You guys. Sometimes there are really cool things that I need to tell you about. And sometimes those things are related to a treasure that’s discovered on Montana’s backroads, while other times it’s about a perfect day spend in Glacier National Park. Well today, it’s actually neither of those things.

I recently (through twitter) met a gal who offers writing retreats in Whitefish, Montana. At first glance, she seemed pretty great. Super easy to talk to, happy and outgoing. But after delving into it a bit more, I discovered that in addition to being super cool she is also a smartie and a New York Times best-selling author for her memoir This Is Not The Story You Think It Is.

Please meet Laura Munson.

Author Laura Munson. Photo:
Author Laura Munson.

In Laura’s own words: “My creative life has always been my safe haven. My refuge. My sanctuary. Since childhood, I have retreated into my self-expression, namely on the page.”

And now, as a best-selling author with a resilient and kind spirit, Laura offers writing retreats in the heart of Western Montana to help other writers in their own creative expressions. When we were chatting last week she summed it up for me in these words, “I help people step into the wilderness of creativity in the wilderness of Montana.”

Now I don’t know about you, but this girl thinks that sounds pretty amazing.

Here comes the awesome part: Laura is holding three retreats this summer and fall (which also happen to coincide with a gorgeous time of year in Montana). The retreats are being offered August 7 – 11, September 4 – 8 and September 18 – 22 and are held at Walking Lightly Ranch outside Whitefish, Montana.

The retreats welcome participants from near and far to work on their own creative expressions in a unique and loving setting, while at the same time providing inspiration for attendees to do their best work. And, as an added bonus, there is still time to sign up for one of this year’s retreats. For more info, visit

The location of the writing retreats: Walking Lightly Ranch.  Photo: Laura Munson
The location of the writing retreats: Walking Lightly Ranch.
Photo: Laura Munson

Here’s to channeling your inner creativity in the wilds of Montana,

May 10, 2013

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David Rasmussen
Walking Lightly Ranch is so pleased to have your generous support! We love hosting our year-long retreats and are honored to have Laura Munson's Haven writing retreats in our neck of the woods. Thank you for the great work that you do to support our last best place! your friends at Walking Lightly (David)
Ann Harper
I have been searching for a writer’s retreat that would get me back into a creative writing groove, develop the the skills I do have and interact with other writers with the goal of getting better at what I do. I have a small collection of childhood memoirs ( with a certain Laura Ingalls Wilder flavor), which I thikcan translate into a book; except that they’ve been written at different times and need to be brought under one voice. And I have a short story that needs to be expanded. I don’t want the expansion to seem like filler, just to get me to the end. And then there’s the novel. . . I need further information about accommodations. I’m understanding that a participant lodges and eats in town, which works for me as I would by driving to Montana. I have mobility limits - I need my cane to get around (don’t hike much anymore). TheAugust , September dates listed work well for me, too; I live in Phoenix and it’s usually still blistering hot here in September, so getting away at that time would be a great relief. I look forward to your response . My contact information is included. Sincerely, Ann Harper
Holly K
Hi Ann, thank you for your interest in Haven Writing Retreats! You will need to get in touch with Laura Munson directly at

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