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Montana: Sometimes There Are No Words

Every once in a while, there are moments when this girl wonders if the last few days have been real. Once such moment happened last week. I’d been on the road for work for several days and had seen some pretty amazing Montana moments along the way. As I was searching for the words to […]

Spring Biking in Glacier National Park

Happy June! Here’s a little look at what this week has been like… Biking in Glacier National Park may be my new favorite thing. See you on the road, TT

Cruising through Western Montana

This week has been a whirlwind. This girl has gone everywhere from Seeley Lake to Glacier National Park and Whitefish to Trout Creek. And while it has flown by incredibly fast, I’ve been able to see some of the most absolutely beautiful and breathtaking sites in Western Montana. It was a good week. TT

Mountain Biking & Fall

This past weekend I spent some time on one of Missoula’s premier recreation areas-Blue Mountain. Located literally minutes away from Missoula, Blue Mountain is an outstanding place for outdoor recreation with a folfe course and trails for hiking, biking & riding. My adventure included watching some phenomenal mountain bikers. Check out the photos below…

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