There are a few things I love in life. Okay, there are actually lots of things I love in life, but three of my favorites are buying presents for people, giving stuff away and visiting Glacier National Park. So in honor of National Park Week (April 18 – 26), I’ve decided to combine those three loves and give away an annual pass to visit Montana’s Glacier National Park!

Hello, Glacier National Park.
Hello, Glacier National Park.

But here’s the thing: I realize that all of you may not make it to the Crown of the Continent this year. So instead of giving away a pass that’s only valid for Glacier National Park, I’m going to give away an America the Beautiful pass, which is valid for use in more than 2,000 federal recreation sites, including all of the national parks. Fun, right?!

This pass (practically) has your name on it.
This pass (practically) has your name on it.

Here’s how you can enter to win a one-year pass to your favorite national parks:
-Leave a comment on the blog and tell me your favorite memory of Glacier National Park.
-And i
f you haven’t been to Montana’s Glacier National Park yet? Not a worry. Instead, leave a comment and tell me where in the park you want to visit the most. (Maybe it’s the Going-to-the-Sun Road or the southern shore of Lake McDonald — whatever it is, I want to hear it).
-All entries must be received by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28.
-A winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 29.

To get this party started, I’ll tell you one of my favorite memories of Glacier National Park. A few summers ago, my family drove the Going-to-the-Sun Road (read more about that adventure here). Along the way, my big sister and I recreated a picture we took with our dad when we were little. It was a good day. IMG_9982

Looking forward to reading all about your favorite places!

Update: Congrats to Beth Angermeier who won the “America the Beautiful” pass! beth


April 23, 2015

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Susan Sherman
I've been to Glacier just one time. We are hoping to return again. It's beautiful country. McDonald Lake was great. We still tell the tale of our "discussion" of whether to bring food along as we went across the park on the Going to the Sun Road. I lost that "discussion" and we didn't bring food because "we can eat when we get there and there will be plenty of time." Well, with the construction it took much longer than expected to get to Many Lakes where we had pre-paid for a boat tour. I was absolutely starving! Finally we were able to eat and tour the Hotel there, which reminded me of The Shining. We sat on the deck and fed squirrels. It was so peaceful. But there are so many things to do near the park also. The trip was packed full of activities; bears park, wildlife, streams, picnics, Hungry Horse dam, and we even stopped at a hot springs on the way home. By the way, lesson learned and now I always insist on bringing food on any trip!
Ashley Hale
My family used to go camping up by Glacier every year, but I haven't been there since I was probably seven (pretty sad when I live in Montana!) We would always go up with extended family and I remember canoeing with my dad and siblings on Lake McDonald and going through the lodge, but most of my memories are very vague. I have been wanting to get back up there, especially since I know I will appreciate it way more now.
deb morizzo
okay so my niece is getting married this august in Seattle Washington and my daughter (26) and I are attending the wedding. As we are coming from NY, we have decided to make it our vacation and plan around the wedding. This is my job to find what we can do around the area. Our last vacation we visited Maui and while there we experienced the "road to Hana". It was beautiful. while looking at the surrounding states, I saw Montana and then upon a closer look saw Glacier National Park.... I did not even know such a breathtaking place existed so close. Just seeing the pictures brought me back to the enjoyment of seeing such beauty in person. My daughter loves to hike through trails and the waterfalls look amazing.......and the Sun Road looks so beautiful- I would love for us to experience that. I am hoping to win the pass and us it to experience The Sun Road with my daughter.
Ellen Robison
My most favorite memory of Glacier happens to be my first visit to the park. My family and I moved to Montana from Illinois a couple months before that first trip. Never in my entire life had I seen anything like it! It was amazing experience. From the spectacular views to the sighting of a swimming moose on Two Medicine Lake Glacier Park did not disappoint. Our youngest son was only 2 weeks old that day. We made many great memories in Glacier In the four short years we lived in Montana, but that was special. This summer we plan to take our first visit back to the GNP since moving away almost ten years ago. I can't wait to reintroduce our "Montana Native" all those special places.
Jan Denman
I am a New Zealander and I was very fortunate to visit America last summer for the first time. I feel in love with your beautiful contry after travelling to Glacier National Park, Montana on a BMW motor bike with my companion. What an amazing experience. I don't know what was most impressive, the beautiful crystal clear waters of the streams and lakes or the magnificent mountains that we rode up. Being on the motorbike of course help make me feel closer to your lovely country. I am now on a mission to return again this July to visit more national parks and I know I am not going to be dissapointed. Can't wait and counting down the days.
Sarah Austin
Glacier Nat. Park sounds amazing. Id like to go see Many Glacier, but the entire park looks beautiful. Cant go wrong with seeing Glaciers and lakes made by them. Last summer we made it all the way to Yellowstone from MI, but not quite to Glacier. Maybe next time. I will say one of my favorite national parks is White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Its also an amazing place.
Shannon Karp
We would love to return to Glacier National Park, its been quite a few years since we've been there. We have triplets that are now 14 years old, they were only 5 the last time we were there! It would be great to go back and do some exploring and hiking around now that the kids are older :) I will try to post a picture taken on a pull-out on the Going to the sun road! :)
Erin Ellis
We spent many summers visiting Glacier. I have so many great memories of camping and exploring with my parents and grandparents - I can't pick just one! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Erin ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com
Deb, definitely put Glacier National Park on your way to Seattle! The Going-to-the-Sun Road is so gorgeous and it would be a perfect memory.
I moved to Montana last May & had never been to glacier park... I've seen other people's photos and have heard so many people talk about it, so once summer really started, I couldn't wait to get up there! My boyfriend and I went up a number of times, but never had time to take hikes or go around to other parts of the park (like west glacier!). Our goal this summer is to be out there more and more, to be more adventurous, and to soak in as much beautiful sunshine as we can (and plus, it'll be an even better summer since we are now husband and wife!!) I can't wait to make more memories to put in the books and have more and more photos for the walls. It would be such a blessing to able to win/receive this pass!
Colin Gaiser
I was about eight years old (so circa 1998), and my mom, dad, and 6-year-old brother were fishing on the pristine North Fork of the Flathead River near Polebridge. By evening, we were all a little tired of fishing, so we decided to do the short hike to Hidden Meadows. It was the perfect, sun-kissed autumn evening, and we were surrounded by the classic orange, gold, and bright yellow hues of the tamaracks, birch, and aspen. It was magnificent to behold. However, as we entered Hidden Meadows, we heard the classic crunching of branches and loud lumbering of a large animal in the forest ahead of us. Soon, the biggest and most intimidating animal I'd ever seen stumbled into the meadow -- it was a grizzly bear. Naturally, I was terrified, and I could even sense the fear in my parents; we had been fishing, after all, and we all smelled quite strongly of trout, the great delicacy of the grizzly. Then the enormous animal stood up on its hind legs and sniffed at the air (I have never seen a bear do this since). My mom held on tightly to me and my brother. None of us even dared to breathe. After the most agonizing minute of my life, the grizzly got back on all fours, looked at us, and began walking in the opposite direction. Needless to say, we headed back as quickly as our little legs could carry us. Despite the fright we endured, this remains one of my favorite memories of Glacier. This encounter with one of Glacier's great forces of nature was incredibly humbling -- we were no longer in the domain of man, but were merely guests in the domain of a wilderness that has no obligation to protect us. Now I can reflect on the importance of Glacier Park, and its role in protecting one of the most authentic wilderness ecosystems in the world. There aren't many places left in the world where I could have such a memorable encounter with the great grizzly bear -- and that's what makes "The Park" such a special place that will forever be near and dear to my heart. (And in case you're wondering, yes, we did have bear spray! Always, always, always carry bear spray.) - Colin Gaiser
Colin Gaiser
I'm so glad you got to experience Two Medicine! That's my favorite place in the park. If you're not into crowds, I HIGHLY suggest trying to get up to Bowman and Kintla Lakes up the North Fork. Such unbelievably pristine and underrated places.
Colin, what an amazing story and memory! Grizzy bears really are magnificent beings and it's SO important for us to realize that we're in their home. PS: Glad you had bear spray with you!
Katie Kennis
My family would camp in Apgar campground every summer growing up. My dad has a favorite site, even if it was taken and then opened up later in the week he would move us to that site. I still give him a hard time about that!
One of my favorite days I've ever spent in Glacier was in June of 2013, I had attempted biking The Going to the Sun road a few times before but was always stopped short of making it to Logan Pass due to weather/road conditions. This day was different, it was a perfect 72 degrees, the road was plowed to the top and I had my two best friends along side me. We were about 2 miles from the top, in our lowest granny gear and we were all sucking air. Making it to the top already seemed like a nearly impossible task when suddenly nine bikers in matching Lycra and what appeared to be $8,000 bicycles silently zoomed past us on our left. They had to going 20 miles an hour uphill! They made it look so easy. So, we kept slowly pedaling our way up and when we had nearly reached the end we saw the same group go zooming downhill past us again. At Logan Pass we learned they were attempting to break a world record for the fastest time from the West Enterance to Logan Pass and today they made it 14 seconds too late. While we didn't break any world records that day, we made it to the top and held our bikes above our head and grinned for the camera. I've never been so proud.
