Let’s talk about something that I love almost as much as Montana. Shopping. While you might envision me out herding cows (right, dad?), cruising the hidden corners of Glacier National Park and digging in the Montana dirt, it’s time you envision your messy-haired friend as a shopper.

You see, I come by it honestly. Look at this cute bundle that is my mom. She is a shopper and taught my two sisters and I the lay of the shopping land.

Last Christmas. (Don\’t mind my brother\’s hair…it\’s longer and prettier than mine).

While the town I grew up in was (and still is) small, my family owns a general store that literally has the motto “If We Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need It.” I’m sure you can only imagine the goodness that is packed into those four walls. As an added bonus of having a store as part of our family, my mama would let me peruse the catalogs with her, ordering things like Montana Silversmiths jewelry, wall hangings, toys and chocolates.

So it should really be no surprise that all these years later, I still love shopping.

Which leads me to the best part of shopping in Big Sky Country…being able to scoop up locally made goodies that are distinctly Montana. And since Christmas is indeed coming, it’s time that we start filling our lists. Here are some of my “top picks” for 2011…

A MONTANA NECKLACE. Cloth & Crown, a local boutique in downtown Missoula, sells these little beauties in gold and silver.

I like to wear my Montana close to my heart.

THE BEST HONEY you’ve never tasted (and the cutest beeswax ornaments I’ve ever seen) from Glacier County Honey in Babb.

Local bees made this sweet goodness.

CHOCOLATES, CARAMELS and CANDY. The Sweet Palace, and their delicious caramels and chocolates, has to make the list.

Two years ago I gave Papa Bear coconut haystacks in his stocking. Pretty sure that cemented my place as favorite child.

GLACIER COUNTRY GOODNESS. And (insert shameless plug here) for those of you that want to take home a little piece of Glacier Country, check out our travel mugs and water bottles. (The water bottle is my favorite of all time).

Your own piece of Glacier Country.

Happy shopping.

PS: Santa, if you’re reading this, I was REAL good this year.

November 10, 2011

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