors and animals in the rut maybe even some snow. Can I bring my dog too
Stephanie Wright
Yellow leaves. Crisp air. That feeling deep down that you are truly where you should be. ♥
Margaret Moore
I've been to Northwestern Montana in Winter, Spring, and Summer! Now I need to see Glacier National Park in the Fall, preferably before the snow gets too deep!
Cool nights, Cool sunsets, Cool cloud formations, Cool colors, COOL people getting married!
Cheri Shelton
I've only seen Montana in the summer but I fell in love. My dream is to see it in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Can you help me see it this fall? I hope so. Cheri
Candace Brimhall
What we love about spring, summer or fall in Montana is the spectacular views. Majestic mountains, rivers so clear you can see the fish swimming in them and wildlife that if you see you will never forget. It is why am trying to talk my husband into spending a winter so that we can experience that season as well. Oh yes also Huckleberries!!! Love Montana <3
Karen Cox
I've never been to Montana, but I plan on making it my next vacation spot! I know I will love the cool sweatshirt weather and seeing the landscape of Montana painted beautifully with all the colors of the fall season. After living in Florida for the last 40 years, I'm definitely ready to experience fall in Montana!
Doug Widdowson
A great great relative moved to Montana a long time ago (obviously) and settled just outside Glacier. I've never been there and I would love to come and experience my favorite season while drinking in the same views he saw those many years ago.
Andrea Vance
The arrival of fall is signaled by crisp nights following warm days, and then the first frost. The crowds depart, leaving the trails and byways open for those seizing the last sunny days of the season. Snow starts to appear on high peaks, and changing leaves are reflected in high altitude lakes. Fall in Montana is enjoying the animals, the mountains, the rivers and lakes as they get ready for winter's blanket of snow.
Ahhhh the crisp autumn air as we stroll along the scenic trails in Glacier National Park enjoying the fall colors and beauty of this GREAT park!
Debbie Hostetler
I Love Montana in the Fall! I love the smell in the air, the stillness on a hike with the pleasant sound of the wind blowing through the trees. I love the warm, inviting colors of the bushes and the trees that look like an artist's paint choices that blend and contrast. The blue bird colored sky with white clouds that move into so many different shapes. I love to drink coffee outside on a crisp morning while wearing a jacket which I take off later in the day to feel the soft warmth of the sun. I love the moose prints near willows along a river or steam. The sound of the water is so soothing in a slow current or vivacious in a swift current. I love to pick up a river rock out of the cold water to admire the color and feel the texture that is a special mix of smoothness and firmness. I am amazed by the piercing sound of a bull elk making his presence known. The first step into the water with boots and waders on in a spot that I have chosen to be where my arm and fly rod become one to gently present a fly to a wild cutty is an experience that I have no one word to express the feelings inside my spirit. I absolutely love connecting with a trout who has chosen MY fly! Then the feeling of gentle joy as I carefully hold the fish in a slow current while I sense his regained strength as he returns to his clear, refreshing beautiful home. But most of all, I love the feeling of peace in a place far way from my home where I feel I am truly at home!
Jennifer Vattaks
I lived in Montana for 9 years and fall was my favorite season. I love how it gets cooler and it's so crisp in the morning. You can actually breathe out there. I hope one day to return (permanently) to Montana.
Ted Mowers
You start with a feeling! It is a complete release of outside pressure that allows your spirit to infinitely expand. And then you are over whelmed.....How do mountains rise out of the plain like that, it must be a cloud, but it's not.....How is the water so clear, it must be a mirror, but it's not......How does the sky sparkle so much, it goes on for ever and ever!
laura mayer
I love fall! I will love all the beautiful colors and the wonderful Mountain Morning air smell. Hoping to see lots of wildlife!
Stefanie Kelso
What don't I love about fall here in Montana? I love the crisp air, the oranges and yellows. Cozy fires and hot chocolate, apple cider and the start of baking season. Raking piles of leaves together to jump into with the kids! That is just a few of my loves. <3
Dusty Kuglin
Oh Fall in Montana. So many things to love! Football. Fall colors. Nip in the air. First dusting of snow. Smokey sky and air gone. Light jackets and jeans. <3 Fall in Montana! <3
Sarah Boston
The best thing about fall in Montana is taking a hike in Glacier with the contrast of the yellowing larch trees against the green, the smell of leaves now fallen underfoot, and the light dusting of snow on the jagged peaks. Nothing is better :)
Barbara Sorenson
I haven't experienced fall in Montana, but I have been there in the summer, when it's beautiful but hot. (And the winter, when it's freezing!) I am guessing I would love cooler days that aren't yet too cold and being able to get out and hike
The colors of Fall in Montana are truly breathe taking... I look forward to this time of year. A U T U M N, my favorite season, hands down!
My fiancé and I stayed at Great Northern last fall... It was our first trip to Glacier and we. fell. in. love!!! Nothing beats the perfect temperatures, foliage, and scenery of fall in the mountains. It was enough to make us seriously contemplate giving up our crazy lives in the city and move out west! We can't wait to get back!
Sara Schmachtenberger
I love how the western larch pines turn yellow, dot the scenery and then drop their needles. That coupled with the fresh air. It's heavenly!
It's been 15 years since I was there, but I get to go back in September, just in time for cold nights and crisp air and the shocking blue sky I remember. We'll be camping, so we'll get full doses of all of the elements, easy or rough. :) After that first trip, I wrote about the night sky and seeing shooting stars, and I think that might be what I'm most looking forward to experiencing again. A sky crowded with stars (can't see many here in Phoenix) or a full moon lighting up Chief Mountain. The cold and stillness and sky convening to create that sense of solitude and wonder that I remember.
Sheila Miller
I love the rainbow of all of the fall colors.... From the valleys to the mountains!
Tera Millier
Fall in MT Aspens turning colors and standing out against piney forests, crisp mornings and evenings with the dogs on any trail, faint smells of late summer bbqs, friends and family still hanging on tight to shortening hours of daylight, bears appearing to take care of our leftovers in the garbage bin, fat fish still biting at streamers, battle of the wild on the football horizon, but without a doubt and above all else, the sight of the first snow to crown the granite peaks in the valley signifying yet another change to the dramatic landscape we are lucky enough to call home.
Jason White
I look forward to hearing the faint bugle of a far away bull elk on a crisp Montana morning. That is what I love about autumn. : )
Susan Capp
Just want to get out of hot Texas and into some place beautiful...have been to Glacier before (about 10 years ago) and fell in vacation I ever had..Would love to return..fave place in the world...only saw it in late summer..but would LOVE to see the glorious fall foliage...
Fall mornings. I love the chill in the morning that carries all the smells of falling leaves or pine trees with it - the same chill that has the wisp of a good local bakery (Bernices!) or some restaurant getting started with breakfast. I love how you might walk out on your porch and see some white tails on the lawn, or if there is a fog, hear but not see a flock of geese passing overhead headed for nearby field or a slow spot in the Clark Fork. I love a cool, lazy Montana fall morning!