Ginger Desrosier
We went to Glacier Park when our daughters were 4 and 5. We had a blast! We were walking in the Apgar Camp and two rangers came up to us and told us they were tracking a problem bear! That was enough for me, I grabbed both girls in one arm and a bike in the other and hi tailed it back to our trailer. LOL! They did catch the bear. What a memorable trip! We spent many hours floating in the lake and eating that yummy huckleberry ice cream! One thing I may not do this time is wear my new huckleberry lotion while hiking around the park!!!! We are coming back in June and can't wait!
Sarah Minckler
My favorite memories of Glacier are the annual drive we would take over Going to the Sun Pass with my dad growing up. We have continued the tradition and still stay at Lake McDonald with my parents and siblings and our 13 kids!
Karen McDaniel
I have always lived in Texas with my mom and 5 siblings. Didn't have time or money to go on vacations. As they say you live what you learn. So I married someone who didn't like to travel. Needless to say I did not teach my children to explore. Since then I now travel for work and would like to teach my children to explore this great country. I have taken them to Yellowstone for a snowmobile trip. They loved it! Now they can't wait for the next vacation. Love seeing the awe in their eyes when they see what nature has to offer. Thanks for considering my entry for the annual national park pass. It wont go to waste!
Margaret Moore
My favorite memory is watching my children experience the hiking and beauty of the park. If you've not been, YOU NEED TO GO!
My favorite memory of Glacier was when my husband, Randy, and I were married in the park back in July of 2000. We pulled our camper out to Glacier and it was used as our wedding chapel, so to speak. We managed to round up the campground hosts, two wonderful gentlemen, to be our witnesses and hired a beautiful pastor from the local area to marry us. As our ceremony was winding down there was a commotion in the campground and later we learned someone's fridge in their camper was on fire! A memory we won't ever forget! Since then we have been to Glacier many times and we plan on going again this year once I am done with chemo and radiation. Glacier is a magical place.
My favorite memory was the last time we took my grandma on the Going-to-the-Sun road. I was 15 and we stopped and had a snowball fight in July. We stopped at Logan pass and walked around saw a grizzly off in the distance. She passed away within a year. I just always have amazing memories of that trip. Thank you for letting me share that simple but important trip for me. :-)
Jean Philhower
Went over the glaciers in 1997 on our motorcycle. So cool. Loved it and would like to go back. Had video cam around my neck. So we have a great memory.
Sheri Johnson
My husband and I spent a week in Glacier 11 years ago and cannot wait to go back. Although we just did day hikes, we logged over 70 miles in that week. My favorite was the hike to Granite Park Chalet and back from the Logan Pass Visitor Center encountering Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats (including a mom and her baby) and breathtaking scenery along the way. As an avid nature enthusiast and photographer, Glacier thrilled on all accounts. We stayed at St. Mary and Many Glacier during our stay. Our ritual in the evenings during the stay at Many Glacier was to finish up our hikes so that we were in time to grab a drink and listen to the trio of employees that performed classical music as the sun was setting. A perfect ending to a perfect day. I look forward to the day that we go back and explore more of the park.
Kathy Waltemath
One of my favorite memories is when I took a friend of mine to Glacier for her first trip. We were taking pictures at Avalanche Creek area. I looked over at her and she was crying. I asked her what was the matter. Her reply was I have never seen anything so beautiful . I have been to Glacier many times and to see her love it that much also was awesome. It has become one of her favorite places.
E. Anderson
I grew up in the Bitterroot Valley & somehow in the first 22 years of my life I hadn't ever been to Glacier. In '09 about three weeks before leaving for military training I decided to head up there for three days with my best friend - it was at that moment I realized what a crushing mistake I had made wanting to leave Montana. I spent the next 5 years in the south and on the east coast anxiously awaiting the day I'd be able to return. This year it finally happened and now get to call the Bitterroot Valley home again. The memories of Glacier really drove home what a supremely perfect place Montana is as a whole, and kept me focused on the goal of finally making it back. I can't wait to head up to the park with my soulmate this season - she's never been there before. She's going to love it as much if not moreso than I do - I grew up around these sights & took them for granted, but she grew up in the concrete jungle and for that reason alone her appreciation for nature's beauty will be, I think, significantly more profound.
Elizabeth Anderson
My family and I went to glacier for the first time last summer. I remember we drove up through the east entrance and were all stunned when the beautiful mountains came into view. We drove on going to the sun road and had a picnic and hiked. So stunning. We had a car full of three adults and four kids... everyone was just in awe. Best day of our two week trip to Montana.
Nancy Treib
I love Glacier Park - it is why I live in Montana. It is my "Heaven On Earth". I try to get there as often as I can. My favorite memory of Glacier Park is yet to be created. It will be photographing star trails above Logan Pass (and over St. Mary and McDonald Lakes and McDonald Creek). If there's meteor showers then - even better!) I dream about this!
Melanie Ellingson
We try to go to GNP a couple times a year and love it all. But most epic place was hiking to Grinell Glacier! Long, tiring, rain, huckleberries, and the most amazing beauty!
Beth Angermeier
I've spent significant time each of the last four years in Glacier. Though I have many favorites, the most special place to me is the Cut Bank area. The crowds aren't there, the hiking is awesome, and the whole place is stunning. This has become "home" to my family when we visit. Looking forward to coming back again this summer.
Our visit was highlighted by the sightings of both black bears and a grizzled sow with two cubs. The Grizzlies and Cubs were safely far across a lake, and sighted with a spotting scope. We saw the black bear while driving the going-to-the-sun highway. What a beautiful sight. It just reaffirmed our commitments to be environmentally conscious. These beautiful glaciers are melting so fast!
Patricia Davis
I grew up going to Glacier often with my family and loved every trip. One of our favorite trips was the day we stopped on Going-to-the Sun Road and walked up a trail. A short distance up the trail were some deer who weren't afraid of us. My mom and dad had an old reel movie camera so they took pictures of us feeding the deer. This was in the 60's before we knew we weren't supposed to do that. Next week my daughter and son-in-law and our grand-daughter are going to join us in a visit to Glacier. I'm excited to share one of my favorite spots with them! Later after I grew up we had foreign exchange students in our home 4 different years after my husband and I and children moved back to Montana. Each year we would take the students to Glacier to experience one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Being lucky enough to grow up in NW Montana, I spent a ridiculous amount of time exploring Glacier Park. Now that I have my own family and two very young children, my favorite memories are those I will get to create with them. I look forward to spending time in Glacier and watching my children explore and learn. I'll get to see their eyes grow wide and hear their little voices say "wow!" as they look at the landscape in awe and take in the beauty of the area they are also lucky enough to live.
Travis heitmann
Mu favorite memory of the park is my near death experience. On July 17th 2013 a friend from out of town and I decided to head up to the park for the day. It was beautiful put, not a cloud in the sky when we first got to the boat launch at Mcdonald lake. I knew that there was a minimal chance of severe storms late in the day but I wasn't too worried about it and told my friend to keep her eyes to the sky later on. We drove up over the pass and stopped at the St. Mary's Falls trail. I decided I would take my friend to Virginia Falls too. When we got to Virginia falls It began to get dark as a quick moving thunderstorm barreled it's way to us. We knew we needed to get out and made our way back down the trail. Just after crossing the St. Mary's Falls bridge lightning began to hit all around us. Just as we rounded a corner lightning hit us, knocking us to the ground and stopping our hearts. A few minutes went by as our lifeless bodies laid on the ground, then a man who was racing to get out as well, stumbled upon us. He saw that we were not breathing and he and another person that showed up after him administered several rounds of CPR to my friend and I. They managed to get us both breathing again and after another half hour the storm cleared and medical personnel showed up and got us out. I was life flighted to Kalispell Regional Medical center. I woke up the following day and could not believe what had just happened. I was so thankful to the people that saved me and was thankful to be alive and well. I returned to the park a few weeks later with a new found respect and admiration for the park. For some that might have been enough to keep them away from Glacier forever, for me it just reminded me to be more cautious and gave me a new Love for the dangerous environment that makes the park so beautiful. I love glacier and I will be spending a lot of time there this summer!
Bonnie Smead
Oh my goodness!! This is an AMAZING opportunity!...... First of all, I am in love with MT. Don't ask me why because there aren't words that really express. I am originally from VA, and it has been in my heart since I can remember. I have never been to Glacier Park but would love to go. I had the opportunity to ride into MT, and the scenery simply takes my breath away. I love mountains and lakes. My family is large, we have 7 children, yes 7! So as you can imagine....... taking a trip anywhere is quite the adventure! I do try to expose them to God's beauty as often as possible, and this truly would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for our family!
