Once you know where and when you’ll be going, plan ahead to stay safe and keep others safe. Adequate research and planning ensure safer, more enjoyable travels—especially in the wild and unpredictable outdoors—and minimize your impact on Montana’s resources and lands.

  • Montana is not the kind of place where you should “wing it,” especially in the summer months. Secure reservations in advance—airfare, lodging, campsites, rental cars, shuttles, tours and restaurant reservations.
  • Pack appropriate clothing and footwear and bring all the necessary gear and essentials. Packing list ideas include: hand sanitizer, mask, layers of clothing, hiking boots and good socks, GPS unit, hiking poles, flashlight or headlamp, bear spray (know how to use it), water, snacks, sunscreen, bug repellent and plastic bags to carry out your trash, human and waste and TP when you’re recreating outdoors, especially in remote areas.
  • Be prepared for road delays and closures—be patient and have a backup plan.
Make reservations in advance if you’d like to ride a Red Bus. Photo: Colton Stiffler

June 10, 2021