Pamela Baker
Years ago I was lucky enough to fly over Montana and experience the beauty of Glacier National Park from high above. I always thought one day I must come back and spend time getting to know this beautiful national treasure. Four years ago while my daughter was employed at GNP for the summer, I decided it was time to make a trip from Florida to Montana. After connecting with my sister in Boise, we drove up to the west entrance of Glacier National Park and embarked on a three day adventure that I will always look back upon as the trip of a lifetime. We drove across the park stopping to witness spectacular views and take photographs. We went on several hikes and saw friendly white mountain goats, moose, and even a glimpse of a bear. I was impressed with the pristine lakes and majestic ice-covered peaks, the wide open valleys and the meandering paths. I knew I would want to return again, but when I realized that the park would be closed during the winter months, I wondered what it would be like to visit during the end of the summer-early fall. From the photographs I have seen and listening to fellow travelers talk about their trips during the fall, I know it would be a colorful, exciting, invigorating, and enlightening experience. I think about this area of Montana often and wonder if it would be someplace I would like to spend part of my retirement years. I love the seasons, I enjoy bundling up in a warm winter coat, hat, jeans and good hiking boots and going off to explore the last tantalizing dashes of color, fauna and flora, making new discoveries, sampling some huckleberry pie, before winter comes in to gently cover this world in white.
Kim Smith
The smell, the warm days the cool nights, hunting season, school, Halloween, pumpkins, cottonwoods, walks in the crumbling leaves while they are falling around you. I have so many memories I don't know where to end....
Erica Allen
I love the peace, serenity and beauty of fall in Montana. It is a hopeful season. Long walks on a crisp day, beautiful drives along foliage bordered roads, mountains sprinkled with gold, playing in the leaves are all favorite ways to enjoy the beauty.
donna brady
Since I was little I have dreamed about a clean mountain stream in Montana with a full moon in the sky and trees reflected in the stream. A moose watching me play in the cool water with a mist swirling around my leg!!! Please make my dreams come true!.
Darla Voigt
Glacier park is always beautiful but I think I like spring or fall best. Going up to the park when the snow is melting, it's quiet, and you sit on a chair looking out on the sparkling clear water and the beautiful mountains with snowy peaks. Ah, I can see it now. In the fall all the tourists are heading home so it's not so crowded and all the different colors are amazing. The oranges, reds, yellows surround you. It smells fresh and crisp. The crunching of the leaves seem to echo as you walk along a hidden trail. The deer poke their heads out from behind the trees peeking at you. It's a wonderful day!
Beverly Crane
I love that no matter what mood I am in, when I drive through Northwest Montana in the Fall, it makes me almost giddy with happiness when I look around and the sights and smells take my breath away. The colors of course are the best. The smell of the air is unbeatable.
Bob Conquest
I have never had the thrill of visiting there, but judging from the many pictures that I have seen, I know that it will be very Awesome.
Paul Lloyd-Davies
Each fall in Montana, I love early morning the first day that snow on the mountain peaks in the background comes at the same time as the trees in the Two Medicine valley put on their fall outfits.
Kelly Jaques
I love the crisp, cool breeze against my face and the brilliant colors of the turning leaves. I love Fall in Montana and especially in Glacier Park. We are truly blessed to live in such a magnificent place.
Jenn Lazo
I love how stunning and amazing everything is. I love being in a hot spring and appreciating the view. I love road trips all over the state with no awful traffic. I usually take 8 hours to go 2 hours because I have to pull off the road to stare. There is just something very calming about the entire state.
Dawn Kato
Fall is the best time of year in western Montana and Glacier is the best place in western Montana! After a hot,smokey summer I crave the chilly mornings of September and October. I could spend hours roaming the rocky beaches of Lake McDonald or pick a trail for the day. Never had a bad day in Glacier. If you haven't been, you should come, if you have you will be back again!
The colors are so vibrant in the Montana fall days!
Sharon Scheib
What I love about fall in Montana, is that it leads to Winter in Montana, which leads to spring, then summer in Montana. My heart aches to be there, it really is 'The Last Best Place', no matter what the season.
Dana Munyan
I look forward to the brilliant colors fall has to bring to Montana. I have only been here a year and have been to Glacier Park 3 times this summer. Beautiful! I can't imagine what it looks like in the fall. But I plan to find out :)
Melissa Langton
I cannot pick just one thing I love about fall in Montana! There are so many options, like: Putting on a warm fuzzy sweater, grabbing a steamy cup of hot cocoa, & cuddling up next to a cozy fire with the one you live!! There's also the breathtaking experience of walking out on your front porch, & drinking in the spectacular view of a beautiful fall Montana sunset, while the leaves change colors & slowly drift down to ground!! These are just a couple things to enjoy & love about the fall season in Montana!! There are so many more that, the only way to fully appreciate the whole experience, is to come enjoy it for yourself, in the greatest, most beautiful place on earth: MONTANA!!!!
Hideki Yamada
The fall colors. of course, but the scale of the backbround of the fall colors in Montana is off the chart!
tammy vandermark
I was in Montana recently went through Glacier absolutely loved it would really like to see it in the fall and winter.I know there is a God when you look at these beautiful Mountains just taking in the beauty of Gods creation is just amazing.Montana is on amazing state i really hope to settle down there one day i've returned there for the passed three years and will continue to do so until i move there.
Judith Platt
What I like most about fall in Montana is seeing my grandchildren. Since they are 2000 miles away from us, we don't have a lot of opportunity to see them, so any time of the year is good, but a fall trip would be very special. We have been to Montana in every season of the year, but less frequently in the fall since they've been in school. I'd like to hike with them, kayak with them, visit the mountain goats, pick huckleberries, and just remind them of the beauty of a different part of their state. I love the cool, crisp air in Montana and the diversity of the people living in the northwest corner.
Brenda Diefenderfer
My favorite thing about fall in Montana? Autumn is harvest season, the time of fulfillment and preparation. The work and worry of the growing season is over and the grain, taters, and hay are stored safely. It's the time of preparation for winter- the geese honking their departure to warmer climes, elk bugling, the animals growing their winter coats, and the wood being gathered by the cord. But my single most favorite thing about autumn in Montana is the light- golden, slanting, warm but increasingly distant- coloring the magnificent landscape and feeding the soul.
Windy Petersen
I love Montana and the most glorious in Montana is Glacier Park.
Serena O'Brien
What I love most about Fall in Montana. First, I was born there and it is my home. It makes me feel wonderful. I always get up everyday and thank God that I was born in Montana. I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and all I think about when I get up is, my Family first, then the beautiful sights, sounds, and people of Montana. The different seasons to experience. Fall has all the many colors, and the crisp clean air. It is a true blessing to live in Montana and have the ability to get in your vehicle and you are already at a beautiful destination in hours. I never took Montana for granted I always knew as a little girl how lucky I am.
Dwight Young
Warm sunny days and cool nights.
