It’s almost one of the most wonderful days of the year: Mother’s Day.

And for many of us, that means celebrating that special lady in our life. Whether it’s a biological mother, an adopted mother, a mother-in-law, an aunt who’s like your mom, a step-mother or a grandmother, you likely have someone in your life that plays this role. Me? I’m just lucky I guess. I have motherly figures coming out my ears. This girl is the proud recipient of a mama, a step-mother and two grandmothers that are as feisty and as spunky as ever.

A Montana girl and her Montana mama.
A Montana girl and her Montana mama.

And to be completely honest, I feel blessed and fortunate to have all of those women as part of my life. For one, I have a great mother. If I was to sum her up in three words, I’d say she was glamorous, fun and exuberant. She also happens to be one of the most unselfish people in the world. (Luckily).

Fun facts about the lady that I call mom…
-She thinks that all babies are her babies. I kid you not. Chances are if she gets her hands on your baby, they will be returned to you covered in lipstick-laden kisses.
-She brings out the best in people. No matter what, she always wants you to do better and kind of demands it.
-During the last couple of years that she was with us, my gram’s health wasn’t very good. Through it all, my mom took care of my grandma and never complained. Not even once.
-She loves her nieces and nephews (and their babies) like they are her own.
-She doesn’t think her children are perfect and she doesn’t make excuses for us. Instead she wants us to be better and to always, always do our best. That’s something I like in a mama.
-She doesn’t embarrass easily. (This must be where I get it from). With this little lady, dancing to music in a store is more usual that unusual.
-She gets better with age.
-She’s tough and strong. She regularly unloads freight trucks by herself.
-She channels a unique balance of fierceness, elegance and beauty into her little 5′ 4″ frame.

To sum it up, she’s a great mom. While she may not be a perfect one, she’s a perfect one for me.

And for those of you who are still looking for the perfect gift to celebrate your mama I’ve rounded up a few Montana-inspired gift ideas, just in time for the mother of all days.

Elk Camp Arts Gallery
This art gallery is located in Eureka on Highway 93 and is one of the most charming, filled-with-art shops in Western Montana. Local artist and gallery owner Randy McIntyre has plentiful treasures and trinkets that are perfect for Mother’s Day, including hand-crafted jewelry, barnwood framed prints and hand-painted wine glasses.

Hand-painted (and dishwater safe) wine decanter and glasses.
Hand-painted (and dishwater safe) wine decanter and glasses.

Grouse Mountain Lodge
Just for Mother’s Day, Logan’s Bar and Grill at Grouse Mountain Lodge is offering a brunch that includes delectable dishes like leg of lamb, an omelet bar, a waffle bar and chicken francaise. For reservations, call 406.863.4700.

Mustard Seed Cafe
If you’re in Missoula, one of the yummiest places to take your mama out is to Mustard Seed. My suggestion: Order dessert first. Why? Because after your entrees, you won’t have room for it. And trust me, a dessert from Mustard Seed is not-to-be-missed.

Sailing on Flathead Lake
Whether you’re a Montana local or just passing through, book your mom a sailing trip at Flathead Lake Lodge. During the summer, the lodge offers daily sailing excursions on the crystal clear waters of Flathead Lake–an experience you can guarantee she’ll always remember.

A sailing trip on the largest natural freshwater lake in the West--Flathead Lake.
A sailing trip on the largest natural freshwater lake in the West–Flathead Lake.

A Piece of Montana
While your mama may not be in Montana, now she can have a piece of the 406 with her always with these trendy trucker hats (my mom rocked one last summer and it was adorable) or a Glacier Country Montana mug, available at

Wishing you and your mama a love-filled Mother’s Day,

May 7, 2013

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Randy McIntyre
Thanks for all the kind words Tia, we have a lot of Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas on Special all week too.

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