Fall in Glacier National Park: Enter to Win a Two-Night Stay

This girl has big news for you: We’re throwing a going away party for summer and a welcome party for fall! After all, summer is awesome and fall is jaw-droppingly beautiful and when two seasons as lovely as these have such a cordial hand-off, it only seems appropriate to give them proper accolades.

A picture perfect meeting of summer and fall. A picture perfect meeting of summer and fall.

What exactly is happening at this party? Truth be told, it’s only made up of one thing…A GIVEAWAY!

What can you win?
A) A chance to experience fall foliage in Montana.
B) A two-night stay in West Glacier, Montana.

During your two nights of soaking up fall in Western Montana, you’ll bunk at Great Northern Resort on the edge of Glacier National Park.

The cozy chalets at Great Northern Resort. The cozy chalets at Great Northern Resort.

This could be your cozy abode. This is your room.

The view from the deck at one of Great Northern Resort's chalets. The view from the deck at one of Great Northern Resort’s chalets.

Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post, telling me what you love most about fall in Montana.Β And if you haven’t been here yet? No worries. Tell me what you think you’ll love the most.

Comments will close on Monday, September 9 at 10 p.m., MST and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 10.

So go on…Tell me what YOU love most about autumn in Montana.


UPDATE: Kim Smith was the winner of a two-night stay in Glacier National Park. Congrats, Kim! Enjoy Glacier National Park!

255 thoughts on “Fall in Glacier National Park: Enter to Win a Two-Night Stay

  1. Shelli

    Out of all the seasons, I think fall is my favorite in Montana. The crisp cool mornings drinking coffee outside with the smell of sagebrush and dew. The sunny afternoons watching a storm roll in while finishing a walk along the river. Finally, enjoying dinner and a delicious beer while watching the sunset over the mountains. Going to sleep with the windows open, listening the the crickets and feeling the cool breeze. Waking up, only to do it all over again.

    1. Bret Richardson

      The best part fall in Montana is the cool mornings and warm days full of changing colors and wildlife preparing for winter. The bears eating every apple they can find, the squirrels working extra hard to get their stash full, and the elk and deer going into fall rut. Enjoy, πŸ™‚

    2. Sydney Beames

      I have only been to Montana one time and it happened to be in the fall. The fall is my absolute favorite season. If it could last as long as winter, my little heart would be so happy. I love the fall for the following reasons:

      1. I love fall fashion- my boots come out of hiding, scarves are a must along with long flowy sweaters and cardigans, jackets that only see outside my closet for just a brief moment, and hats! I went shopping in Montana while I was there and it was a dream come true. All my favorites. Right there. Before my eyes. And everyone else was rocking them too! I felt that the people got me to the core.

      2. I love the colors of fall- bright reds, dark greens, orange the color of the setting sun, and vibrant yellows. I could not believe the colors I experienced there. I thought Utah had a good fall, but driving through Montana took my breath away. How could one place encompass so much color? It was like I was seeing the world in HD (which it already is, but it’s that shocking moment when you have been watching a football game on a regular TV but then switch to HD and you think, “Wow, this really is better.”

      3. I love the crisp air. Nothing feels cleaner and more refreshing than crisp fall air. In the summer you have pollution/smog everywhere and winter appears to want to commit homicide by smog for my poor little lungs, but in the fall, there is a reprieve and my lungs can come alive. When I stepped out of my car in Montana, I felt like my lungs jumped out of my body and do a happy dance (I have some pretty intense asthma that is in a battle to the death with winter) for 4 days while I was there. I felt like I spent a load of money on attending one of those rejuvenating spa weekends where they put you in an “oxygen room” which really is just a room, but psychologically you tell yourself it is better.

      4. For me, the fall symbolizes new beginnings. I know spring is supposed to do that, but spring is just the world coming out of its clinical depression. It’s a start, but it’s nothing like the fall. In the fall, kids start a new school year, a new holiday season is kicked off, new fashion trends are brought out during fashion week, the air is regenerated, and the pace of life is altered. While in Montana, I felt new. I had run away from my crazy life for a long weekend and returned refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of my last year of grad school. It was a new beginning for me.

      This is why I love the fall in Montana. Because it is superior. It could crush all of the other states’ fall in a cage fight. Go ahead, Montana. Beat them all. You deserve it.

  2. Mary Armstrong

    We will be there in 2 days. Third trip to Montana, but the first to Glacier. I am so excited, we live at the beach and just love fall in the mountains!

