If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know by now that I’m a Montana girl through and through. I live here, love it here and my soul feels at home here. I currently live in one of the “big cities” of Montana and I have to tell you that while I love where I live, there’s no place like home. For me, home is a 2-hour drive over the mountains to a small town that sits along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front: Augusta.

Main Street, Montana.
Oh hi Augusta, Montana.

My family (which is big, wild and fun) is firmly entwined in the community of Augusta, Montana and each year I go home for one of the biggest weekends of the year—the Augusta American Legion Rodeo (which celebrated 80 years of rodeo this year)—to help my mom and dad at our family business, the general store that sits on Main Street. Plus, it’s not just the store that needs some attention during the weekend. I also work our family taco stand. Yep, you read that right. We have a taco stand that is only open one weekend each year. Years ago (as in 35+ years ago), my aunt started the stand when she was home for the summer and it’s an always-present staple during rodeo weekend. Growing up, I worked that taco stand every rodeo weekend and I’m kind of nostalgically happy that that tradition hasn’t changed. Sidenote: I didn’t get any photos of the taco stand or the delicious tacos we serve each year because the stand was insanely busy! 

Anyway, while we worked the entire weekend, it was one of the best weekends and visits home that I’ve had in a long time. Here’s a look at a weekend at home in Montana…

My mom was decked out and ready for the weekend. You can just call her "Cowgirl Sue."
My mom was decked out and ready for the weekend. You can just call her “Cowgirl Sue.”
The much loved and most demanding member of our family, the store.
The much loved and most demanding member of our family, the store.
Evening light lit up the store beautifully.
Evening light lit up the store beautifully.
Ready to ride.
Ready to ride.
The pick-up crew.
The pick-up crew.
Oh hey, cowboy.
Hey cowboy.
Taking in the view of the rodeo arena.
Taking in the view of the rodeo arena.
Night falls over Sawtooth Mountain. PS: this photo was taken at 10:06 p.m.
Night falls over Sawtooth Mountain. PS: this photo was taken at 10:06 p.m.

It was a good weekend.

Your turn: where does your soul feel the most at home?