Favorite things about fall in Montana: Gorgeous weather, fall foliage, wonderful fishing...and football!
nina corelli
I love the way the University of Montana looks next to the stadium and the orange/yellow trees surrounding the campus. I love that it's the last season to get all your bike riding in (for the most part!), I love the fall produce at the market, I love the change in menus at the local restaurants. I love that fishing gets to it's peak in mid September, and the scenery is most dramatic in October... Not to mention I am October baby! I love that the town has a shift in energy and people are so giving and caring around the holidays...It's such a beautiful place in fall!!
What I love most about fall in Montana is the smell of leaves that have fallen from the maple trees in our neighborhood. When I was a kid growing up here in the 1970s, that smell meant Halloween, and walking to school, and looking forward to snow. I spent almost twenty years living other places before coming back to Missoula with my family. We live in the same neighborhood I lived in as a child, and my daughter goes to the same schools I went to. The trees are the same trees I walked under and the leaves smell the same. This is my favorite part of fall in Montana.
Marie Kraft
I love everything about fall in Glacier Park!
Tracy McIntyre
Fall in Montana is the best of the best. Late night bonfires with smores and the beautiful brisk fall air. It is the perfect setting for your favorite sweater, with boots and jeans. With the vibrant colors surrounding every stream and criss crossing every mountain, the scenery is out of a dream. It truly is the best time in Montana.
Brianna Darlington
It is very hard to pick one thing, but i am beyond excited for the cooler weather. Fall weather in MT is definately a beautiful thing! I am beyond excited!
Deb Burke
I have not been there in the fall..but based on my one and only trip this summer the view has to be beyond spectacular in the fall..I am taking an outdoor landscape class and to take pictures in glacier in the fall would be amazing...the senses will come alive.
Dawn Peterson-Smith
The one thing I miss most about Glacier in the fall is the smell. The sweet smell of evergreen trees, decaying leaves, the water, campfires... We weren't able to get up there this summer - a comedy of errors and a cancelled wedding kept us away. The first thing I do when I open my car door after the trip is take a long, deep breath. Hope we get a chance to get up there this autumn - I don't know that I can wait another 9 months for the wondrous perfume Glacier provides :-)
My entire family grew up and spent most our lives in deep south Texas, where fall was about 2 days long and summer was the rest of the year. My favorite part of fall here in Montana is EVERYTHING from the yellow leaves on the trees to the cooler days and nights and spectacular sunsets. When you grow up without something like fall, every time it rolls around it is a thing to be treasured. We bask in the beauty, and have been enjoying Montana fall for three years, and it never gets old! We would love to spend time with our kids enjoying the beauty of Glacier in one of my favorite "new" seasons.
Katie Giammona
Fall is by far my favorite time of year in Montana...I am in love with the coziness in a sweater and the crispness in the air and mostly the beautiful colors everywhere. My favorite is the drive from Missoula to Lincoln...the tamaraks are amazing!
What Montana Fall give me is the sense of having made it through another hot summer. The cooler days give me more exercise with my dogs and nights give me more sleep and peace. I love seeing the color changes and taking them in while working cattle. This 2013 Fall will be extra special because it is going to give me my "every little girls dream" and that, my friends, is my wedding to my best friend! Whoop!
toni bronson
GOD made the most beautiful area on earth. he made each season with the colors of unbelieveable and daily changes. each makes us be ready to look around the next corner of the road of going to the sun hiway and closer the heavens that is called MONTANA. love our way of life and can make many of our memories of our past and days yet to enjoy!!!!!!!!
Blake Passmore
What's not to love about fall in Montana? The elk are bugling, the trout rising to the fly, aspens are changing, crisp morning air greets us each morning,, and beauty is all over the place. Let's not forget gathering with friends and family to cheer on all those kids playing sports and the Cat -Griz game! It doesn't get any better than this! I love Montana in the fall.
I can't wait for the cool air and beautiful scenery! Montana is heaven on earth.
Adam Trauthwein
The greatest thing that I would love to see in the fall in Montana, would have to be the changing foliage against a breath taking back drop of what seems never ending mountain ranges.
tom anderson
There ain't no better place on earth in the fall than being in MONTANA!!!!!! From Glacier to Yellowstone and from the east to the west the beauty, weather, flora, fauna, and opportunities are incredible. You can count on many days of just pleasant weather. The new colorings that pop out are incredible even after the summer beauty is passing on. It's especially the awesome when we drive from the Bitterroot valley all the way thru Glacier. Photo ops are incredible. It's our way to enjoy the best Montana has to offer - ENJOY !!!!!
Robbi W
After the hot, dry, dusty and smoky summers of Western Montana, the coolness of fall with it's promise of the coming frosty days of winter, is the most refreshing time of year. The clarity of the air makes Glacier even more spectacular. The peacefulness of Glacier in the fall is a treasure to remember. Can't wait to go!
Pat Fitzpatrick
The smell of the earth, rich with dew and leaves as she readies for the long, cold, and gray season. The crisp in the air, thin and smoky. Her Big Sky, fading with advance of September, and the distant hope of Spring, and rebirth. Montana, it is you that I love!
David Quitt
I grew up in Glacier Country but I live in Hawaii. I love the way the Tamaracks dapple the landscape with their contrasting colors. The frosty mornings and the warm evenings with the smell of smoke in the air. The hustle and bustle of children returning to classes and the final preparations required to bear the hard winter ahead. Cords freshly cut wood in old trucks slowly hauled towards their final destination for the winter.
Brenda DeVries
40 degree sleeping weather and the hope of fall rains.
Laura Mayer
I love the crisp air. The yellow, orange, red leaves. Pumpkins and corn. Sweaters and sweatpants. Fall camping is wonderful to.
Every day and every season is amazing in Montana - but fall has a crisp and magnificent, colored beauty. I would love to be able to go back to visit and soak in the change of the season.
i love the cooler weather in the fall. i'm looking forward to summer being over :)
bryce schroeder
hard to pick a place. i would say around salmon lake, when the tamaracks start to change their colors.
Erin Fashoway
I love the bright yellow colors of Fall in Montana! Walking through the forest, a crisp air at my back, and looking up on a sunny day as the bright yellow leaves flutter down to decorate the ground. I love the excitement of a new season coming, in Montana Fall lets a little bit of a chill in, reminding us all winter is on it's be thankful for the glorious summer we just had.
Ann Marie
My husband and I dream of seeing the beautiful streams, trails and mountains in Montana. We originally planned a trip to Glacier National Park for our Honeymoon before we got married. But when I had a medical issue right before our wedding, we needed to use some of our money saved for the trip, so our dream vacation slipped through our fingertips. We still took a honeymoon, just one that fit our budget at that time. We always talk about going out West to the untapped part of the country where the animals and people roam free :) but life takes over: bills, work and crazy schedules. Then you realize you may never be able to have that chance. I would LOVE the opportunity to see the most majestic part of Montana with my husband. It would truly be something we would cherish and treasure forever. We get chills just from looking at photos. It would be overwhelmingly beautiful to experience it in person.
wayne keith
The people and weather.and it is a free trip.