  3. gretchen knuffke

    The fall sky and the crisp colors of Glacier Park are the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. I love the light in fall, how it slants across the peaks and sparkles on the water. The crowds have gone and all you hear is the rustle of the wind in the trees and the gurgle of the water over the rocks. Glacier Park is the most breathtaking, heart stoppingly beautiful place in the world.

  4. Skye Melessa

    I love nature’s irony of warmer colors accompanying cooler temperatures. Montana is magic and my favorite escape. *sigh*

  5. Dawn Leas

    My favorite part about fall in Montana is everything! From the fresh brisk cool air to the colors of the foliage, there is no better time to experience Montana, but especially Glacier National Park, then in the fall. My favorite time of year in my favorite part of the country. πŸ™‚

  6. Katie Leahy

    Fall is long awaited after the heat and rush of Montana Summers. Fall brings some of my favorite temperature ranges, colors of nature, and a slower pace after the buzz of summer activities and tourists.

  7. Jay Pierson

    Fall in Montana is when the evenings and nights bring that crisp cool air back. The smell of harvested grain is just leaving the air, bringing the sweet smell of winter on the way. Friday night football in all the small towns, brings the communities together after a long harvest. School starts again, with all the children once again learning what will happen as the grow older. Montana in the fall is when the sky is at it’s largest with a lighter blue and more clouds hang lower like a blanket covering a child.

  8. Doug

    Montana is almost a second home. Someday I hope to make it my first. Fall is one of the best seasons to visit. Nights are crisp, days are comfortable and the crowds are long gone. A hint of snow in the upper elevations, pine logs crackling on the fire to ward off the chil, and the sweet smell of leaves as they liter the ground with their color. What could be better?

  9. Brian Griffin

    I’ve never been to the beautiful state of Montana. However, I could certainly use a quick trip there to bask in the warm fall colors and serene mountainsides that I’m sure to encounter. It would be a nice contrast to the grays of Seattle, along with the blues (and headaches) of staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day. *fingers crossed* for a chance to see the beauty that Montana has to offer.

  10. Steve Berens

    My last trip to Glacier was in September several years ago. I vividly remember waking up the last morning before heading home and seeing the beautiful, fresh new snow in the mountains. It was amazing!

  11. Chris Rost

    Undoubtedly for me the best part is the crisp clean air. This makes long, steep hikes and climbs much more tolerable. The sun is not so over-bearing, the cool air has that unique Autumn taste to it, and water loss/dehydration is not as much of an issue. Okay, so I have some technical reasons along with the obvious beauty of the changing season lol

  12. lisa gephart

    I have not been there in the fall yet,but from the stories I here from my family that live in whitefish,its Amazing! The last time I was there was for my brothers funeral,last may. I would really like to come out for a much happier reason,like winng your contest.

  13. Sarah

    We live in Illinois and love Montana. I have two little boys who gain the love of something new every time we visit. We love hiking the trails of glacier, and fall with the beautiful colors is the absolute best time!

  14. Vena Dagnall

    I truly love every season in Montana but in the fall it is the smell that always gets to me. One day you’ll walk out your door and it’ll hit you. A little dusty and probably a little smokey and something else indescribable creeps in. You’ll look around and notice some crazy flock bluebirds getting ready for winter. The geese have changed directions. School, football, cinnamon and nutmeg… The days are getting shorter. Things slow down.

  15. Ben Darrow

    I love fall in Montana because the air gets crisp and the trees turn quickly. And then, before the leaves are even gone, a dusting of snow strikes the mountains. Beautiful, and the fishing gets great again as well.

  16. Melissa Johnson

    Fall is amazing in Montana. The animals are all getting ready for winter, the leaves are turning vibrant colors, the night air is crisp and the days are warm. It’s been 26 years since I’ve lived in Montana, but I return every summer for the huckleberries. I haven’t seen an autumn day there since 1987. Would absolutely love to this year. What an awesome giveaway…..Thank you for an opportunity to win. I LOVE MONTANA!!

  17. George Abramshe

    Fall in Montana…….hmmmmm……the first thing that comes to mind is leaves……rust colored, orange, burnt, and green……..and the smell of pines….everywhere…….add in a nip and a touch of frost in the morning……fog on a lake……..sunshine in the day seeing the mountain tops with some white stuff
    …….and a good coat and a fire in the in the evening……it might be a good place too start.

