While I look forward to Christmas every year, the days leading up to this year’s holiday didn’t find me in the best holiday spirit. Instead I was feeling tired, drained and a tad bit stressed out. (Not three of my favorite things).

As I prepped to travel home to spend the holidays with my family, I still wasn’t feeling particularly festive. But, thanks goodness, that all changed as I loaded up the car, donned an ugly Christmas sweater (seriously it was NOT cute), grabbed my reindeer antler headband and bags full of presents and headed east. Over the mountains and through the woods I traveled, all while gently blaring Christmas tunes to break me out of my rut.

And just like that, it disappeared.

I felt good. I felt ready. I felt better. I was officially ready to celebrate this incredibly special time of the year with my family. And celebrate we did.

Below is a recap of a few fun-filled days with family.

Lover’s Lane (yep, that is its real name) looks particularly lovely dusted in snow.
Upon arrival at my parent’s house, I was greeted by these two little men. How can you NOT love Christmas when you get to spend it with faces like these?!
After a few hours of playing, it was time to make sugar cookies!
Bringing back our family tradition of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”
A few of the one billion cousins in my family.
Early morning peacefulness on Christmas morning.
Until next year, home.

And as quickly as the Christmas holiday came, it was gone. But it was one of the brightest moments of my whole year. My hope moving into 2013? That I can keep the spirit of Christmas (love, goodness, patience, charity, hope and peace) with me all year long.

Wishing you all a year filled with the best life has to offer.


December 28, 2012

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