I love the Fall leaves and the refreshing smell of the cool crisp air of Fall.
Linda West
Being in Gods Country in the fall is amazing. The crisp mornings and warm afternoons. The crunch of the multi colored bright leaves under your feet. I love looking at the Mountains when all the fall colors are out and wishing I was a painter...Nothing more BEAUTIFUL OR PEACEFULL!!
Julie Fitzgerald
I love the clean crisp air and the wind blowing through your hair as you stand among the vibrant Autumn colors of Glacier.
Ashley Kejsar
I Love Montana. Period. I Love The Fall Because The Colors Are So PrettY And Vibrant. It's Like A Painting Straight From God. I Also Love Campfires In THe Backyard At Night And Snuggling With My Husband Because It's Starting To Get COoler Out.
Kameron West
Fall in Montana means crisp clear waters and air, the smell of the pines and the millions of colors of the leaves against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful peaks in the world!
Frances Plott
I love awesome beauty of the mountains on the "Going to the Sun" road and the brilliant colors of the trees. I love the hope of seeing a bear in the wild and the smell of the campfires and the crisp cool air. I love Montana in every season; but fall brings expectations of a snow flake gliding down silently to fall on your tongue.
sara schmidt
the smell of the leaves in the air! the tamaracks mixed in amongst the evergreens! the cool mornings! the griz nation spirit! the feeling in the air! being able to wear grandma's knitted sweaters again! coming inside with a red nose and cheeks! being so proud of the place you live!!!
Sue M
I love it alllllll ! :)
Rahni Juelfs
I love the fall colors, the briskness in the air. I am from the area and moved away 32 years ago and just feel like I am home when I see pictures of the area.
There is nothing better than spending fall in Montana. The beautiful streams and mountains are like paradise to me. The cool crisp air, the changing leaves and the smell of campfire are things I dream about often.
Jaime pierce
God broke the rules when he made Montana. I however moved to this beautiful state only four years ago. I have not seen glacier yet and dream of it. I would enjoy to take my family there to experience the beauty God gave us! Thanks
Jimmy Woolyhand
Fall in Glacier is simply beyond anything you can put into words.
Michele Siedenburg
Beautiful colors, crisp fresh air, feeling of contentment. In awe of the view.
Bernice Rieck
I love the change. Montana has always seemed fit for fall. It is the season 'she' is best suited for. The land is beautiful at any time but it just seems magical in the fall and the events that go on make Montana almost seem like everyone is family. I LOVE THE FALL IN MONTANA!
Sara Schroeder
My favorite things about fall in Montana are hikes in the crisp air, the havest from my little vegetable garden, and cool, sunny days spent walking along the Bitterroot, a dusting of snow on the peaks above.
Patti Allen
My husband and I grew up in Whitefish and Columbia Falls area. we have camped,Hiked and worked in the Park. many many good times with family and friends We love the park sites and all it has to offer
I havr never been to glacier and would live nothing morevthen to be able to go and experience such a beautiful breath taking place.
Autumn always feels like a new beginning for me. I love autumn in Montana because I feel like I'm kicking off a new year in the most beautiful place imaginable. I get excited planning recreation for the year ahead and psyching myself up for snowshoeing season. As autumn wears on and the mountains surrounding my valley are capped with snow and the trees are in full orange, red and yellow, I'm awestruck every day by the beauty of this place.
Cindee Parker
We just moved to Belgrade in May after 21 years of serving in the military. Love the mountains and can't wait to see everything decked out in fall colors!
Jennifer Piippo
Cold Mornings, Amazing sunsets, Tamarack colors on the mountainside, and hubby would say hunting season :)
Jessica Hastie
Fall is gorgeous in every way. Our Big Sky serves as the perfect canvas for Autumn colors. Pumpkin and apple everything, Hay and corn mazes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, hunting and fishing, cozy sweatshirts by the fire......nothing better:)
I love how Montana feels so cozy in the fall. For my husband, his favorite part is MSU football!
Laurabeth Michels
I love the Golds and Yellows and Reds...........all the color the trees carry to say goodbye before their sleep of winter. I love the crispness in the morning air as you hike along trails. I love seeing the animals scurrying about........hard at work to complete their harvest or preparing to carry out the age old ritual of mating. I love the way the Mtns start to show dusting of snow on the Navy Blue summits and against the background of our Montana sky............a camera is always needed. I love everything about the month of September and always have, but in Glacier Country September is really special; something to see and experience.
shannon gleason
I love the fall colors in MT. The yelloes contrast with green and reds. Great sunsets compliment it all.
David Beaulieu
I like the summer heat but my wife loves the cold and snow of winter so fall is good for us both.the fall colors are just a bonus. I hope dogs are allowed there.
Christina Witt
No cell, no email, no interruptions! Peace and quiet. Time to find myself again.
Janet Larson
2 words: Indian Summer!! we are moving out of the country in a couple of months and would love this as a sending away present!!
Kathy Mahoney
Where do I begin? I think I love the smell of Fall in Montana..yeah what exactly does that smell like? Can't describe it but it smells different. Might have something to do with the leaves changing colors. How about driving down a gravel road, anywhere in Montana, and seeing all kinds of splendid colors on the hillside. Or how about a stroll by a nice clear stream lined with all kinds of reds, oranges, browns and yellows from the bushes and the trees? With any luck I will happen upon a purple colored leaf just falling gracefully onto the water and I can watch it dancing away downstream as the sun glistens off the water. I love driving around the bend on the highway from East Glacier to Two Medicine, the one lined with Aspen trees and contrasting black cows roaming free, and everywhere I look there's golden leaves, on the road and on the trees, it make me giggle at how breathtaking that is. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Golden Arches.... I love driving through Moise at dawn or dusk and hearing the spine tingling bugle of an angry bull elk and maybe if I'm lucky horns crashing. The view of the purple Missions can't be beat from here, majestic doesn't seem like a big enough word to describe them. There's nothing like coffee on the porch on a crisp Fall morning in Montana when you can see your breath and the steam from the coffee. I love that we have Indian Summers that give us the best of both Summer and Fall, extending our playtime just a little bit longer. I think I love everything about Fall, sometimes I don't even mind that Montana Winter follows Fall. It's that awesome...doesn't get much better than that.
Leslie Hodge
I love the mornings..the crisp, clean air and the ability to see miles..
I moved to Montana last year to be with my fiance. I have heard tales of Glacier Parks beauty but have yet to see it with my own eyes. Fall is my most favorite time of the year so I am sure that the foliage, crisp air, beautiful mountains with a peppering of wild animals will leave us both with some wonderful memories for us to cherish together ;)
Jessica deets
We had our honeymoon in Glacier in September 2011 and it was so beautiful! Fall colors, the very last of the Flathead cherries, lots of animal sightings and no snow yet! We'd live to go back!