  18. Carla Haupt

    Summer is almost over and we missed it this year! After taking care of our ailing mother (mother-in law) and laying her to rest about a month ago, we are ready for a break. Even though we canceled our annual trip to Montana this summer, we vicariously lived and hiked during our daily on-line visits to the Glacier National Park Web Cams. Living in Southern California we have never been to Glacier during the fall and we can only imagine the breath taking show the Changing season must bring to the lucky folks who live there year round.

  19. Kelly

    I love watching the excitement in my 2 boys as the tamaraks change color. “They’re the only Christmas trees that loose their needles!” The first snow on the top of the mountains really gets us going!
    And as the days go on our excitement grows watching the snowline get lower and lower until right around Halloween we have our first snow in the valley.

  20. Maleka Ali

    I love Montana! And Glacier is the best part. I want to see what how God paints God’s Country in the fall. πŸ™‚

  21. Jennifer McLawhorn

    I was born in Great Falls, Montana, but moved away when I was five. Even though I was so young, I remember that great state. Montana, aptly named Big Sky state, is full of just that. Wide, open spaces where everything and anything seems possible. It’s a place where you can wake up, go outside, and feel blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful foliage. The thing I love most is that you can be by a mountain, in a forest, or driving along a highway and feel so close to nature and so far from the stress at work, school, etc. In the Big Sky state, you can finally BREATHE. It’s the simple, little things that make up Montana for me.

  22. Carol Ross

    Fall, autumn, is the BEST time of the year!! Love how it makes me feel alive!! I wish it was fall year round πŸ˜‰

  23. Steve Paull

    I love that the crowds thin out, the fishing picks up, and the hiking is in cool weather with snow on the mountain tops.

  24. Brenda Hong

    Have never been there in the fall. I imagine it would be beautiful and majestic. It’s hard to find the right words for me to describe, as the couple of times I’ve been there always leaves me speechless. It’s a little slice of heaven. The peace and quiet of winter coming on, the colors of the trees and the smell of cool crisp air must be magical !

  25. Michelle Willis

    Fall in Glacier is simply the most beautiful time of the year at the most beautiful place in the world. The rugged, cold Glacier peaks and the towering pines getting the first wisp of snow, contrasting below with the vivid colors and the sounds of the rustling leaves. The last drive up the “Going to the Sun Road” is cherished knowing the harsh reality of winter is just around the corner. There is nowhere on Earth that I’d rather be than in Glacier National Park.

  26. Mary Berry

    My husband and I had our first date and camped in Glacier years ago. The smell of coffee brewing early in the morning, the dew on the grass and mist hanging around the mtns. Seeing the wildlife, the fly fisherman, kayakers on Lake McDonald. Guessing if the young couples are newlyweds like we were years ago. We love Montana and we love Glacier!!!!

  27. Lori Luoma

    Fall in Montana is magical to me. It is a special smell in the air. The cool mornings warming to a soft golden afternoon. Sleeping snuggled in to your comforter. My husband excited about hunting. Trees changing color to wonderful reds and golds. Football games at Grizzly stadium with tailgate parties. The smell of comfort foods: soups, zucchini bread, pumpkins.

    Lori L., Missoula

  28. Tracy Scott

    Fall. The steam rising off the rivers; cool crips mornings with a hot cup of coffee; thousands of geese flying overhead; long walks through beauiful painted landscapes;Elk bugling off in the distance; the smell of comfort food simmering in the kitchen; sitting next to the fireplace reading a good book; the anticipation of the first snowfall…. Fall. πŸ™‚ My favorite time of year

  29. Crystal Hogan

    I have always wanted to go see the beauty of Glacier National Park but have never had the opportunity to go, I have heard the Hwy. to the sun is amazing. I have also heard to drive the east side of Flat Head Lake. It is one of the things on my Bucket List. I live in Troy, ID, so close and yet so far away, I would do the Happy Dance if I were able to gp. I have heard so many fabulous things from people that have been. It would truly be a dream for me to be able to go.

  30. Sue Kundy

    Visited as a kid, so great memories of fishing and hiking while surrounded by big sky and mountains.
    Recently, Montana is a recurring theme in my life and some day want to visit again. Especially, Glacier Country’s Fresh Life Church, go fishing and horseback riding. Maybe work at a horse ranch or with horses and with the church there. There is something about western Montana calling me.

    1. Glaciermt Post author

      Sue, it sounds like you have incredible memories from Montana! It has a way of staying with you for years and years. And I love it.

  31. shayna schildt

    The best part about fall in Montana is all of the tourists leaving so the locals can enjoy our state without all of the traffic and waiting in lines. There is sooooooo much to enjoy πŸ™‚


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