I’ve got a confession to make: this past weekend I ate an 11-course meal. And let me tell you, that is a lot of food. Luckily for me, they were 11 of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever had the pleasure of sending across my palate. But these weren’t just any 11 dishes; each was prepared by Chef Andy Blanton (a multi-time James Beard semifinalist) at Cafe Kandahar, his restaurant inside Kandahar Lodge on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana.

Chef Andy inside his kitchen in Whitefish.
Chef Andy at his kitchen in Whitefish.

From the moment I stepped inside his restaurant on Saturday night, I knew we were in for a delightful evening. No detail went unnoticed and his staff is some of the best (if not the best) in Montana. But instead of telling you about his mouth-watering dishes, I thought I’d show you.
Warning: viewing these images may cause you to book a trip to Whitefish, Montana ASAP. 

Yellowstone caviar, white truffles and huckleberries?! Yes, please.
Included on the menu: Yellowstone caviar, white truffles and huckleberries.
Quail egg. (I was skeptical, but loved it.)
Quail egg. In one word: delightful.
Halibut lox. (Not my personal favorite, but the crème fraiche sorbet was tasty).
Halibut lox.
Dungeness crab. (No words for how tasty this was.)
Dungeness crab. No words for how tasty this was.
Sablefish. (SO GOOD).
Sablefish. SO good!
Forest mushrooms. (One word: divine).
Forest mushrooms. This girl loved this dish.
Alba White Truffle Risotto. (This dish literally melted in my mouth).
Alba white truffle risotto. This dish literally melted in my mouth.
Foie gras torchon. (Put huckleberry on anything and I'll eat it. But for real, this foie gras was decadent).
Foie gras torchon. PS: put huckleberry on anything and I’ll eat it. But for real, this foie gras was decadent.
Yak carpaccio. (The tomato jam: yum).
Yak carpaccio.
Buffalo tenderloin.
Buffalo tenderloin.
Pork belly confit. (My favorite thing on the menu).
Pork belly confit. Hands down, my favorite dish of the night (though it was close).
Washington rack of lamb.
Washington rack of lamb.

Ending the night: a dessert sampler that included crème brûlée, a huckleberry tart and chocolate.

Me + huckleberries = two Montana BFFs.
Me + huckleberries = two Montana BFFs.

If you plan on dining at Cafe Kandahar, here are a few things to keep in mind:
-Cafe Kandahar is open during summer and winter. Their seasons run from mid-December through the end of March and mid-June through the end of September.
-To ensure a table, make a reservation.
-The Snug Bar (located in the lobby of Kandahar Lodge) is also owned by Cafe Kandahar and serves up tapas and small plates.
-Plan to spend the night at Kandahar Lodge. Sidenote: it was nice to have direct access to my room after dinner. 

Happy dining,

February 3, 2016

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Anne Katie
Well, this is really a wondeful restaurant. The dishes here are not only eye-catching but also delicious. It is glad if I have a chance to enjoy a dinner in Cafe Kandahar

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