Lisa Zubiate
Fall in Montana is my favorite time of year. I am lucky to live in SW Montana and get to Glacier every 5 years or so. I love the crisp air, the beautiful fall colors, the hint of snow to come, the cool sweater weather, and camping by a crackling camp fire with my sweetie. I would love to win this stay in West Glacier as I've never seen this lodge and it looks amazing.
Margo McCallum
Breathing the fresh clean air...the peek into winter's coolness and bidding adieu to the heat of summer...the earth renewing herself ... having s'mores by the campfire...looking at the clear night sky stars...a cornucopia of color...deep, restful sleep.
Mandy Lang
I love the view and possible rafting amazing and beautiful a perfect romantic weekend perfect for my husband and I to rekindle our love after having a 3 yr old it would be an amazing surprise for him
Tammy Castleberry
I was blessed many years ago to visit Montana's Glacier National Forest. The time of year was the first of October, I was young the air was crisp and the leaves were turning golden, orange and red; like nothing I had ever experienced living my entire life in Florida. While looking over Lake McDonald and wishing my that I could stay there forever, at .that moment I promised myself that someday I would return to see what I considered to be one of the most beautiful places in our country.. I felt a peace looking up at that big sky that I had never felt in my life nor have I felt since. So many years have passed and I was never able to make it back to those beautiful mountain again yet the memories are still so vivid in my head. Praying to see Glacier National Park and feel that peaceful feeling just one more time. Peace is so important to me at this season of my life while enduring so much loss. Thank you Sincerely.
Bj Beyenhof
I miss Montana....I lived there for 20 years in one place or another....but never that far from Glacier. I've seen her in all her glory in the fall and there is no place like Glacier in all the world. Even the Canadian side of Glacier is different and has a totally different feel. Glacier in Montana doesn't get any better. I don't have a lot of money so I would love to win this trip. Glacier is like taking a deep breath and saying "I'm home!"
Crystal Kimball
It's hard to just pick one thing that I love about Montana in the fall. It is my favorite season for a reason...... the crisp air, the breathtaking views of all the colors fall has to offer, all the smells and tastes from a fall harvest, sitting by a warm campfire on a chilly evening, and so much more. Montana is simply heaven to me in the fall!!
Dee Skillman
I love the cool, crisp mornings of autumn. Watching the changing colors of the leaves is amazing. Sitting in front of a fire and enjoying nature.... These are a few things I love about autumns in Montana.
Joe Batta
As a new resident of Montana, I have not had the pleasure of experiencing the fall here. I am quite excited because it's my favorite season. I'm looking forward to hearing elk bugles bouncing off the mountains, bright and colorful cascades of yellow aspen leaves raining down on a country backroad, and the smell of the smoke from a woodstove as it hangs in the air like morning fog. My girlfriend and I can hardly wait to go camping in this beautiful transition of seasons. Who wouldn't love Autumn in Montana?
Crisp air. Crunchy leaves. Indian Summer Delight Harvest of the land.
Debbie Letniak
Montana - I love the fall colours, the nip in the air, the changing seasons and the scenery that feeds my soul. I would love to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful mountains and all the wild life and scenery that is present.
Tim Johnson
Cool fall mornings. Less crowds. Bonus time in America's best state!
Heather Weber
I love the fall in Montana because the nights start to cool off enough that you can cuddle under the blankets with the window open and smell that wonderful cool crisp refreshing air all night. Watching the dew turn to frost as fall wears on. I'm sure it's even more wonderful up by Glacier. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that neither my husband or myself have never been there even though we were both born and raised in Montana.
Jessica B
I live in Montana, but I have never been ti Glacier. Fall is an amazing time of year. The weather perfect, you hear the elk bugle nothing beats that!
Penny Lyon
What I most love about Fall in Montana is the memories. I've spent every Fall of my life of 46 years here, even though I have lived in other states for short periods of time. Fall to me is a walk through tall grass that somehow didn't get mowed in the orchard before the windfall apples began to litter the ground- the smell of the leaves in rain-wet grass and the sweetness of dented apples that the horses had been let in to munch on. I can still remember the green froth that would drip from their velvety lips- I tried hard not to let them smear it on me! My family's orchard, planted about 1903 in the Yellowstone Valley near Pompey's Pillar, was only one part of the Fall harvest, but being just off the main yard close to the house it was where I spent most of my time, gathering those windfalls, either for the horses or the kitchen. For me the smell of the leaves, the apples, and the crisp air will always be Fall in Montana.
pamela. Wolfe
Just been in billings the past 3 yrs. would like to take a nice trip with a special someone one day. it looks so beautiful i would go nuts and try everything once.
Nicole Luben
I'm blessed to live in Montana through every season and experience its beauty year round. Fall is especially wonderful, I always look forward to the changing scenery and cool air.
Casey Schultz
I have not been to Glacier in the fall, but I have in summer. My boyfriend has never been to Glacier. What I would enjoy most are the beautiful fall colors and magnificent views. I would hope to see much wild life, just as anyone would. It would be a fantastic opportunity to relax after a grueling summer. I would look forward to a hot cup of coffee while watching Glacier light up in the morning sun from the deck. I would enjoy a day hike or two and some spectacular meals. Glacier park is one of the last best places in Montana. I feel blessed to live in a state with such beauty.
Sandy Rojo
I love the crisp cool nights and the warm days. A lovely end of summer and an ease into winter. Gotta love Montana!
I love Montana anytime, but the fall colors near the river are beautiful!
Glenn Hall
Hunting, Grizz football and the scenery the cooler weather brings to Montana.
I have been to Montana but never Glacier or never in the fall. I have heard it is gorgeous in the fall! My favorite thing about Montana is all the wildlife! I enjoy watching all the wildlife!
Jessica Rukke
I haven't been thru glacier in years, 13 to be exact. That year my boyfriend and I went on the Go To The Sun road and loved it, there was wildlife, falling leaves, and even snow and the mix was amazing! The fallowing February he was killed by a drunk driver and I have been moving forward for years now. I now have 2 amazing children and a wonderful husband that I would love to share this beauty of nature with, along with the memory of Ian.
Tina Walker
What DON'T I love about Montana? It is hands down the most beautiful place on earth. The colors, the wide open spaces, the FOUR seasons, I love it all! I am so happy we moved here, I am thankful every day!
Whitney Bronkhorst
No questions asked, its the brilliant array or colors that are produced in the fall. Red, oranges, deep greens, yellows...etc It is an experience everyone just live to see. It's been since I was a small child, but I remember like it was yesterday! I would love to go back and witness Montana's beauty once more. Plus I've never been to Glacier National Park :)
Angela Gottwig
Fall in Montana is so beautiful, and the first time I witnessed it I literally thought to myself that the East Coast could not be more colorful than Montana. I remember being in awe, the colors were so bright and so varied. Fall in Montana also brings feelings of community and small town togetherness to me, especially when college football starts. I love all season's in Montana, but Fall is really something to see.
