During the last two weeks, Western Montana has been hit with some crazy snowfall and intense winds that resulted in tough roads, major snowdrifts and lots of shoveling.

Riding shotgun as we cruised over Lookout Pass two weeks ago.
Riding shotgun as we cruised over Lookout Pass two weeks ago.

Earlier this week, we were hit with warmer temperatures and rainfall and I’m pretty sure that winter thought he was beat and started to slink away, both defeated and deflated. (Side note: Winter is totally a boy. A lady would never behave the way he does–icing over roads and what not).

A rainbow after yesterday's rainstorm in Missoula.
A rainbow after yesterday’s rainstorm in Missoula.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not quite done with winter. I really feel like he’s trying to leave Montana too soon. So I did as any rational (and silly) adult would do and wrote him a letter, outlining why it it’s not quite time for him to leave Big Sky Country…

Hey Winter. I hope you take this the right way, but where do you think you’re going? Do you really mean to tell me that you’re going to let a few days of warmer temperatures drive you from Montana? Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re not quite done with you. Yes, I know we’re officially “springing forward” on Sunday for Daylight Savings Time but I assure you it’s nothing personal. You know we love having you here. Sure, what’s not to say that this girl doesn’t appreciate the sun shining because we both know I love it. But here’s the thing…you are the sun.

Hear me out. You see, without you we’d never be able to mush behind a team of dogs and race across frozen lakes. We couldn’t enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride through a forest. Without you we wouldn’t be able to experience the exhilaration of cruising down ski runs. We (literally) could not do it without you.

You’re our sun, man.

You make the rest of the year that much sweeter because we know what’s it like to live both with you and without you. You and I have been tight for more than 30 years and while I don’t know about you, I don’t take our friendship lightly. After all, think of all the good times we have left this year…

There’s still time to take runs at Lost Trail, Lookout and Blacktail and hit up some snowmobiling trails with Swan Mountain Snowmobiling.

Remember our favorite run at Lookout?
Remember our favorite run at Lookout?
Pretty sure this machine has your name on it.
Pretty sure this machine has your name on it.

Plus, we made plans to hit up the Pond Skim at Whitefish Mountain Resort on April 5. And not to play the guilt card, but you promised.

Pond skim in Whitefish. I know you don't want to miss this, pal. Photo courtesy: Whitefish Mountain Resort
The Pond Skim in Whitefish. I know you don’t want to miss this, pal. Photo courtesy: Whitefish Mountain Resort

Here’s the other thing, we totally booked the last day of skiing at Snowbowl on April 6 and again, not to make you feel guilty but you committed to helping with the free BBQ on the mountain that day…and dude, the skiers are going to be bummed if you’re not there.

Anyway bud, I really do hope you’ll reconsider and that we can just soak up the last few weeks we have together. You know where to find me.

See you out there,

March 7, 2014

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