If you’re traveling with your dog in Western Montana, it’s important to be a responsible pet owner, plan ahead and know before you go. First and foremost, dogs are not allowed on most trails in Glacier National Park. If you are planning on traveling in other parts of the region with your dog, it should be properly licensed and up-to-date on vaccines. Aggressive pets should be left at home. Bring dog waste bags and pick up dog waste promptly. Always dispose of waste in proper receptacles, which you’ll often find near trails. If you don’t find a proper receptacle, you’ll need to carry the waste out with you. Make sure your dog doesn’t chase wildlife; this could harm wildlife, your dog or even you—or your dog could get lost. Make sure you carry enough food and water for you and your dog while you’re out exploring, and note that pets are not allowed on some public lands and waterways, and in other areas they must be leashed.

June 10, 2021