Debbie Rogers
I have not been there yet!! My kids and I are planning a trip in late July! We are River rafting one day, and then traveling on the Going to the Sun road, hoping to hike to Hidden lake!! This will be our first adventure as a single parent family, so I'm wanting it to be full of memories so my two kids will say one day"remember when we went on that trip to Glacier the first time" . Excited to say the least, both are checking it out on the internet!! Can't wait!!
Deborah Davis
Driving along and enjoying the view of the Going To The Sun Road has been on my bucket list ever since we moved here in 1998. I finally got to experience this back in 2013 and I honestly did not want to leave. I was so in awe of all the beauty that surrounded me. I was in picture taking heaven. I would have to say that Two Medicine River was my very favorite spot of all. I stood on the rocky shore, watched the clouds part and felt the sun shine through and was totally immersed in God and all his glory.
Karen Jones
We got to Glacier a few years for our 25th wedding anniversary but couldn't drive through, still snowed in on June 15th. But my husband has just retired and we're going to try it again later this year. Hope to visit a lot of the parks now so winning this American Parks pass would be really awesome!
Bruce Nilsson
We try to spend every weekend in summer in Glacier, So it is tough to pick just one, From riding motorcycle's on the Going to the sun road, Kayaking St Mary's and Lake McDonald, Camping at Bowman lake to hiking to Iceberg lake. For me it is the people I meet at Glacier that makes the best memories.
Cindy Houk
I absolutly LOVE Glacier National Park and I live just a few minutes from West Glacier, so I do spend a lot of my free time in the park...I can't say I have a favorite spot because each time I get to go, I find something new and exciting to see.
Lisa Rämm
My only visit to glacier didn't actually happen. I was feeling brave and independent, went alone for some much needed quiet time, a camera, and a fishing pole as companions. At the entrance i got a text saying "come home right now dad's in respiratory arrest" so i turned back and went home. 3 days later dad pulled through and could breathe on his own. I told him he owed me a trip to the most beautiful place on earth. Would live to be able to take him!
Kyle Epsteen
Glacier national park is amazing! My college friends and I took a trip to Glacier National following our graduations ceremonies ten years ago! What am experience. Mountains and woods and animals and the adventure of camping with friends. I want to gather up my friends and go again! Thanks, GNP!
I am in love with Glacier! The first time I was there in 1990, I was alone at Many Glacier, and I really wanted to do a hike. I started off on the trail to Swiftcurrent Pass, and saw a grizzly on the trail in front of me. I was so scared, that I walked back towards the hotel. While walking back, I passed some people who were going the other way. I said hi, and told them I say a grizzly there and didn't want to hike alone, and I asked if I could just tag along with them, and they said yes!!!!! We ended up hiking all the way through to Going-to-the-Sun road and Logan Pass visitors center where we got a ride back to Many Glacier! What a fantastic hike!!!!! I've long since lost track of Phil and Kelly Lieske of Maryland, but I know I'll never forget them!!!!! I love Glacier National Park!!!!!!!
Lisa Bartholomew
I loved exploring Lake McDonald with my family last year, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of GNP this year, since we have moved here now!
Annette Clayton
I live in Montana and have never been. My husband's grandma has a picture of Lake McDonald that she painted; what a wonderful site! That is where I would like to visit.
Sandra Stanford
I loved everything about Glacier and the surrounding area. We chose to stay on the east side of Glacier and I loved it. My favorite night that we spent was at the Rising Sun cabins. My Mother and I pulled up to the little duplex cabin and starting unloading for the night. She was standing beside the steps and I was returning with a few more items when I looked up and there was a deer just eating some huckleberries right behind her. I didn't want to scare it away, but I wanted her to see it. So I was motioning and pointing, but she didn't catch on until I said "It's a deer" and it bolted. We had a laugh about that. It was so peaceful and quiet that night in the cabin and since there where no street lights, we could see more stars than I believe I have ever seen in my life. This area is some of God's most beautiful handiwork in my opinion.
mary kupsky
My family traveled to Montana last summer to spread my husband's ashes as he requested. It was a wonderful trip and all of the grandbabies want it to be a yearly trip to visit Papa.
Regie L. Rhodes
I've never been there - so far away. It is one place I would love to go if possible (all over the whole park) but never expect to make it since I am 75 years old.
Chris Dunbar
My favorite memory is with my husband and son's at Glacier. We loved McDonald lake and once got caught in a thunder storm in the middle of the lake! Good memories in Glacier!!
Antoinette Steil
I have never been to Glacier but grew up in Nevada and spent a lot of my youth camping in National Parks. I have always dreamed of going there on the going to the sun road and camping on lake McDonald, I'm sure I would love to go explore ALL Of Glacier...
Patty Mumford
I have never had the pleasure of visiting Glacier National Park as of yet, but I can honestly say that driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road is on my list. Last year I was lucky enough to make it out for my first visit to Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks. My trip was a result of a divorce and realizing that it was time I finally put myself and my needs, wants and desires first for once. I signed up for a half marathon outside Yellowstone and let it be my excuse to visit such a majestic area! My original plan was to include a couple of days visiting Glacier National Park, but when I realized that the road may not be fully open, I decided to save this special area for a visit all its own. If I won this pass, I'd definitely make plans to fly back out west and use it! Keeping my fingers crossed...
Mike Byrne
I hitchhiked through Glacier National Park over 40 years ago and didn't/couldn't spend any time there.I've always regretted not spending a few days there.Now that I'm retired I would like to take my wife with me to see the majesty of this national park.
Jackie Spitzer
Our first trip was in 2011, we had purchased our first camper and headed to Glacier. Living in MT, visits to Yellowstone were frequent, but never had we experienced the complete beauty of Glacier. We ended up camping at Bowman Lake for our weeks vacation and continued to go back to Bowman for the next three years! It is at Bowman that my love of photography blossomed! Glacier National Park is indeed unique in its own special way, and it's those that have witnessed it's beauty that will tell you, you just have to see it for yourself!
Andrea Vancil
I grew up on Montana duo Glacier was a part of my life. My best memory of Glacier is when I got to take my daughter there when she was 5. Living in Washington now, it was a big treat for her, as she loves the outdoors and nature. Seeing her so happy and saying everything was beautiful and so pretty and taking her to the lodge where I didn't much time was great! Can't wait to visit again nite that she's a teen!
Stacey D
Too many memories to list! That first view as we drove to the eastern Rocky Mountain front, getting engaged, miles and miles of hiking in the most beautiful places I'd ever seen, Floral Park!, swimming in frigid lakes, camping, glimpsing into the lives of many wild animals, finding myself a little too close to a few wild animals, the peace and quiet of the off-season, watching the seasons change, and now bringing my two boys on their first trips to do the same. There is no place I'd rather spend my time!
Melissa m.
Last summer my two sisters (27 & 17) and I took a road trip to the Flathead area from western Washington. We camped in a teepee at the newly opened Glacier Under Canvas and between celebrating the 4th of July in Bigfork and Whitefish and the Vintage Whites Market, we took a daytrip into Glacier and up the Going to the Sun road. Absolutely incredible to share that amazing place with my two besties. Glacier makes my soul sing.
Michelle Johnson
My sister and I are heading to Glacier in less than two weeks! I go to Montana a couple of times a year and after a few months I get a yearning to return. We usually go in the spring and fall when it is quiet and I d prefer my mountains with a cap of snow on them. I have enjoyed photography most of my life and what better place than northern Montana for the best photo opportunities in the country!
Jonathan Lorentzen
My dad was one of the surveyors on the original highway, that went through Hungry Horse. In my growing up years, my Grandpa & Grandma had a ranch outside of St. Ignatius. We had friends in Browning. We would leave our home, in Northern Alberta, and go see my Grandparents. Quite often, we stay in Browning and go over. I loved going through both Glacier National Park and of course Hungry Horse - seeing the beautiful scenery & of course the statue of the Hungry Horse. When I was in Kindergarten, my Grandpa was dying from cancer. My dad and I would go down once a month. I could tell people ever corner & intersection to take... from our farm... all the way through Edmonton, the border crossing, through the mountains and down to the ranch. Oh, the beautiful memories... Years later, my wife and I also have also made beautiful memories, and look forward to many more:)
Laura V.
I've never been, but really want to go! My mom and grandmother went and can't stop talking about how beautiful Glacier is. I'd love to drive the Going-To-The-Sun Road.
Rose flatgard
What's not to love. From the mountain to the lakes it's all so grand and beautiful. But mine was watching the mountain goats. Being from the Midwest and no mountains any where and to see the mountains and watching the goats playing on them. And then to look at my son who was 8 at the time. His little eyes just taking it all in and his laughter. That site will be in my mind always.
