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Life in Montana: A Summer in Snapshots

I don’t know about all of you, but this summer feels like it’s cruising past at an excessive speed…if we were to clock it, I’d say this summer character is going 80 MPH in a clearly marked 45 MPH residential zone. And I’ll tell you this much, if I was a cop I’d totally give summer a ticket.

While I really want to tell summer to just “hold your horses” in my sternest mom voice, I’m afraid it’s not a strong listener. But instead of lamenting at how fast summer travels, how reckless she is with our sun-loving feelings and her need for speed, I’m simply trying to soak up as many Montana moments as possible.

Here’s a recap of the summer so far through snapshots…

Early summer drive near Flathead Lake.


Summer calls for eating as much ice cream as possible.

Summer also calls for rodeos, cowboys and bucking broncs.

One of my favorite places in the Bitterroot Valley: The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge.

Summer happiness=floating the nearest river with my mom and baby sister.

Get Lost…in Montana. (Don’t mind if I do).

Strolling the grounds of the Daly Mansion in Hamilton.

Summer means long daylight hours and evening walks on the Clark Fork River.

Summer means taking the road less traveled and visiting historic places like the Big Hole National Battlefield.

June in Glacier means powerful waterfalls at Avalanche Lake.

Montana shaped sugar cookies: Yum.

Cruising Lake McDonald.

A nearly full moon over Montana.

All I can say is this: A tip of the hat to you summer for the fun you bring, the memories you make.

Happy, happy summer.

PS: Have a summer snapshot from your travels in and around Montana? Share it on our facebook page.

Going-to-the-Sun: A Montana Adventure

We had it planned for weeks. It was time for an adventure, a journey, a trip into the undiscovered…it was time to bike Western Montana in the spring.

You see, while I’d enjoyed a bit of biking in my life, I’d never ridden the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park and neither had several of my friends. It was high time to get ‘er done. And while we knew that rain was in the forecast, there’s no way we were going to let a little moisture deter us from our goal.

So we rode.

And during the days, the rain fell…and fell…and fell, leaving us soaked to the core. But each evening, along with the rising of the moon, we were met with absolute beauty and peacefulness in one of the loveliest places in the world.

Here’s a look at our rain-filled, bike-filled and fun-filled week…

We started our journey in Whitefish, where we warmed up our legs on The Whitefish Trail.

As our biking gang journeyed to Montana from near and far, the boys at Great Northern Cycles took good care of our bike needs.

Before heading to Glacier National Park, we filled up on huckleberry pancakes from Hidden Moose Lodge. (My mouth is watering just thinking about them).

Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park.

An evening boat tour on Lake McDonald with Glacier Park Boat Company.

Between pancakes, daiquiris and ice cream, I'm quite sure I ate my weight in huckleberries.

The rivers and streams were rocking.

The highlight of the week: riding down the Going-to-the-Sun Road. (Thanks to Debbie Olsen for the photo).

The perfect ending to a day of biking: a huckleberry foot soak at Remedies Day Spa in West Glacier.

And after a full three and a half days (the majority of which were rain-filled) this was the view on the drive home.

Blue skies, sunshine and a calm Flathead Lake.

And you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved those rain-filled days, happy companies and am still relishing in the genuine fun that we had on our trip. After all, if you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain.

Here’s to loving the rainbows and the rain,

A Montana Summer Giveaway

We’re big fans of summer around here, as in we’re probably summer’s biggest, most lovable, most enthusiastic fans (or so we like to think).

And to show our love for the warm season, we’re starting it off right…with a giveaway!

The goodie basket up for grabs includes a GlacierMT water bottle, Glacier National Park guidebook, stuffed goat, GlacierMT iPhone cover, miniature red bus, GlacierMT luggage tag, a bottle of Glacier County honey, huckleberry soap and Montana beeswax.

Pure Montana goodness.

To enter to win, leave a comment on this post and tell us what you’re looking most forward to this summer, whether it be summer vacation, visiting Western Montana ;), a family reunion or the endless amounts of daylight that accompany summertime.

We’ll announce the winner on Monday, June 4, 2012! Comments will close on Sunday, June 3 at 10 PM, Mountain Standard Time.

Happy summer,

Update: We’re happy to announce that JASON DORMADY is the winner of our giveaway basket! Jason, please email us at gcpr@glaciermt.io to claim your prize.

