Guess what. Somebody just had a birthday…a birthday where they turned 29 years old.

A happy 29-year-old. My smile is so big because I was in Glacier National Park.

Now I realize that 29 is not “old,” but I almost can’t believe how quickly time has flown. It seems like just yesterday that I had messy hair, was missing my two front teeth and the highlight of my day was playing barbies with my sister.

During the past 29 years, this Montana girl has been spoiled by big blue sky, fresh mountain air and clear views of the evening stars, with not a street light in site. Along with this spoiling came a love for Montana that can never be broken, diminished or forgotten.

Growing up, my family was the type that while we did out-of-state trips, many of our vacations were in our own backyard…exploring places like Lewis & Clark Caverns, Big Sky Waterslides, the open prairies of eastern Montana and of course, spending a portion of every summer in Glacier National Park. And while I loved our out-of-Montana excursions (and still do), some of my fondest memories were created just outside my back door.

Lover\’s Lane (the street I grew up on).
The Rocky Mountain Front. Where the wind blows & everybody knows your name.
Love the 406. (Montana\’s only area code).
Glacier National Park with the sister and the papa.

On this day, I don’t know were life may lead. But I do know that those memories and the essence of Montana will be with me always. Because when you have something as precious as Montana, you don’t let it go.


“Oh, I’ll never leave Montana brother.” A River Runs Through It

September 1, 2011

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