Kelly Powell
I love fall Montana nights, the color changes, the cool down and solitude. Thank heavens for our wild spaces!!
Angie W.
I moved to Montana from Oregon in 1992, away in 2004 to Alaska, and back again in 2010. I always say I am a Montanan by choice as I love everything about the state. The mountains, the open plains, the lakes, the small towns, bigger cities and the people. Most especially I love the seasons, with Fall being my favorite. I love the crisp mornings and warm afternoons, the change in the color of the landscape and that beautiful blue Big Sky. There is just no other place like it. And while I may miss some things from the other places I've lived (mainly the ocean) John Steinbeck states it perfectly when he said “I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”
tamara standifer
I was born in livingston but moved away at age 5. My dad n i would always go back in the summer n fall to fish and just enjoy the beaty of montana. Montana will always be my home no matter where i live.Its the most beautiful palce spring,summer,fall,or winter!!
Colene Rubertt
The Western Larch colors in the fall are the most brilliant of all the trees turning!
Barbara Nolan
Fall, my favorite time of year. I love watching the leaves change color. My birthday is in the fall and school starts. So many new beginnings. The mountains are so beautiful this time of year.
Talitha Hallock
About to have my second child and am looking forward to the cooling down that fall brings! Cross country running season fall colors. Love this time of year! Looking forward to hunting season starting too!
Nikki Sherwood
MONTANA, The Last Best Place. This statement could not be more true! Everytime I am in Montana I don't want to leave. I love exploring new towns and areas that I haven't been to. There are so many backroads, you could spend a lifetime traveling them and still not see the whole state. Fall in MT is like being in a postcard. It's almost unreal, I hope MT never changes. It's such a national treasure!
I love the beautiful colors on the trees, the cool bite to the air and the footballs again being tossed into the air! Glacier is the most gorgeous, mystifying, amazing place on earth!
Cecily Pfarr
Growing up in Plains, MT, when the season changed, the air smelled of fall & there was a crispnness in the air that you couldn't deny. Even though you knew that your environment was changing, there was a feeling of excitment for a rebirth of fall and soon to follow the first beautiful white sprinkle of soft shimmering snow. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. My heart remains in MT.
Jacque B
I absolutely love Montana! I mean what's not to love? My husband and I grew up in North Idaho so Montana was close by so we were able to visit whenever. Now that he has been in the United States Marine Corps and we have moved to southern California, Montana sadly isn't as close as if was. We miss the beautiful trees and all of the animals we would always come across. We love Montana so much that we even celebrated our Honeymoon there! For our honeymoon we were actually hoping to go to Glacier since neither of us have ever been there but it didn't work out because there was still too much snow there. We would absolutely love to go to see the incredible fall colors and the amazing views that we have only seen pictures of!
Daren Donahue
I like the earthy smell of the damp fallen leaves and the cool mornings watching the sun rise having coffee with my beautiful wife before she goes to work and hunting season is just around the corner too sitting in the middle of no where with no barking dogs, alarm clocks or cell phones to disturb us just being peaceful and at one with the world around us ....oh and hot cider too
Janna Juday
My fiance and I went through Glacier last year on both the opening weekend AND the closing weekend! It was amazing! We have both loved Montana and Glacier forever but now we are getting the opportunity to share it together which is even better. We are planning on finding our own Montana sapphires for our wedding bands. Fall anywhere is stunning but there is something about Montana that is just a bit more breath-taking. The big horizons and the mountains seem to make the colors stand out more and the blue skies juxtaposed over the brilliant golds and reds simply sing to the soul! There's a bite in the air and the smell of leaves and cool damp earth add to the magic of the changing seasons. We can't wait to go back!
MaryAnn Wick
I love how nature looks in the Fall. The beautiful colors, the fallen leaves and how there is a crisp cool feel in the air! Its a great time to be outdoors enjoying life with your family right before nature goes to sleep to replenish its sef for Spring!
robin kaminski
Fall is my favorite time of year. I have never been but think the animals, rivers, hikes and trees changing color would be amazing!
Corliss Osbourn
I love how the rich fall colors reach up to the big blue Montana sky!
Montana has SEASONS! The crisp fall air, the larch golden on the hills, and less motorhomes on the road.
I have only been to Montana once and that was durning the winter around Christmas time. I was amazed by the beauty of the white covered mountains, the coyotes at night, stars in the sky and the peace and tranquility I felt standing in the middle of no where. Feeling so free from the everyday life was a huge weight off me, I promised myself I would be back every year. That was four years ago. I can only imagine how beautiful fall would be to see in Montana.
Jessica Cadieux
I love how vibrant the colors are in Montana in the fall. All the shades of yellows, oranges, greens, even the sky seems to have a different hue to it. The blue sky during the day and the even sky and sunsets have an amazing glow about them that doesn't happen any other time of year. The smells in the air change as well. Everything smells clean and crisp with lots of subtle floral scents. The smell is indescribable and amazing. I LOVE MONTANA
Trudi Hill
I live in Missoula, Montana and unfortunately have never brought my two teenage boys too Glacier even though it is right in my back yard. I would love to see the Fall colors and hopefully find some huckleberries way up high! Also Lake McDonald looks beautiful and how fun would it be too ride one of the Red Buses on the Going to the Sun road?
When I moved to Missoula in the autumn of 1997 Autumn became my favorite season, and fall mornings were the best. Waking early to hit a trail colored by beautiful stands of larch and the jingling gold leaves of quaking aspens is a feast for the senses. The smell of pine and leaves and water, the sight of the edge of a stream just starting to freeze with delicate frozen edges like lace... the only thing that can bring you back to town is you know you can follow your nose to a great cafe or bakery for a fantastic warm breakfast. You can sit in the autumn morning sun, kick back, and know you really are living the good life in Montana.
Amanda Shuler
I absolutely love everything about fall in Montana. The amazing array of colors in the foliage; crisp, clean mountain air, breathtaking views, abundant wildlife and that big sky, of course. It's truly a remarkable place like no other. Most of all, I simply love how the magnificence and tranquility of Montana can bring so much love into my heart while I'm matter what time of year!
Patty Ramsey
I love Montana, living in Montana and vacationing in Montana. I am a girl from the south but I think my heart has left Dixie and now belongs to Montana, The Big Sky Country!!!!!
Seth Daniel Watson
I've been to Glacier now 7 times, every last week of August-Labor Day for the past five years. The wings on which the Fall arrive is amazing-I've hiked the Loop trail 3 weeks apart in 2010, to find the a totally new world of different color in mid-September. Last Best Place is true in so many ways. Pure water, clean air, honest, straightforward, and unpretentious--Montana and Glacier Country is what I wish more people were.
Sheila Johnston
I love fall in MT! The smell, the colors, the sounds. The coolness and the heat. means snow is on it's way, cuz I really love winter!!