Going to the Sun Road, is a piece of Heaven on earth. So beautiful and so diverse. The hike thru the cedars, truly amazing. The mountain goats atop. Logan pass ;#} The Train Depot and McDonald Lake, Apgar Campground, Many Glaciers, I say no more God's beauty before us ! About an hour and a half traveling up The going to the Sun Road is a sign reading Heaven, you know you've arrived <3
Rita aka crescendogal
Oh how truly wonderful!!! We love to visit the parks! I have many favorite memories but my all-time is my first 'real' motorcycle ride which was also one of my first dates with the most amazing man 11 years ago. (we are still together) I was fairly nervous since I hadn't been on a bike since my teenage years but he is an expert rider and soon I relaxed and it was amazing to experience the beauty of the park in the open air! We rode his 2003 BMW RT up and over Going to the Sun. We try to get up that way at least once a year and have visited other parks as well. Glacier is my favorite place on Earth!!!
Cindy Kahner
Enjoy your day in a bit of Heaven, at Glacier National Park <3
Carsyn DeReu
I'm a Montanan, born and raised. Although I haven't been up to Glacier Park as much as I probably should, I do have a few memories from my few visits. My favorite though is when I went to Apgar. Even though that's not very far into the park and there's not a lot there, it is just so cute and it makes me want to set up a shop there and live out the rest of my days.
Karmalee Young
I remember as kid our family taking trips almost every Yellowstone, Glacier, Canada and all over. My only clear memory of Glacier is driving on the Going to the Sun highway and how absolutely beautiful it was. As an adult I spent the majority of the time raising my daughter as a single parent. I so wanted her to experience all the things I had as a kid going to these wonderful places, but I could never afford a vacation for us. Now she's married and I have 2 fabulous grandchildren. As a native Montanan I am so proud of our beautiful state and would love to be able to share these experiences with my grandchildren and give my daughter the vacation I couldn't give her before. I would love to win this, but anyone who wins this is going to have a wonderful experience making memories to last a lifetime
dorrise schrock
Family camping in the park. Hiking, swimming, biking, and just plain old relaxing.
Rick Oncale
We've never been. Our life plans are to move to Montana in the next five years and settle on a little piece of property, surrounded by the mountains and live primarily off the land. We want to show our children what God has created and the beauty of nature. We feel that a Pass to the park would be a priceless introduction to Montana and the west.
Amy S
My favorite Glacier memory is taking my best friend there last summer. I am originally from Georgia. She was my first visitor after living here for four years and I knew where we had to go! I had been to the park and driven over the Going to the Sun road, but hadn't hiked at all. We hiked to the Hidden Lake overlook and that was amazing. I saw my first moutain goats. They were on the snow fields as we hiked up and as we came down, some were missing. They quite surprised us by jumping out of the shade of the trees right onto the trail behind us, that is a memory!! We walked to Fishercap lake at Many Glacier and saw my first moose, three of them. On the drive out of Many we saw the first bear I have seen in Montana. Wonderful memories, but every time I see the majesty there, it is breathtaking.
cindy atchison
My favorite memory was anytime we took our kids camping at Apgar Village. One night we took a late night drive and came across two huge bull elk fighting in the middle of the road so we pulled over to the side of the road and watched them for quite a while fighting in the moonlight.
Christine Bridget-traylor
My favorite vacation with my family, the year we went to Yellowstone National Park. The year was 1960, it was awesome! I returned to Yellowstone on my honeymoon,. My new husband was swooped by an eagle. I love ❤ the National Parks, and hope one day to see Glacier. It would be amazing;
Kelly Boehmer
I grew up going to Glacier National Park all the time. IF you didn't go to Waterton you went to Glacier. We always went and loved Going to the Sun Road despite the narrowness of the road and make it to the top. We always took a hike there and then headed down to Lake MacDonald area and always stopped at one of the campgrounds to picnic there and play in the river. We never camped overnight but we spent the entire day and headed back home late. The fresh air, the flowers, learning how to read forest maps with my dad and how to embrace the beauty the park has to offer...amazing!!!
Lee Shamp
My best memory of glacier part was when I was very young. We went to Glacier Park in my dad's red 68 Chevelle convertible. we went through going to the sun road, and on the way back had a picnic with cheese nips, on the rocky shores of Lake Mcdonald. My second favorite memory was 15 years later. My mom took me to Glacier Park because she knew I loved it. we went to the trail of the cedars, and a few other spots. little did i know that she had cancer and it would be our last trip to Glacier Park together. Northwest Montana is the crown of the continent and Glacier Park is one jewel in the crown.
I remember since I was little girl coming to Glacier Park on way through to dance at powwows in Browning and Arlee. My grandpa and grandma would take us on Going to Sun road and it really felt like we were on the way to the sun! I remember looking across and seeing bird woman falls and the mountain goats! My best memories was going to Glacier Park with my grandma and grandpa and my little brother for the pow wow summers! Now I get to go to park with my husband and our dog! Ride our mountain bikes or listen to Father Miller's homily by Lake McDonald in the amphitheater. Have ice cream at Eddies or picnic and smell the freshest air with pine! I love Glacier Park and very special for many reasons to me!
My college roommate and I spent one very long day driving Going to the Sun Road and hiking several of the short hikes along the way. I remember climbing up the side of a waterfall to try to get the best picture. Great time with a great friend before she moved away, and couldn't ask for better scenery!
Catherine Speechley-Pell
We camped and traveled throughout North America- as a family when I was growing up. I could tell lots of stories about driving through the US National and State Parks because my parents encouraged us kids to do our homework, make scrapbooks, and learn about the regions and the parks BEFORE we actually made the trip. I'm 60+ and I still have the scrapbook of the trip through Glacier Park when I was 9! But my best recollection (other than washing my hair in a waterfall and feeling like someone was banging me in the back of the head with a hammer) - of the Going to the Sun Road; was sitting in the backseat with my Nancy Drew in my lap and my Dad (every few minutes exclaiming) ;"look at those MOUNTAINS! Wow! Look at that WATERFALL! Wow! Oooo, lets' slow down and see those beautiful WILD FLOWERS...!" With me in the backseat saying, "I feel a little sick...". "HANG ON ... "says my Dad, "We're almost at the TOP!" "I think I'm going to be sick!" I repeat. "Hold on, we can't stop here, open your window; get some air!" yells my Dad to the back seat. My brother and I obediently open our windows. I get on my knees and lean out the window. (Can you imagine? before seatbelt days!) "I'm going to throw up!!!" I repeat; this time more of a whimper. After what seems like an eternity to a 9 yr. old; Finally we get to the top; my Dad pulls over and I fling open my door and lean out to the side of the road. With my Mom holding my wild long curly hair: I finally do what I had been warning I would do... My husband has never been on that road and he retires this coming June. I want to pack up our car and get him out of the City for a month or so. Would love to drive through the US and visit relatives along the way- stop in Parks and not worry about the expense. It would be a real treat and a lovely Retirement gift for my husband. And I get to drive!!!
Suzette Bourcier
My favorite memory was traveling on the Going to the Sun road and the vehicle ahead of us had 4 screaming adults inside. Their sunroof was open and we could hear the screaming back in our vehicle.
Jenn Rowell
Oh my goodness what a great prompt! I wish I had spent more time in Glacier but I think so far, my favorite memory remains my first trip there. I was meeting my boyfriend for the first time after years apart and we went to Glacier. It was March and and we were planning to snowshoe around Lake McDonald but the ranger told us there wasn't much snow so we didn't need snowshoes. So we decided to hike it. Turns out there was tons of snow. We hiked for hours, got kind of lost and then headed back in the dark when it started raining and I was sort of freaking out that we'd never make it back ( I was a DC living city girl at the time). The snow was past my knees and I was soaked and freezing by the end but it was such an adventure and we stopped to make a snowman on the trail and it was a great time to talk and reconnect. Not sure I've ever been so tired though! Hoping to make many more memories in Glacier and it's also my dream to make it to the Smokey Mountains some day!
I have never gotten to go to Glacier park, but its on my bucket list!!!!! When I was 2, my grandfather had terminal cancer of the spine, his wish was to go to Yellowstone, SO, we took grandpa, my best buddy, with us to Yellowstone. He always laughed and told that he saw more of the back side of my dolls head than he did the park, but he wouldn't have had it any other way!!!!! When they rounded a curve, there stood a moose in the middle of the road. My grandpa was so excited, but I wasn't, so he asked me why I wasn't excited at seeing that huge moose standing right in front of us, and my response was, just an old bull !!!!!!! Didn't impress me at all, and I never lived that down as long as my family was alive! My husband, children, and I have been to Yellowstone several times, and we dearly love it, I have always wanted to see bears in the wild, and, our last trip, about 5 years ago, I FINALLY saw bears, a total of 3!!!!! We are planning a vacation, hoping to make it up to Glacier, We love scenery, and the large animals, and have heard many stories, want to see for ourselves!!!!!!! My daddy always said the Montana was God's Country, and we fully agree!!!!!!!
