I grew up in the sticks. And every year I look forward to going home to my little town for Christmas. Home to a cozy house, warm stove, twinkling lights, hugs from my mom and family traditions. This year was no different. I was itching to leave the “big city” and get home.

So I packed up my holiday cheer, loaded the car and made the journey over the river(s), through the woods, across a mountain pass and onto the rolling hills along the Rocky Mountain Front where I was greeted by the snow-covered peaks of the mountains and hearty helpings of hometown cheer.

Winter wonderland.

My family (the mama and the papa) own an old-time general store in Augusta, where we’ve started the tradition of hosting a Christmas Eve open house. And in a family that loves spreading holiday cheer and thinks it’s appropriate to hug everyone we see, you better believe we try to do it up right. Which means dressing up in ridiculous outfits, making lots of yummy treats and singing in the store. (Yep, singing).

A Christmas elf and Mrs. Claus.
You can’t be a true elf without magical elf booties.
Mama Claus and Brother Elf. Yep, they’re dancing.
This is how we do Christmas in Montana.

After a few full days, I bid my goodbyes and headed back to the west side of the mountains. And while I felt a little tired from the chaos that is Christmas (being an elf is hard work!), my heart was full and happy.

The view en route to Missoula.

It was a good visit.

Here’s to a cheery, love-filled and joyful 2012.

December 28, 2011

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