I’m not usually one to start talking or thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. At the earliest, I’ll give it a thought after Halloween but in my book we need to at least bust a few other holidays out before our thoughts are turned to one of the most wonderful times of the year.

But here’s the thing, my party people.

Snow is falling in Montana. The goose is getting fat. In other words, Christmas is coming. The fact of the matter is that we only have about 50 (or so) days until one of the world’s most loved holidays puts its big arms around us and says, “What’s up, I’m here. Where are the presents, family traditions, carols and eggnog?” To which I’ll appropriately respond, “Right here, Christmas. Right here.”

Which leaves me wondering a certain question. How many of you have ever spent a Christmas away from home? I have spent a total of zero away from my parent’s home on the Rocky Mountain Front. Mainly because I’m kind of a huge baby and a bit of a mama’s girl.

The destination for my last 29 Christmas holidays.

But I’ve been thinking about this, if I could take my whole family with me (even the loud, crazy ones), I’d be mighty tempted to spend Christmas at a far away (or close by) destination.

One of my favorite Christmas crews.

Imagine how cozy it would be to spend your holiday bundled up at a mountain cabin with festive tunes filling the room, a rowdy game of spoons and the crackling of wood burning in the fireplace. (I’m imagining it right now and I’m a little bit in love. I hope you’re picturing it too).

There are a few places in Western Montana that this very type of scene can happen. Here’s a few of my favorite picks for spending your Christmas in Montana.

  • The Resort at Paws Up: Located in Greenough (about a 30 minute drive from Missoula), Paws Up is an outstanding place any time of the year. I’ve had the pleasure of staying in one of their wilderness homes and literally no detail is overlooked by their staff. And if I was a betting gal, I’d say that spending a Christmas here would be one for the memory books, complete with sleigh rides, visits from Santa and ice skating on a frozen pond.
  • Double Arrow Lodge: Located just minutes from Seeley Lake, Double Arrow is a place where you go and feel completely at home. The original lodge (built in 1929) is where much of the guest interactions take place, while they have a variety of cozy cabins located throughout the property. Plus, you can cross-country ski or snowshoe along on-site trails.
  • Whitefish Mountain Resort: Located minutes from downtown Whitefish, Whitefish Mountain Resort offers a variety of lodging accommodations, including private cabins. They also have a Home for the Holidays special.
  • The Ranch at Rock Creek: Located near Philipsburg, The Ranch at Rock Creek has a Christmas stay that includes luxury accommodations in the lodge or in one of their private cabins, plus a winter walk, Christmas feast, visit from Santa and various on-site activities.
Happy holidays, a little early, from your very own Montana elf.


October 25, 2012

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