Leah Morrison
i grew up northeast of Glacier Park in the sixties and seventies. I had vague recollections of waterfalls on the road and big trees and the smell of pines. In the mid ninties, I lived in Texas and had met some friends who had never seen snow. I invited them to vacation with me at the park. Seeing Glacier for the first time as an adult was the most exhilarating thing that my senses had experienced in a long time. My friend Joe and I hiked up to Avalanche Lake. As we pushed the brush on the trail aside, I gasped. It was breathtaking. Tears were running down my face. Joe tried to comfort me. I told him that I just needed a moment. I felt as if I had been lost all those years and I was finally back home. Fast forward twenty years. I moved to Whitefish last June. I'm back home for good. And the park? The park is part of my heart. I go there as often as possible. I am currently a tour guide introducing people to six other National Parks. Glacier Park is just for me. I would love to have a pass as it gets expensive. Quoting the words of John Muir...The mountains are calling and I must go.
Jeff Bates
I joined the Air Force as a 19 year old and was stationed the next year in Great Falls. This was total culture shock for a kid from a small town in South Carolina! Our base helped fight the 1988 forest fires at Yellowstone National Park. During my 3 years at Malmstrom AFB, I also had the privilege of visiting Glacier. As a southerner who grew up seeing the gentle, rolling hills of the Great Smoky Mountains, I was in awe of the towering, jagged points of the Rocky Mountains. Traveling the Going to the Sun Road and seeing the contrast of these mountains against the clear waters of St. Mary and McDonald Lakes was an experience I never forgot once I was discharged from the Air Force and moved back home. Last summer, 25 years later, I brought my family out to experience what I had constantly talked about for the past 20 years of our lives. We spent 3 weeks traveling cross country and experienced several national parks, including Glacier, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and the Grand Canyon. The Going to the Sun Road wasn't open when we were there last June, but my wife and I decided at the last minute to travel BACK out west with two friends, leaving our 2 sons at home this time. So in July, we made a second cross country trip, spending 10 days visiting the same parks (minus the Grand Canyon). Luckily for us, the Going to the Sun Road was open this time! There's nothing like seeing the faces of people who have never seen such beauty as they witness it for the first time! After spending 5 weeks last summer traveling 9,000 miles and experiencing the beauty of our country, my wife and I have decided to sell our house and move to the area (something I've wanted to do since leaving the Air Force). She is a teacher and has just applied to get her teaching certificate for Montana and Idaho. Winning a pass to visit any National Park would be a wonderful start to what I hope will soon be a future of packing everything up and heading to the beautiful Big Sky country.....permanently!
Last summer after hiking Grinnell Glacier I was sitting on my porch of our cabin. As I was enjoying a glass of wine and just soaking in the Montana sunshine with my eyes closed I heard a rustling and opened my eyes and saw a small cub crossing the grass in front of me about 20 feet away. As I wanted to just watch the adorable cub. Instead I jumped up and ran into our cabin because I didn't see the Mom! So cool.
Julie Bobzien
We drove the "Going to the Sun" highway for the first time last year. Loved every breath-taking moment! What an amazing place to see. Would love to see it again.
René Goupil
I've been to Glacier one time. It is the one and only time I had the privilege of seeing a Grizzly bear! He was a safe distance, but so amazing. That was 10 years ago and I still tell the story as if it was last week. McDonald Lake was breathtaking! I cannot wait to go again.
tim collins
I haven't been, but the sun road looks sweet, thx
Dave Bays
Was there once. Loved the beauty of the park, especially views from Going to the Sun road.
Lucy Ann West
On our bucket list! Hope to drive the Road to the Sun in fall of 2015.
Erin Gorney
My favorite memory is the first time we drove up the North Fork Road towards Kintla Lake and I saw the Big Prairie with the mountains behind it. I just love the area. It makes me feel so at peace.
Carrie-Margaret Turner
I have not yet been to Glacier, as I am a recent transplant to Montana from Colorado. I have fallen in love with all things Montana, especially the gorgeous scenery. I had always thought that Colorado would hold the "most scenic state" title for me for life, but then I moved to Montana. I visited Yellowstone last summer during a pre-move visit and loved every second. I am so excited to visit GNP this summer! We plan on heading up there as often as possible!
Patricia Flowerette
My favorite memory is holding a memorial for my mom on the Going to the Sun Road and right after, an eagle soaring overhead. As if the spirit of my mom had come to say one last goodbye.
Laura D Snyder
I have a picture that is my absolute favorite, my family standing in a hollowed out Glacier near the road about 25 years ago.
One of my favorite memories of driving the Going to the Sun road is driving the RV under the waterfall on the north side of the road going west. Then, because the road is so narrow, and despite hugging the edge of the road, a big Suburban drove too fast and flattened the drivers side rear view mirror! Scary when you can't pull over! But the scenery was and is continually breathtaking ALL the time. Gorgeous!
Linda Risdon
It's been a few years since I was to GNP, but my favorite memory was during our visit.... we were walking around the boardwalk up near Logan Pass and were accompanied by a mountain goat! I have several WONDERFUL photos! Check out my FB page!
Robin Gedge
Went their twice as a young teen with parents who camped all over the West for 3 weeks every year. Tent trailer. No toilet. Propane stove. Dad learned to sew canvas and made a "kitchen tent" large enough for picnic table and kitchen unit he built from aluminum (I still have it some 44 years later). The ride on what I called the " Glacier-mobile". Walking on the glaciers. The crevasses. Snow balls in July. The ranger camp fire talks at the outdoor built in seating presentation area. No roof so if it rained we got wet! Singing around the campfire. Dad's unmatched enthusiasm of every new view around the next corner. Mom kept a handwritten journal...some of which I have. Both of r hem gone now. My heart remains in the mountains.
james olesen
My favorite memory i s taking a Red bus tour through the park.
Patsy Harlan
Having grown up in Whitefish, we went to Glacier Park all summer long. My favorite memory is going there in the fall and watching the salmon run and seeing the glorious eagles fishing them. At that time of year, the park has very few people visiting and the majesty is overwhelming. Each year I plan to return in the fall, but often life takes a different course. We were planning to visit this year but may not be able to due to a surgery I just had. I miss Lake McDonald and the peaceful meditation of the lake noises in the fall when all the tourists are gone. As you can see, it's very hard to pick one memory!
Lynn Trollope
I went with my family when I was 9, but only remember my family fighting and going home early. I want to take my daughter and start new, fun family memories!!
austin beadle
Many glacier is one of the most amazing places I have been to. Also going to the sun road is a place to get lost in yourself.
madeline lieb
in late 70s my husband and I decided to visit Glacier NP for our first time, but tried in middle of winter! We approached from St. Mary's side and promptly got stuck on snow-drifted dirt road. Had to get a tow backwards to get out. I have yet to visit the Park, and so much want to actually visit this time!
Kerry Greenwood
around 1983, I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, my parents took us in the fall to watch the eagles catching fish out of the river above Lake MacDonald. Glacier is very pretty in the fall not just the summer months.
Harold Fortson
I've visited many of our western National parks. Yellowstone, Yosemite, Arches, Monument Valley, and Redwoods. Glacier has always been on my "bucket list". I hope to get there soon. It is so beautiful.
Patty Gallup
My favorite memory is being able to live just minutes away from Glacier National Park. The scenery is just awe inspiring!
Kerry, I agree! The park is STUNNING in the fall! And what a fantastic memory.
Robin, what wonderful memories. And how amazing of your parents to take you on camping vacations...I can only imagine the fun you had!
I will be coming to GNP for the first time in Sept!! I am very excited and look forward to spending 7 days hiking & exploring Flathead lake, MacDonald & St Mary's - road to the sun... just to name a few. I am heading to library this week to read up on the trails =) not to mention I am very excited to do some rock hounding.
Debby D'Amato
We moved to Idaho about 5 years ago, and finally made it to Glacier last year, I think the last weekend of the season. We just fell in love with the lakes, and mountains! And now that we have been there and gotten the lay of the land we can't wait to go back this year several times! We stopped at a little cafe in Babb, and stayed two hours talking to the owner about his life there. We just drove and drove, and every turn was something more beautiful than the last..... I've been following the posts on how the plowing is going throughout the park, and can't wait until it's clear enough to go back. We also are going to try to go to Yellowstone this year, as I have never been there either!! National Parks are amazing!!!!
Wendy Garbart
I loved everything about Glacier. Hiking near and around Lake MacDonald in the crisp October afternoons was both exhilarating and relaxing. The last time I was there was a couple decades ago, so, while my memories of Glacier are clear, the names of most of the trails & features are lost to me now. Clearly one of the spectacular National Parks of our great American West; cannot wait to return!
Sara Schroeder
Nearly eight years ago, I moved to Montana on a whim. I had never been here before, and I didn't know a soul in the state. Nonetheless, I packed up all my belongings in Colorado, and my dad helped me make the move up here. We drove through the night, but in the morning, I was struck by the beautiful landscape that greeted us as daylight broke, and we approached Missoula. Still, I was not feeling completely confident in my decision to move to a totally unfamiliar place and starting over. After spending a couple days kicking around Missoula and getting my bearings, my dad suggested a trip to Glacier Park before he headed out of town. The first day I spent exploring Glacier Park with my dad was the first day I felt confident about my move to Montana - I knew it was the place for me. Glacier is still the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I go back several times a year, and it always feels like home to me. I'm so lucky to live just a short drive away from such beauty!