Marc Duranczyk
I love the way the Two Medicine looks, and how pretty the view from Going to The Sun Road is. I love seeing the red buses full of people with mouths wide open in awe of seeing parts of Glacier for the first time ever. That is what I love about Fall in Montana, knowing that it inspires thousands of people, just as it inspires me.
I grew up in the South, where autumn was very pronounced with progressive color and crisp - but lovely - temperatures. It was, for the first 30 years of my life, my favorite season. When I first moved to Montana 11 years ago, it seemed to me that the state did not really have an autumn; it felt like we went from hot to snow, with maybe two weeks of color before every leaf dropped and winter began. It took opening myself to truly seeing what was going on around me to realize that I was missing so much. I had to adjust my expectation and desire for color because so many of the trees were necessarily evergreens. And I had to start appreciating the ever-so-subtle changes in temperatures, and the way the air felt and smelled - and even the way the water sounds different in the rivers and streams. Once I started doing all these things, I began to really love autumn in Montana - and it has once again become my most favorite season. I live in southwest Montana, and have never experienced autumn near Glacier (always there in late spring, early summer). I have seen pics and would love to be a part of it first-hand so I can tell everyone about it!!
Lois Doubleday
As a photographer, I love fall in Glacier for the contrast of colors, the contrast of seasons, the contrast of weather. As a Montanan, I delight in going to Glacier for all four seasons but especially love the fall with cool nights, warm afternoons, lazy hikes.
Tina Kilpatrick
What I love most about Montana is the mountains of course. I didn't get to spend as much time as I would of liked and I really want to visit again soon. I love the fact that when you enter Montana it is like stepping into a whole new world. It is just absolutely breath taking. I would love to live there one day (if I could talk my husband into it). I certainly hope I win this contest so I can visit again.
Out of all the seasons, I think fall is my favorite in Montana. The crisp cool mornings drinking coffee outside with the smell of sagebrush and dew. The sunny afternoons watching a storm roll in while finishing a walk along the river. Finally, enjoying dinner and a delicious beer while watching the sunset over the mountains. Going to sleep with the windows open, listening the the crickets and feeling the cool breeze. Waking up, only to do it all over again.
Tina Kilpatrick
I would also love to be able to get some landscape photos.
Mary Armstrong
We will be there in 2 days. Third trip to Montana, but the first to Glacier. I am so excited, we live at the beach and just love fall in the mountains!
gretchen knuffke
The fall sky and the crisp colors of Glacier Park are the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. I love the light in fall, how it slants across the peaks and sparkles on the water. The crowds have gone and all you hear is the rustle of the wind in the trees and the gurgle of the water over the rocks. Glacier Park is the most breathtaking, heart stoppingly beautiful place in the world.
Skye Melessa
I love nature's irony of warmer colors accompanying cooler temperatures. Montana is magic and my favorite escape. *sigh*
Dawn Leas
My favorite part about fall in Montana is everything! From the fresh brisk cool air to the colors of the foliage, there is no better time to experience Montana, but especially Glacier National Park, then in the fall. My favorite time of year in my favorite part of the country. :)
bob Clark
Fall in Montana is full of color!
Katie Leahy
Fall is long awaited after the heat and rush of Montana Summers. Fall brings some of my favorite temperature ranges, colors of nature, and a slower pace after the buzz of summer activities and tourists.
Jay Pierson
Fall in Montana is when the evenings and nights bring that crisp cool air back. The smell of harvested grain is just leaving the air, bringing the sweet smell of winter on the way. Friday night football in all the small towns, brings the communities together after a long harvest. School starts again, with all the children once again learning what will happen as the grow older. Montana in the fall is when the sky is at it's largest with a lighter blue and more clouds hang lower like a blanket covering a child.
Montana is almost a second home. Someday I hope to make it my first. Fall is one of the best seasons to visit. Nights are crisp, days are comfortable and the crowds are long gone. A hint of snow in the upper elevations, pine logs crackling on the fire to ward off the chil, and the sweet smell of leaves as they liter the ground with their color. What could be better?
Brian Griffin
I've never been to the beautiful state of Montana. However, I could certainly use a quick trip there to bask in the warm fall colors and serene mountainsides that I'm sure to encounter. It would be a nice contrast to the grays of Seattle, along with the blues (and headaches) of staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day. *fingers crossed* for a chance to see the beauty that Montana has to offer.
Steve Berens
My last trip to Glacier was in September several years ago. I vividly remember waking up the last morning before heading home and seeing the beautiful, fresh new snow in the mountains. It was amazing!
Chris Rost
Undoubtedly for me the best part is the crisp clean air. This makes long, steep hikes and climbs much more tolerable. The sun is not so over-bearing, the cool air has that unique Autumn taste to it, and water loss/dehydration is not as much of an issue. Okay, so I have some technical reasons along with the obvious beauty of the changing season lol
Kevin OKeefe
How about just "Fall in Montana?" What's not to love about it?
Michael Antonucci
I love the Montana area!
lisa gephart
I have not been there in the fall yet,but from the stories I here from my family that live in whitefish,its Amazing! The last time I was there was for my brothers funeral,last may. I would really like to come out for a much happier reason,like winng your contest.
Bret Richardson
The best part fall in Montana is the cool mornings and warm days full of changing colors and wildlife preparing for winter. The bears eating every apple they can find, the squirrels working extra hard to get their stash full, and the elk and deer going into fall rut. Enjoy, :)
Ron Easton
Fall Fly Fishing is the best....quiet times.....hungry fish !
Peggy Waugh
Please make my dream come true and bring me to heaven on earth
Beach Kowgirl
I love everything about fall in Montana! Just being here is the best part!
We live in Illinois and love Montana. I have two little boys who gain the love of something new every time we visit. We love hiking the trails of glacier, and fall with the beautiful colors is the absolute best time!
Vena Dagnall
I truly love every season in Montana but in the fall it is the smell that always gets to me. One day you'll walk out your door and it'll hit you. A little dusty and probably a little smokey and something else indescribable creeps in. You'll look around and notice some crazy flock bluebirds getting ready for winter. The geese have changed directions. School, football, cinnamon and nutmeg... The days are getting shorter. Things slow down.
Ben Darrow
I love fall in Montana because the air gets crisp and the trees turn quickly. And then, before the leaves are even gone, a dusting of snow strikes the mountains. Beautiful, and the fishing gets great again as well.
claire hammerbacher
Love listening to the elk rut :)
Melissa Johnson
Fall is amazing in Montana. The animals are all getting ready for winter, the leaves are turning vibrant colors, the night air is crisp and the days are warm. It's been 26 years since I've lived in Montana, but I return every summer for the huckleberries. I haven't seen an autumn day there since 1987. Would absolutely love to this year. What an awesome giveaway.....Thank you for an opportunity to win. I LOVE MONTANA!!
George Abramshe
Fall in Montana.......hmmmmm......the first thing that comes to mind is leaves......rust colored, orange, burnt, and green........and the smell of pines....everywhere.......add in a nip and a touch of frost in the morning......fog on a lake........sunshine in the day seeing the mountain tops with some white stuff .......and a good coat and a fire in the in the might be a good place too start.
