December 3, 2009

Stories Galore!

Who would of thought that 115 minds could compile and publish a group of riveting stories in 11 months?

Well, the Glacier Centennial Program, along with 100 selected authors have launched a commemorative story book. The stories range from tales of adventures in Glacier’s high peaks to recollections of growing upĀ on Lake McDonald. There are Ranger Tales and stories recalling Hootenannys. And pictures– Oh, the pictures tell stories all by themselves.

Glacier’s Centennial Program is pleased to share this project and product with the world. We are leaving a legacy for Glacier National Park through these stories– and we hope that you will continue to share your stories with your friends, family, and neighbors.

You can find A View Inside Glacier National Park at the Glacier Association, one of our cooperating park partners.


Kass Hardy

December 7, 2009

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Julie Spangler
How can I order the book A View Inside Glacier National Park 100 Years 100 Stories? I have tried going to the Glacier Association website, but I get a message that it is not safe and my computer will not allow me go there. I have also tried Amazon, but all they have are used books. My husband worked in Glacier for many years as a back country ranger and in grizzly bear management. I would like a copy of this book as a gift for him. Any suggestions on where or how I can purchase one?
You bet! I'd recommend checking out It's a very safe site and you should be able to get the book from them.
Julie Spangler
Thank you for your help. I had checked that website out and called them after I emailed you. They are out of them, but I found a used one on Amazon. Thanks anyway.

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