Glacier is my second favorite place in the whole world. I went one year for my twenty first birthday. When we got to the swimming home on going to the sun somebody had artistically balanced a stack of rocks. It was beautiful and made for one of my favorite pictures I've ever took there.
Virgean Ostrand
We are retired and my husband is disabled. On our 30th anniversary we got to go west and enjoyed the Going to the Sun road immensely. It's so great to have national parks preserving the beauty, and giving folks like us who cannot hike some very wonderful roadways and views to enjoy! I wish we could get out there more, as we talk about it often. We are at our 36th anniversary this year, and would love to come see the park again. Our planned helicopter ride got cancelled last time due to weather, but I would love to try it again!
Virgean, the helicopter ride over the park is AMAZING! I hope you're able to do it when you come out and visit. I've done two flights over the park and have such incredible memories from those adventures.
Okay now I'm curious...what's your first favorite place?
So many lovely memories of Glacier, my son learning to cross country ski up Going to the Sun road, hiking to Avalanche, and watching the water roar down the creek... my favorite is still watching the grizzly mom walking her cubs to water, while I hiked mine up toward ptarmigan tunnel.
Bob Lyon
I had always wanted to venture north to the state of Montana. The opportunity popped up by virtue of some animal rescue work we volunteer for last September. Started in Butte, then Missoula, then north to West Glacier and then down the east side of The Continental Divide through Helena and back to Butte then south again. Early snow had closed the Going To the Sun Road, but we managed to see both sides of the park by using US Highway 2. Also helped that we made our base camp the Izaak Walton Inn, and experience unto it's own. Took advantage of the cloudy and sometime wet weather for unique photo opportunities. Would absolutely love to get all the way over the Going To The Sun road and explore yet undiscovered opportunities of the park and Montana.
Ronelle Tibbits
The first date I had with my then boyfriend-now husband was hiking to Hidden Lake in thigh-high snow. In June we will have been married 35 years. Glacier is my most favorite spot on the planet!!!
Cathy Treat
Simple. The cedars. The mountains. The clear clean waters. The flowers. The wildlife. The hiking. All of it has left a lifelong lasting impression. There is no ONE spot or area. It all takes my breath away.
Raymond Fairweather
Last year we took the going to the sun road , with our two dogs , and stoped at lake MacDonald for a swim !! Wow the clearity of that water and the way it left us feeling so refreshed. The day was just perfect.
Tammy Gillette
My husband was born in Choteau and grew up his whole life in the Bozeman area, and had never been to Glacier! I was raised in the Air Force, mostly in the South, and yet my parents had taken me to Glacier. We hike a lot, and it took some convincing, but I finally convinced the hubs to schedule a trip to Glacier for my birthday last September! It was a whirlwind 2 and half days and amazing how much we packed in! It was magical! We got there late Friday after our drive, and hiked to St. Mary and Virginia Falls, saw a couple black bears, had an awesome dinner at Swift Current Motor Inn, and lounged in our room with a radio and drinks pouring over the maps. Saturday morning we hiked to Grinnell Glacier - truly spectacular! Saw a number of big horn sheep fairly close. Favorite memory was hiking out - only a half mile from trailhead and we spotted some kayakers on the lake following a grizzly bear! it came up on shore and shook off and headed toward us! then it turned through the forest toward our trail! we gathered a group as some other hikers caught up to us, and walked on through with our bear spray talking all the way - never saw it again! I was super cool to see a grizzly swimming! Sunday we drove over the Going to the Sun Road to the west side, stopping at almost all the turnouts and hiked to HIdden Lake from Logan Pass. THAT is where I finally got to see goats with babies up close! After leaving the Park, we drove along Flathead Lake and had my birthday dinner on a deck of a bar and grill right on the water, then drove home. We still are amazed how much we fit in to such a short period. We are returning this coming September for my birthday again, and planning to hike Ptarmigan Tunnel and Iceberg Lake! I want to just LIVE in the Park!
My two sons, my mother, and myself all went to Glacier for the first time last summer (2014). We all got a big laugh out of taking a picture of my mother whose maiden name was McDonald in front of Lake McDonald. We went to the Lake McDonald Lodge and had fun taking a break in the water. We all got a laugh out of the kids jumping from the dock into the water. My sons, who were 15 and 12 at the time, got to see a gentleman on a boat tour land a pretty big fish. After that I promised we would go on a boat tour this summer. We had so much fun on the Going-To-The-Sun Road despite the road construction going on. We found a nice camp site and just enjoyed our time together.
Russell Jackman
I have been to Glacier National Park many times in my life, but my most memorable trip was made with my wife in July of 1993. We were on our honeymoon, on our way to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. We were so excited to begin our new life together and the excitement of this adventure proved a worthy beginning. It was wonderful to share the beauty of this park with one another. We were amazed at the beautiful color of the rivers and lakes and the red and green rocks that lined the banks and shorelines. The fragrance of the evergreen forest, especially when it rained, will remain in our memories forever! The Going To The Sun Road was breathtaking for us both (though a little frightening for her) and we were truly humbled by the vistas! We were blessed with sightings of both bear and deer along with other little "critters." It was a wonderful trip that we shall never forget!
Candice Arnold
My boyfriend and I visited Kalispell, Montana for the first time last April during Easter break. Unfortunately we didn't know that the scenic 'Going-to-the-Sun Road' was closed during the Spring. So we didn't have a chance to see much of Glacier Park and would love to return again this Summer! We still had a wonderfully relaxing time touring Kalispell and enjoying the mountainous scenery:)
Darlene Armstead
As I am now 71 years old and raised my family and am a grandmother & great grand mother, I wished for the one thing I wanted to do before I leave this world. It is to see all the National Parks in this beautiful country. Hope to get a RV and just spend a week or two in each one. Take photos & share them with my family. Trying to get them to take time out also before it is their last chance, to visit all the places I go & see. Sort of a legacy of sorts. Thank You. Darlene Armstead
Rose Reeder
We want to visit the whole park.
Cynthia Litts
I have not been to Glacier National Park yet--I'm hoping to go this summer! I've heard a lot about the Going-to-the-Sun road and I'm really looking forward to it!
There is too many favorite memories in Glacier to name just one. When I am in Glacier I feel like I am at home. I live on the other side of the state and we make the 10 hour trip as much as possible.
Suzy Swenson
We grew up in Helena and in the summer my family would drive the station wagon to Glacier. We would go "camping" on St Mary Lake. The girls would sleep in the back of the car and the boys would sleep in the pup tent. We would go fishing, build campfires, nap on and off during the day and just enjoy the beauty of it all!
Trish Sultzbaugh
I loved the wildlife at Glacier. Especially the majestic mountain goats. They were mesmerizing!
Angela Sanderson
I am very excited to say my first visit to Glacier will be next week! Although Going-to-the-Sun is still closed, that is what I want to see the most... so I will have to go back over the summer. For this trip, I'm looking forward to seeing crisp mountains and pristine lakes!
Planning my first visit for a Birthday present to myself in May 2015...I am so excited to visit and plan more treks there in the future.
Fay McCoy
#1 on my bucket list for over 20 yrs. kids are grown and we are empty nesters. 3 months from today WE WILL BE THERE! 2 1/2 weeks of nothing but Gods country. I have a notebook full on info I've researched and looked up. Will be visit g every nook and cranny we can find! My "Montana is calling, and I must go". T-Shirt Arrived in the mail yesterday... It's hanging in the family room. Suitcase is half packed. Husband says he hopes he can convince me we need to come home! See you in July! Woooooohooooo! Driving from NW Indiana!
Lisamarie Brannon
I graduated from U of M in Missoula May 2000. My baby sister came in from our hometown of Mendota, IL. a week early to help me prepare for the busy graduation week and see some amazing Montana views. I took her with my boyfriend and his younger brother to my favorite place in the world, Glacier National Park:) We drove the scenic breath taking Going To The Sun road and snapped a group photo that 15 years later remains framed in both our homes:) Glacier is forever in my heart and soul.
Fay, that's AMAZING! I'm so glad you're making it to Montana. Let me know if you need any suggestions on where to go and what to see.