June 30, 2016

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Linda Swartz
I sure love that momma of yours.
Donna Hammel Deen
Thanks for the memories! I'm also from Augusta and remember working during rodeo. However it has been more like 44 yrs since I've been back for the rodeo.
Svava Arnadottir
Thank you for this interesting blog. I live in Iceland and in the north-west region and there is my heart and soul. But in Montana, in one of the beautiful cities, is our daughter and we love to visit her there. In several times, that we have been in Montana, we have been captured by it´s beautiful nature and wildlife. This year will be our fourth time there and are looking forward to it. I that write this, was a exchange student in Colorado and since then, I have loved this special grateness, that you can experience in this country. Looking forward to be there again. From Iceland with best wishes Svava.
Loving this blog! Hoping to spend some time in Montana in 2017 so getting to read about it and see pictures from a local is awesome! My home is New Zealand but my heart and souls home...... i havent found it....yet.
We Kingrocket and my sidekick Singer had the opportunity to visit Augusta 2 years ago, Stayed at the wagon wheel motel and bar, we were so welcomed there I Can't wait to stop by again. PS. We rode in on our motorcycles I was wearing my famous Wolverine and Buck Horn helmet heading to Glacier National Park on our 30 day adventure.
Joe Masterson
I just want to say that I might live in upstate New York but my dream is to find a small town in Montana and live the life I dreamed of. I know it's just a dream but it's nice to read about the town your family is from. I'll keep reading and thank you
Dennis Fabel
We were close friends with Bob and Ernestine Neal in Sheridan, Mt. Bob was from Augusta, and his brother had (or has) a ranch near there. We moved to Ohio 21 years ago & I've missed it every day since. Thank you for all the info, I don't want to miss any. Take care & God bless.
Bob Pelletier
We love Augusta Mt.We worked at Ford Creek Ranch for 5summers.We love your store.Bob and Roma from Maine say Hi.
Nancy Day
Well I am a surfer girl, grew up on the ocean and Huntington Beach. I love horses and any where I can go to be around them I will go, work for free at a stable in the past just to be near this certain horse I loved. I now live in Sacramento but think I will be moving to Utah in the next year or so.
Marnetta Helton-Banfill
I have been to several Augusta Rodeos as a kid, teenager, and adult. I have been to your family's general store and eaten tacos at your taco stand! They are awesome! ☺ I miss living in Montana and going to the Augusta Rodeo!
jack thomson
Visiting you're marvelous state in August September enjoy your posts gives me ideas where to go regards
Janet Turner
You made me miss Montana. I have lived in big cities on the East Coast most of my adult life but my heart lives in Montana. I will be visiting the Flathead Valley in October with my son. He is afraid I will refuse to return to Virginia.
D. Holland
Double Falls cabin, benchmark..... Missouri River holter to Craig..... Bean lake back in the "day" .... Wood lake and the beaver ponds above it ..... Gallstin river gallatin gateway to four corners .... Rock creek ..... Madison river above Ennis .... Blackfoot river .... Little Blackfoot .... Going to the Sun Highway...
David Brown
Graduated 1966 from the Augusta High. Home of the Elk!!!
My soul feels most at home wherever my toothbrush is. Sometimes that is in a plane at 37,000 feet over an ocean.
edna cotton
I grew up in augusta and at that time it was much busier than it is now with several gas stations, bars and grocery stores. the one you are talking was called "Manix's" . it was on the left side of the building and the post office was on the right side. my friends and I used to "cruise"main. all 3-4 blocks of it. if we got bored with that we would head to lovers lane to see who was there. I can't begin to tell you how great it was to grow up in a small town. my brother was sickly and the people there were so generous to try to help with medical bills. I consider myself so blessed to know what small towns are like. we always had a big crowd of friends and relatives at rodeo time, including my grandparents. grandpa loved the hub bub.
Judy C. Fenner
Dale Fenner and I owned the Lazy B Bar at one time in Augusta Montana and the weekend of the rodeo is one of the best for businesses the whole year. I loved living there and miss it everyday. The people who live there are warm and friendly and everyone is like family.
I grew up on Lovers Lane! And you got it, our store is Allen's Manix (we're the Allens and my great-grandpa and grandpa bought it from the Manix family).
Hey, you gotta love a good toothbrush! ;)
Janet, October will be a beautiful time to visit!
Jack, I'm so glad to hear that!
Hi Bob and Roma!
Thank you for reading, Joe. I appreciate it.
Maddy, thanks for reading the blog! Any questions for your 2017 visit, you let me know. Deal?
Donna, it's time you come back for another rodeo. :)
Angie Whitecotton
My grandparents also owned the LazyB. Love it!
Angie Whitecotton
Love Augusta!!! It's the one place I truly call home! My grandparents(Conants) owned the Lazy B for many years. I remember having to peel lot of taters and wash lots of dishes during the rodeos! I loved walking to the general store for penny candy all the time as youngest! We do our family Reunion at sun canyon lodge every few years. It's been way to many years since I've been to the rodeo but have amazing memories of the one I did go to and the people I got to meet!
tiatroy I will for sure!! :)
Lesa Clark
I always loved visiting my grandmother's friend Dora Stucker in Augusta Mt. She always was so glad to see us and treated us to a great time. My grandfather Lawrence McCready was the son of Dr John W McCready who I believe practiced medicine in the early 1900's in Augusta. Also my great Aunt lived just outside of town. I believe her house was moved into town. Always loved your town because of part of my family living and loving life in their homes.
John Manix
Fun to read. My grandmother Vern Manix lived on Main Street. My great Uncle Clarence was, I believe, the original owner of the store. Gives me a lot of pride and gratitude to your family that the Manix name has been kept as part of the store's name! As a child we'd drive to Augusta for the rodeo (from Spokane). I saw a lot of "firsts" for me, as a child, from my grandma's front porch on rodeo weekends! Was served my first beer at the Buckhorn when I was very underage but old enough to reach the bar.
John Manix
I'm mid-50's, 70+ cousins living all over the country (and world) and we all still talk that we dream of throwing in the towel on our busy lives and moving to Augusta. Our hearts are there!
keleigh irene
Thank You Very Much. The Beauty of America ❤️
Steve mclean
Great place to grow up in the late 50,s. Steve mclean class 60.

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