Great Glacier Giveaway

I have to tell you something. It’s something I’ve been itching to spill the beans to you on for weeks and now I can finally shout it from the mountaintops: Glacier Country Tourism is GIVING AWAY a trip to Montana!

As a girl who’s been in love with Montana for years, giving away a trip to Western Montana tickles me pink. It makes me excited for you to come and experience Big Sky Country, where you’ll be able to “fly with joy” down the zip lines at Whitefish Mountain Resort, hike a beautiful trail in Glacier National Park and marvel in the stunning beauty that is the Crown of the Continent.

But it’s more than that. I’m excited because I get to share a place that I love so much with you. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

Here’s the scoop on how to enter: Great Glacier Giveaway

Hope to see you in Montana soon,

Snow Day!

Happy Friday from Montana! As you may have heard, Western Montana has been being hit with EPIC snowfall. And I don’t use the word epic lightly.

I’m talking about the kind of snowfall that had Lost Trail Powder Mountain receiving 50″ in the last 48 hours, Montana Snowbowl welcoming 26″ in the last 48 hours, Lookout Pass Ski Area garnering 22″ in the last 48 hours, Blacktail Mountain Ski Area welcoming 13″ in the last 48 hours, Whitefish Mountain Resort recording 7″ in the last 48 hours and Turner Mountain Ski Area accumulating 20″ this week.

But instead of telling you, I’d rather show you.

Morning in Missoula.

Fresh powder at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Photo by Brian Schott.

The morning commute in Missoula. Photo by Taylar Robbins.

The Apgar Lookout webcam in Glacier National Park.

Mike Hardisty riding at Lookout Pass. Photo courtesy Lookout Pass.

Happy winter!

PS: If you’re ready to come play in the snow on your winter toy of choice, check out these travel deals from local Montana businesses.

Win Tickets: Film Premiere, Lift Passes & Accommodations

Well folks, it’s official. La Nina is HERE. Not only is she bringing fresh powder, but she’s also bringing the premiere of Warren Miller Entertainment’s “…Like There’s No Tomorrow” to the heart of Glacier Country.

The film will premiere in downtown Missoula on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 8 PM at the Wilma Theatre. In addition to a rowdy celebration and a chance to see some sweet skiing on the big screen, the premiere will also feature raffle prizes and visits from two Warren Miller athletes, Lynsey Dyer and Andy Mahre.

Warren Miller athlete Andy Mahre.

And because we love winter, we’re GIVING AWAY TWO tickets to the premiere, as well as TWO day lift ticket passes to Snowbowl. And, just for fun, we’re including a one night stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Missoula.

To enter, leave a comment on this post and tell us your favorite ski trail in Montana.

We’ll announce a winner on Monday, January 30! Comments will close Monday, January 30 at NOON, Mountain Standard Time.

Happy skiing!

Tickets are $12 and available at The Trail Head, Backcountry Racks and Skis and Rockin Rudy’s. A portion of the proceeds from the show, including $5 from each ticket sold at The Trail Head, will benefit the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation.

Update: Comments are closed. Congrats to the winner of our giveaway, Travis Allred (the #7 entry) for winning the tickets to the premiere, lift tickets to Snowbowl and an overnight stay in Missoula!

Random Number Generator, Winner Comment #7

Montana: This is Winter Country

Winter arrived late to Western Montana. My guess? She wanted to make an entrance. And that’s fine with me…I’m not going to point fingers, cuss her out or give her the silent treatment. Why? Because she’s here now and let’s face it, she really looks quite lovely.

In the last week, fresh powder has fallen on our ski areas, snowmobile trails and mountain meadows, making everyone around here giddy with excitement, anticipation and a hankering that can only be relieved from playing in the snow.

And play we will.

As part of the Montana experience of winter, several communities host events and activities that showcase this season, and her slightly rambunctious attitude, at its finest. And with so many things to choose from, I’ve compiled some of my suggestions to help ensure that winter treats you like a lady. (Or a gentleman).

Some of my suggestions:

Seeley Lake Winterfest, Seeley Lake
While Seeley Lake is a bootie-kickin’ year-round destination, they do it up right in the winter. Winterfest, held January 20 – 22, features a snow sculpture contest, torchlight parade, bonfire, desserfest (yes, please) and live entertainment. The Seeley Lake Biathlon (featuring skiing and shooting) is also held in conjunction with Winterfest.

A snow sculpture at Seeley Lake’s Winterfest.