Angela, I'm excited for your first visit! Even though the road is closed to vehicular traffic, you can walk or bike on the road past where it's closed to cars and that experience is amazing. If you can, I definitely suggest it. Also, the roads into both Two Medicine and Many Glacier Valley are open and those parts of the park are beautiful. :)
Kate Fasbender
I was still in high school and visiting the park with family. After a long drive on Going to the Sun Road, we were stretching our legs on a busy trail and noticed a large group with cameras and binoculars focused on a couple grizzlies strolling through the meadow. As we tested on a bench nearby, my step-dad leaned over and asked me which of the tourists I thought I could outrun. I'm sure I gave him a confused look because it seemed to me that the bears were a safe distance away. With no trace of concern for our safety, he calmly informed me that those bears would catch us long before we reached our car if they were so inclined. Luckily for us (and for the octogenarian I had pegged as my most easily beat opponent in a footrace), they weren't and we watched in awe of their incredible power and speed until they tired of their audience and ambled into the trees.
Kate Fasbender
*rested - Doh!
Where do I start! There's one time in particular that my brother and his girlfriend took me and another brother and her sister to the park. We were all dressed for a warm summer day. At the visitor center at the top of Going to the Sun, there was still snow! We have pictures playing in the snow in our summer shorts. Since going as a kid, I now have the opportunity to take my own kids and they have the chance of building their own memories. LOVE it!
Marlo Fullerton
We love to visit Glacier. My favorite memory is the first time we drove the Going-to-the-Sun Road. So beautiful and majestic and a little scary in spots. I took over 300 pictures. What an awesome trip.
Two years ago I moved from Tennessee to Montana for a seasonal job at Glacier. After driving for several days across the country with a friend, we made it to the park early in the afternoon. I dropped him off in St. Mary and drove back through 89 towards east glacier. I found a pull off that perfectly overlooked the Two Medicine valley, hiked a little ways down a trail, and found some grave markers for members of the Blackfeet Tribe. I sat down in the wildflowers below the white crosses and took a deep breath of glacier air and wept at the beauty and peace surrounding me. I've never been a religious person but I promise you this: in that moment, God was real.
Donna Hart
Wow - someone is going to get an awesome prize! I have been to Yellowstone ( years ago) but not to Glacier National Park ( Which appears from photos to be breath taking) My husband has worked 6 days a week for the last 10 years without a vacation ( really seven -he works around the house on Sundays) I can see it in his eyes that he would love to see the Rocky Mountains - this would be a great surprise for him. We live in Texas. I must say I would be thrilled to see any of Glacier National Park. Thank You for the chance
John M
My favorite memory of Glacier National park was in the fall of 1994 I visited with my parents and older brother. We drove Going to the Sun Rd and did a short hike up a mountain trail, across a small stream and down the other side, the beauty of it all took my breath away. I was 14 years old and had never seen Mountains till 3 days before. The memories are especially poignant and bittersweet, my brother climbed his final mountain two years later when he died of cancer.
Karen Ladanye
The first time I visited Glacier was before I moved to Montana. There's a certain part of Going to the Sun Road that has spectacular views of the glacial valleys. I thought surely there must be a God if there can be something this beautiful. Now every time I go by that spot I think of that spiritual experience.
Anita Kvapil
Taking my teenage daughters up to Logan Pass for the first time. There's not much that impresses teenage girls, but they thought it was absolutely spectacular & were in awe of the beautiful landscape.
Mary miller
So many, but my favorite has to be hiking up to avalanche lake on a hot day in July, sooo, I jumped in, lol, and I jumped right back out with blue lips, my friends gave me sh€# the rest of the day, much laughter and fun
Michelle Johnson
You should do just that! You only live once so follow your passion before you aren't able to any more! When my Mom passed away I realized I was waiting for something to happen to me so I quit waiting and got busy making it happen! I have taken maybe 20+ trips in the 3 years since she passed. Don't wait, just go do it! And don't forget your camera!
Sally Estes
I've only been to Glacier NP 3 times, and I have 2 favorite memories that are tied. 1 is my first visit to Iceberg Lake. Coming over the last rise and getting that first view of the lake and then sitting watching the bergs melt and shift and change in the sun and wind - mesmerizing! 2 is sitting below Virginia Falls. Dragonflies darting in the misty air and the ledges filled with shooting stars. Gorgeous!
Adam Neilson
Dear Tia hehehe The reason I believe I should win AN ANNUAL PASS TO AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS. 1. I am awwwwwwesome. Seriously I believe it. 2. I love the stories of Lewis and Clark trekking through a future national park. Also checking out Chief Mountain along the future Montana and Canadian Alberta Border. Come on that is cool. 3. I have a real live Indian for a friend. For reals its true. He is from the Blackfoot Nation. He is a good Indian guide also. 4. The road to the sun. Well my real live Indian and I went up to the very top that we could go. When we were at the top on the platform. These heavenly clouds came rolling over the top of the mountains. Well , in his words straight from his mouth " oh Adam has got to be the most intriguing day of our lives. Watching these heavenly clouds roll over the mountains like this." Then proceeded to look at me with a tear in his eye. I just shake my head and think to myself " I wished someone else was with me. . 5. Last of all I AM CANADIAN! Yeah that is right and I love 406.
I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Glacier last Fourth of July. My most glorious memory is of the temperature being 90+ degrees, and the snow at the Lodge being 2.5 feet high. We even had a small snowball fight! Of course all the waterfall that are along the Going to the Sun road are just as majestically beautiful !
I visited Glacier National Park for the first time about two or three years ago with my now fiancee. We had the most wonderful time exploring all of the stops along the way on the Road to the Sun, taking pictures and having tons of fun. My favorite stop, ( I don't remember the name!) was with the raised wood walkway that went through the forest and over some of the clearest rivers I've ever seen in my life. Can't wait to go back!
All the breathtaking views!!!
Last year my family and I were at glacier - walking going to the sun - I told them I was going to stop for a personal issue for a sec - when I was done with my bussiness they were no where to be found ! 5 kids,3 grow ups just vanished! I yelled and frantically walked ahead. Thinking at every turn they would be there and - getting madder and madder all the time that they went on with out me . I walked and walked finaly a ranger came through so I flagged him down and asked if there was a family with 5 small children up ahead . They told me no so I stated back down . Here I had basically walked right by them but some how none of us saw eachother - they thought I had been eaten by a bear and I thought they had left me - we still laugh about it
Brenda Watkins
We were celebrating our 1 year anniversary camping in Glacier (St. Mary's). My husband went to the car to get something out of it leaving myself, our 3 month old daughter and our cat (yes our cat went camping with us!) in the tent. I heard some rustling around outside and peeked out the tent and seen the bear sniffing around the campfire and seen my husband in the car watching just as close as I was. I was busy keeping the baby and the cat quiet when a squirrel jumped on top of our tent - I screamed, the baby screamed, the cat howled, and the bear ran away! I live in Nevada now but my daughter and her family and I still try to get to Glacier once a year for some tent time. This year we will be there in July. Can't wait!!!
Kylie T
I loved driving around Going to the Sun Road. The view is breathtaking. There's nothing like seeing a road curve around the mountainside. The waterfalls from melting glaciers flowing down the mountains as well. Dying to go back!
claire hammerbacher
Hiking the Highline Trail- enjoying the awesome view and the wildflowers only to have the fog roll in and not seeing anything. Shows you the beauty and the power of Mother Nature! Enjoy your National Parks!!
Julie Mathis
i went to Glacier last summer to see and drive on the Going to the Sun Road I waited as long as I could to leave Texas but saddly it was still closed I was so upset. However my trip wasnt a failure. The awesome people in the Lodge shopping area helped me to load up on moose clothes! The food was some of the best I have ever had! On my last morning I drove out one last time to look for a moose and much to my delight I saw a Grizzly right there just walking on the side of the road! I didn't see a moose or go on the road but the people, lodging, food, and the massiveness of the place all made up for not meeting the one goal I had for the trip!! Awesome place
Krista Koljonen
Paddleboarding for the first time EVER on Lake McDonald last summer in July on a Sunday afternoon with my son, husband, parents, and sisters. Epic, windless, perfect day.
Lisa Westerberg
I grew up in Michigan and one summer when I was 12, my family and I took a circular cross country trip... one of our stops was Glacier National Park. It was the most memorable, majestic place I'd ever seen (and I was in the middle of my second round-the-country trip!). This was in 1982, and my pictures from then are browning and fading... BUT... in 2 weeks I now get to bring my husband and son to Montana! And we are staying in Kalispell, so will be visiting the park a few times during our visit. I can't WAIT to take a whole new set of photos and share the experience with my son and husband!!
Great summer at Lake McDonald Lodge working at the camp store!
Jim Charles
I've never been to Glacier, but it's near the top of my list of places to go with my family. My father was a civil engineer and helped instill an appreciation for engineering feats like the Going-to-the-Sun Road, so that's the part of the park that intrigued me most.
Jeff McCaw
Glacier National Park is on my Bucket List. Can't wait to get over that way and an annual pass would be a great way to make it happen. Either way I will be making time to come visit such a beautiful place.
Karla McMillen
Loved bird women falls. My husband & I spent 7 days there honour honeymoon in 1988. Want to go back
Rebekah Adams
I have so many memories of going to Glacier Park, mostly as a child with my family. One of our favorite things to do was to go wading in the creeks, waterfalls, lakes or any kind of water we could find. My sister and I would see who could handle the cold water the longest. My dad would take pictures of us in the cold water and pretend like the camera was having issues so we would have to stay in the water even longer and he would die laughing. It's such a beautiful place to be, all memories I have are unforgettable.