Carla Haupt
Summer is almost over and we missed it this year! After taking care of our ailing mother (mother-in law) and laying her to rest about a month ago, we are ready for a break. Even though we canceled our annual trip to Montana this summer, we vicariously lived and hiked during our daily on-line visits to the Glacier National Park Web Cams. Living in Southern California we have never been to Glacier during the fall and we can only imagine the breath taking show the Changing season must bring to the lucky folks who live there year round.
I love watching the excitement in my 2 boys as the tamaraks change color. "They're the only Christmas trees that loose their needles!" The first snow on the top of the mountains really gets us going! And as the days go on our excitement grows watching the snowline get lower and lower until right around Halloween we have our first snow in the valley.
Maleka Ali
I love Montana! And Glacier is the best part. I want to see what how God paints God's Country in the fall. :-)
Jennifer McLawhorn
I was born in Great Falls, Montana, but moved away when I was five. Even though I was so young, I remember that great state. Montana, aptly named Big Sky state, is full of just that. Wide, open spaces where everything and anything seems possible. It's a place where you can wake up, go outside, and feel blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful foliage. The thing I love most is that you can be by a mountain, in a forest, or driving along a highway and feel so close to nature and so far from the stress at work, school, etc. In the Big Sky state, you can finally BREATHE. It's the simple, little things that make up Montana for me.
Carol Ross
Fall is the most wonderful. . . .beautiful season. .. . . . .wish it was all year round!!
Carol Ross
Fall, autumn, is the BEST time of the year!! Love how it makes me feel alive!! I wish it was fall year round ;)
Sara Rowe
Any time is true beautiful Montana time in Glacier. Would love to come visit:) Thanks, Sara
Danny Hamilton
Hopefully warm days and cool night.
Steve Paull
I love that the crowds thin out, the fishing picks up, and the hiking is in cool weather with snow on the mountain tops.
Brenda Hong
Have never been there in the fall. I imagine it would be beautiful and majestic. It's hard to find the right words for me to describe, as the couple of times I've been there always leaves me speechless. It's a little slice of heaven. The peace and quiet of winter coming on, the colors of the trees and the smell of cool crisp air must be magical !
Michelle Willis
Fall in Glacier is simply the most beautiful time of the year at the most beautiful place in the world. The rugged, cold Glacier peaks and the towering pines getting the first wisp of snow, contrasting below with the vivid colors and the sounds of the rustling leaves. The last drive up the "Going to the Sun Road" is cherished knowing the harsh reality of winter is just around the corner. There is nowhere on Earth that I'd rather be than in Glacier National Park.
Ardene Zion
The range of colors and the light, crispness of the air. Tamaracks being a special treat.
Mary Berry
My husband and I had our first date and camped in Glacier years ago. The smell of coffee brewing early in the morning, the dew on the grass and mist hanging around the mtns. Seeing the wildlife, the fly fisherman, kayakers on Lake McDonald. Guessing if the young couples are newlyweds like we were years ago. We love Montana and we love Glacier!!!!
Lori Luoma
Fall in Montana is magical to me. It is a special smell in the air. The cool mornings warming to a soft golden afternoon. Sleeping snuggled in to your comforter. My husband excited about hunting. Trees changing color to wonderful reds and golds. Football games at Grizzly stadium with tailgate parties. The smell of comfort foods: soups, zucchini bread, pumpkins. Lori L., Missoula
Tracy Scott
Fall. The steam rising off the rivers; cool crips mornings with a hot cup of coffee; thousands of geese flying overhead; long walks through beauiful painted landscapes;Elk bugling off in the distance; the smell of comfort food simmering in the kitchen; sitting next to the fireplace reading a good book; the anticipation of the first snowfall.... Fall. :) My favorite time of year
Sydney Beames
I have only been to Montana one time and it happened to be in the fall. The fall is my absolute favorite season. If it could last as long as winter, my little heart would be so happy. I love the fall for the following reasons: 1. I love fall fashion- my boots come out of hiding, scarves are a must along with long flowy sweaters and cardigans, jackets that only see outside my closet for just a brief moment, and hats! I went shopping in Montana while I was there and it was a dream come true. All my favorites. Right there. Before my eyes. And everyone else was rocking them too! I felt that the people got me to the core. 2. I love the colors of fall- bright reds, dark greens, orange the color of the setting sun, and vibrant yellows. I could not believe the colors I experienced there. I thought Utah had a good fall, but driving through Montana took my breath away. How could one place encompass so much color? It was like I was seeing the world in HD (which it already is, but it's that shocking moment when you have been watching a football game on a regular TV but then switch to HD and you think, "Wow, this really is better." 3. I love the crisp air. Nothing feels cleaner and more refreshing than crisp fall air. In the summer you have pollution/smog everywhere and winter appears to want to commit homicide by smog for my poor little lungs, but in the fall, there is a reprieve and my lungs can come alive. When I stepped out of my car in Montana, I felt like my lungs jumped out of my body and do a happy dance (I have some pretty intense asthma that is in a battle to the death with winter) for 4 days while I was there. I felt like I spent a load of money on attending one of those rejuvenating spa weekends where they put you in an "oxygen room" which really is just a room, but psychologically you tell yourself it is better. 4. For me, the fall symbolizes new beginnings. I know spring is supposed to do that, but spring is just the world coming out of its clinical depression. It's a start, but it's nothing like the fall. In the fall, kids start a new school year, a new holiday season is kicked off, new fashion trends are brought out during fashion week, the air is regenerated, and the pace of life is altered. While in Montana, I felt new. I had run away from my crazy life for a long weekend and returned refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of my last year of grad school. It was a new beginning for me. This is why I love the fall in Montana. Because it is superior. It could crush all of the other states' fall in a cage fight. Go ahead, Montana. Beat them all. You deserve it.
Crystal Hogan
I have always wanted to go see the beauty of Glacier National Park but have never had the opportunity to go, I have heard the Hwy. to the sun is amazing. I have also heard to drive the east side of Flat Head Lake. It is one of the things on my Bucket List. I live in Troy, ID, so close and yet so far away, I would do the Happy Dance if I were able to gp. I have heard so many fabulous things from people that have been. It would truly be a dream for me to be able to go.
Sue Kundy
Visited as a kid, so great memories of fishing and hiking while surrounded by big sky and mountains. Recently, Montana is a recurring theme in my life and some day want to visit again. Especially, Glacier Country's Fresh Life Church, go fishing and horseback riding. Maybe work at a horse ranch or with horses and with the church there. There is something about western Montana calling me.
shayna schildt
The best part about fall in Montana is all of the tourists leaving so the locals can enjoy our state without all of the traffic and waiting in lines. There is sooooooo much to enjoy :)
Gene Rufer
We are excited about looking forward to visiting Glacier. The pictures show the beauty of the area

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