Chinese New Year, Hot Springs
Celebrate the Chinese New Year in the cute community of Hot Springs on Saturday, January 21, with festivities including a dragon dance parade, drumming and bio-luminesce fire dancers. The bonus? Catching the fireworks from the outdoor hot springs pool at Symes Hot Springs Hotel.

Whitefish Winter Carnival, Whitefish
Held February 3 – 5, Winter Carnival is really winter at its best. The carnival includes a grand parade, fireworks display, torchlight parade and Black Star Beer Barter. And if you’re up in that neck of the woods in January, attend Whitefish Skijorning, January 27 – 29.

Whitefish Skijoring. Photo by Larry Turner.

Winter Storytelling Series, Lolo
Each year Travelers’ Rest State Park hosts a winter series that celebrates the age-old Salish tradition of sharing history through stories. This winter’s series features talks (held every Saturday) by Kootenai Tribal Members, Salish Tribal Elders, historians and authors.

A cozy cabin in the woods. Photo by Donnie Sexton.

Happy winter,

PS: For sweet travel deals, check out the DEALS page on glaciermt.com.

Christmas is Coming, Montana

Let’s talk about something that I love almost as much as Montana. Shopping. While you might envision me out herding cows (right, dad?), cruising the hidden corners of Glacier National Park and digging in the Montana dirt, it’s time you envision your messy-haired friend as a shopper.

You see, I come by it honestly. Look at this cute bundle that is my mom. She is a shopper and taught my two sisters and I the lay of the shopping land.

Last Christmas. (Don\’t mind my brother\’s hair…it\’s longer and prettier than mine).

While the town I grew up in was (and still is) small, my family owns a general store that literally has the motto “If We Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need It.” I’m sure you can only imagine the goodness that is packed into those four walls. As an added bonus of having a store as part of our family, my mama would let me peruse the catalogs with her, ordering things like Montana Silversmiths jewelry, wall hangings, toys and chocolates.

So it should really be no surprise that all these years later, I still love shopping.

Which leads me to the best part of shopping in Big Sky Country…being able to scoop up locally made goodies that are distinctly Montana. And since Christmas is indeed coming, it’s time that we start filling our lists. Here are some of my “top picks” for 2011…

A MONTANA NECKLACE. Cloth & Crown, a local boutique in downtown Missoula, sells these little beauties in gold and silver.

I like to wear my Montana close to my heart.

THE BEST HONEY you’ve never tasted (and the cutest beeswax ornaments I’ve ever seen) from Glacier County Honey in Babb.

Local bees made this sweet goodness.

CHOCOLATES, CARAMELS and CANDY. The Sweet Palace, and their delicious caramels and chocolates, has to make the list.

Two years ago I gave Papa Bear coconut haystacks in his stocking. Pretty sure that cemented my place as favorite child.

GLACIER COUNTRY GOODNESS. And (insert shameless plug here) for those of you that want to take home a little piece of Glacier Country, check out our travel mugs and water bottles. (The water bottle is my favorite of all time).

Your own piece of Glacier Country.

Happy shopping.

PS: Santa, if you’re reading this, I was REAL good this year.

Why Do You Love Montana?

Oh, hi. First things first, it’s good to see you here. No matter where you’re reading from, I hope you enjoy the adventures we take together each week…thank you for letting me share my little piece of Montana with you. I love it.

A couple of weeks ago, this messy-haired blond wrote a blog about Montana and all of the reasons I love it. See that blog here.

Afterward, I started wondering what your reasons are for loving Montana.

Is it the view of the stars when you’re camping in the Bob Marshall Wilderness? Maybe it’s the incredible history and rich culture of the American Indian tribes? Or is it the unexplainable connection and sense of giddiness you feel when this sign greets you?

Welcome to Montana. Photo courtesy Julia Bennion.

Well, as usual, my curiosity got the best of me. So I asked a few of my friends the big question, “Why do you love Montana?”

And their love for Montana, and willingness to share it with me, was even more than I expected.

Here are some of their responses…

  • “We love Montana because it’s not easy.”
  • “The…everything.”
  • “I love Montana because of the way of life, the freedom, the open spaces and the mountains.”
  • “It’s home to several local cafes with make the best homemade french fries ever.”
  • “My heart is there.”
  • “The sudden view of the Missions when you drive up Highway 93 around the last turn into the valley.”
  • “The simultaneous warmth and independence of the people. The traditions of the West. The chance to see parts of the natural world as they were intended to be seen.”

Now it’s your turn. What do YOU love about Montana?

Sending you warm Montana-lovin’ hugs,