There are a lot of things that happen because two people fall in love. One of the main results? A wedding. And this, my friends is what this story is about.

A few weeks ago, many family and friends from near and far traveled to Bigfork, Montana to help celebrate the marriage of a Montana girl and a North Dakota boy. (Quite the combo, eh? ;))

Held at BruMar Estate just outside of Bigfork, the wedding combined some of the best things in the world: family, friends, babies, grandmas, love, dancing, delicious cake, laughter, autumn and Montana. And it was lovely.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from that day.

The sweet flower girl passing the time as the big girls got ready.
Loveliness. Photo by B2 Photography in Whitefish, Montana.
The photographer (B2 Photography in Whitefish, Montana) captured the moment perfectly.
One bride and her five maids.

Here’s to love.


November 2, 2012

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