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A Weekend at Home in Augusta, Montana

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know by now that I’m a Montana girl through and through. I live here, love it here and my soul feels at home here. I currently live in one of the “big cities” of Montana and I have to tell you that while I love where I live, there’s no place like home. For me, home is a 2-hour drive over the mountains to a small town that sits along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front: Augusta.

Meet Montana’s Best-Kept Secret: Bighorn Canyon

I’ve got a confession: while I’m a born and raised Montana girl who has spent extensive amounts of time traveling the state, there are still some places I’ve never been to. At the very top of my list: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Hello Glacier National Park (AKA for the Love, How is this Real Life)

Confession time: sometimes I wonder out loud to myself, “Is this real life?” Because you guys, I have to tell you that there are days where I legitimately wonder how in the world I’m in this exact spot at this exact moment to be able to experience this life.

A Little Mayhem in Montana

Every once in a while, you meet someone, instantly click and know that this person is someone special. Take, for example, my friend Kristin (also known as Camels + Chocolate). She and I met several years ago on twitter when she was planning a western road trip with her husband, SVV. I weighed in with where they should go and what they should do and pretty soon, Kirstin and I were in Missoula having burgers at the Mo Club. Four years later and Kristin is still one of my favorite people.

One Day in Missoula, Montana

I’m convinced that summer in Missoula, Montana is the stuff that dreams are made of. The days are long (like really long – in July the sun rises at 5:46 a.m. and sets at 9:34 p.m.) and there’s always something to do, from floating the river to perusing shops and art galleries downtown.

Playing in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley at The Resort at Paws Up

As you might remember, earlier this summer I visited Montana’s luxury ranches with a friend of mine who was coming to Big Sky Country from out of the country. We started our ranch visits at The Ranch at Rock Creek (read more about that here) and Triple Creek Ranch (check out that visit here), before venturing to our last destination in Montana’s iconic Blackfoot Valley: The Resort at Paws Up. 

A Chuckwagon Dinner at Montana’s Z5 Ranch

There’s a new sheriff in town. Okay, not really, but there is a new guest ranch in Western Montana (and that’s kind of like the same thing).

Two Days at Montana’s Triple Creek Ranch

Truth time: some of the best meals I’ve ever had were at a guest ranch tucked into the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. The dining experience at Triple Creek Ranch was one comprised of culinary delights that you’d expect to find in a city, as opposed to the quiet mountains of Montana. Located a short drive southwest […]

A Weekend in Montana at The Ranch at Rock Creek

Earlier this summer, one of my dear friends called and told me that he was planning a trip to Montana to visit the state’s luxury guest ranches. I (quickly) volunteered to travel with him while he was here and we soon made plans to visit The Ranch at Rock Creek. 

Soaking up the Last Days of a Montana Summer

Summer is almost over. You know it, I know it — we all know it. And while it makes me a little bit sad, I’m trying to put on my big girl pants and relish in the last days of the Montana summer. To make good on that goal, my best friend came out to Montana […]

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