In Montana, we take the responsible route. Right now that means doing our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and make sure our residents, visitors, small businesses and essential workers stay safe. Glacier Country is an extraordinary place to live, work and play, and even in this unprecedented time we can experience all the best the Treasure State has to offer if we play it safe while we’re out and about.

Glacier Country’s wide open spaces make it easy to stay six feet apart. Photo: Chris Sawicki


Mask up, Montana. We’re no stranger to face coverings here, so this should come easy. Protecting ourselves from the elements—like UV and heat exposure as well as cold temperatures and wind—while hunting, fishing and skiing, means we’ve had some practice. Face coverings are mandatory in Montana and, along with social distancing and other safety measures, have been shown to help slow the spread of the virus. When you’re inside public indoor spaces and outdoors where social distancing isn’t possible, please wear a mask.

Mask up when you’re indoors or unable to keep your distance outdoors.


Six feet is nothing around here! Continue to social distance indoors and out, and avoid gathering in groups of more than 50 when physical distancing is not possible. Looking to get out into Western Montana’s wide-open spaces? Please stay 6 feet apart even when you’re out enjoying some fresh mountain air, and mask up to pass on trails when 6 feet isn’t possible. Vulnerable individuals are still encouraged to stay home.

There’s tons of room to roam in Glacier Country. Photo: Andy Austin


Please follow CDC guidelines by washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer, covering your mouth if you cough or sneeze, avoiding touching your face, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects. And if you’re sick? Please stay at home.  


Residents and visitors alike are expected to be responsible travelers. Traveling responsibly includes staying abreast of travel updates, planning ahead, calling ahead, staying flexible, and adapting to change. Part of supporting our small and vulnerable local businesses means being patient and kind. Please note Tribal land restrictions: Nonresident travel is prohibited on the Blackfeet Reservation and nonresident recreation is prohibited on the Flathead Reservation.

Plan ahead and have alternate travel plans in mind so your stay in Western Montana is the best it can be.


Take the tourism pledge—whether you’re roaming Montana’s mountains and valleys, or exploring our charming downtowns—and join others in pledging to travel responsibly.

Happy Trails!

August 17, 2020

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