Mara Murphy
My favorite memory of Glacier National Park was my first trip to the wonderland...30 some years ago. I'll never forget my first pass over the Going to the Sun Road. Growing up on the "flat side" of Montana, I had never seen or imagined the mountainous sights that I encountered that day. Truly a magical place! I journeyed back to the park last summer & the beauty of the land still gives me chills today.
My favorite memory of visiting Glacier National Park: As we came across upper Montana, from the farmlands of Indiana, the park slowly rose up from the ground and guided us into the Glacier Park Lodge. What an amazing start to the next couple days in the park. The drive over the Going to the Sun Road - WOW! Visiting the other great railroad lodges- WOW! The incredible views everywhere we went - WOW! We have been to several other great National Parks, but this is the one we are drawn to return to. It is truly a place where time stands still and it beckons you to be adventurous again and again. Oh, what I'd give to feel the way I did visiting Glacier NP every day!
The one memory I have of GNP includes getting to one of the lookout points on the going to the sun road. I was probably 8 or 9. My daughter is now 8 and I would love for her to experience that awesome sight. :)
Patty Grant
We love Glacier National Park! One of our favorite memories is taking some friends from out of state on the trail to John's Lake. Along the way, one friend said to me, "With all these delicious berries, I would think you would see bears here." I responded, "Yeah - like that one?" and there was a black bear about 10 yards away sitting in the middle of the berry bushes eating to its heart's content. It was the thrill of her life!
My favorite memory is traveling to Glacier with my daughter in mid-June. It snowed and most of the roads were closed but we bought extra blankets and got in on the west side. One other camper in the campground. A wonderful experience.
We love Glacier national park . We were there in may 2014 . We missed the going to the sun road , it was still snowed in . Would love to go back. My mother -in - law was born in glacier in October 1916 . She's 98 and doing great. Thank you for this opportunity.
Doug Lind
I haven't been to Glacier Park since I was a first grader, about 55 years ago. My memories are that the mountains were majestic, but since it's been so long, all of the sights will be like seeing them for the first time. Plus, my wife has never been to Glacier. We are both newly retired, so now we have time to do some traveling.
I took a group of college student to Browning in October one year. We spent our last day seeing Glacier National Park after the first snow of the season. All of the students had not visited Glacier and in the one day we explored three different entry points (two med, many glacier and the east side of going to the sun). It was an epic day of exploring and bonding for the group.
Darinda Huntley
I was new to Montana in 2011. My sweetheart took me up over Logan Pass for the first time in my life (I was 55 then)! As we approached the weeping wall, I saw that water was going to get into the car. I started rolling up the window, but to my surprise the window went DOWN! I looked over at my sweetie and he was grinning from ear to ear... he had rolled my window down! Needless to say I got doused! We got a good laugh out of that, my welcome to Montana Baptism! On that trip I fell solidly in love with Glacier National Park thanks to the spectacular scenery, the good people, the wildflowers and the wildlife. I can't imagine living somewhere far from here!
My favorite visit to GNP was in 2005 when my husband and I visited for our anniversary. We spent two days hiking & exploring the going to the sun highway. I have beautiful photos of the red buses and wildlife.
My husband and I took a spur of the moment trip to Yellowstone and Glacier. Glacier had always been on my bucket list. It was breathtaking. We drove in near silence on the Going To The Sun Road. There were no words to explain how beautiful it was. We stopped at Logan's Pass and hiked the trail up to the top. It was so much fun. The drive along the east side of the park was just as beautiful. We found a small cafe and stopped for lunch. Our time there was way too short and we can't wait to come back!
Sara Lysinger
I can close my eyes and still taste the Huckleberry Bearclaws from Polebridge. Hear the wind blow threw the trees. Listen to the wolves call at night at campsite . Beautiful Beautiful memories . Cant wait to get back to see more of the Amazing park.
david lawson
I am looking forward to making memories with my wife and two kids this summer in Glacier. We will be making our first trip there in July in our RV. I think I am most looking forward to dropping the top on our Jeep and driving to Polebridge and Bowman lake.
Val Cooper
Every time I go to Glacier National Park I bring home a beautiful memory. My son worked in the park several years back and he took me, on horseback, to some beautiful back country places that I'd never seen before. Get off the beaten trail and see the wonder.
Cindy Staloch
I was there once in the winter and the park was closed. I would love to go see it in the spring or fall.
I have a life full of amazing memories of Glacier National Park spanning five generations; from days with my grandparents to days with my grandchildren. I would have to say the most memorable is marrying the best man ever on the edge of Lake Mcdonald on a crystal cold sunny winter day!
Several years ago, I went with several friends to assist our "photographer" friend shlep his variety of camera equipment around Glacier as he searched for "perfect shots." Since it was early June, Going to the Sun was still closed due to snow pack up on top. It was usually cool, and we had rain, off and on... most everyday. Never-the-less, it was an amazing trip and we all captured the most exquisite shots. One particular afternoon, on our way to (as far as we could get) to the top of the Going to the Sun road, we stopped at the Weeping Wall (link to pix below). The amount of water flowing down the wall was the most I had ever seen. It was splashing half-way in to the closest lane of the road. After about 20 min. of taking various tripod shots, I declared, "I want to get in the water... it is calling me." lol And... I did. I put on my rain jacket/hood and stood under the pounding water. It was SOOO intense... I wasn't sure if it might injure my neck or give me a headache. Even so... the experience was thrilling. At one point, I put my arms out straight from my sides as the water tried to pound them back down in place. I wish I had access right now to show you the pictures my friends took, because they are unearthly. The way the water sprayed from my body and arms, it seriously looked like I had white feathers... I looked like an angel. No kidding. We were all aghast when we viewed the pictures later. Spectacular. Unearthly. Beautiful. All the same words used to describe Glacier. We need to make sure that we protect such places with unyielding fervor.;_ylt=AwrTcdyR5D5VlG8ALU4nnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0aWRtNmFyBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwMV8x?_adv_prop=image&fr=yhs-mozilla-004&va=glacier+weeping+wall&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-004
Several years ago, I traveled four hours with a couple buddies to assist our “photographer” friend shlep his variety of camera equipment around Glacier as he searched for “perfect shots.” Since it was early June, Going to the Sun was still closed due to snow pack up on top. It was usually cool on our outings, and we had rain, off and on… most everyday. Never-the-less, it was an amazing trip full of long mountain goat herd observations, bear and moose sitings on hikes and bald eagle sitings throughout. We all captured the most exquisite shots. One particular afternoon, on our way (as far as we could get) to the top of the Going to the Sun road, we stopped at the Weeping Wall (link to pix below). The amount of water flowing down the wall was the most I had ever seen. It was coming down hard half-way in to the closest lane of the road. After about 20 min. of taking various tripod shots, I declared, “I want to get in the water… it is calling me.” lol And… I did. I put on my rain jacket/hood and stood under the pounding water. It was SOOO intense… I was not sure if it might injure my neck or give me a headache. Even so… the experience was thrilling. At one point, I put my arms out straight from my sides, like a cross, as the water tried to pound them back down in vertical place. I wish I had access right now to show you the pictures my friends took, because they are unearthly. The way the water sprayed from my body and arms, it seriously looked like I had white feathers… I looked like an angel. No kidding. We were all in awe when we viewed the pictures later. Spectacular. Unearthly. Beautiful. All the same words used to describe Glacier. We need to make sure that we protect such places with unyielding fervor.;_ylt=AwrTcdyR5D5VlG8ALU4nnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0aWRtNmFyBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwMV8x?_adv_prop=image&fr=yhs-mozilla-004&va=glacier+weeping+wall&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-004
Doug Lynch
Bringing my parents up on Going-to-the-Sun Road for their first time a few years ago was a highlight, then hiking the Highline Trail! I grew up in the Colorado Rockies, and lived in Anchorage, Alaska for three years - nothing beats Glacier National Park!!! Nothing!!! We love to show off Glacier to visiting family & friends!!!
Paula Chait
It's hard to choose a favorite visit to Glacier Park as it's always spectacular but one of my favorite memories is when I actually missed connecting with some friends visiting from NY -- they weren't at their campsite and, of course, no phone service -- and after a couple of hours I finally decided to give up waiting and head for home (Arlee, MT). It was just after 5pm when I started driving east on Going-to-the-Sun Road and even though it was August there were hardly any other vehicles on the road at that time. The light was just incredible and I had R Carlos Nakai flute music playing on my cd player and it was the most beautiful, peaceful drive I've ever had on Going to the Sun :-)
Julie Agnew
Last summer I had a friend working at the Granite Park Chalet. I was ecstatic to go to GNP, hike around in the back country and visit for a few nights at the chalet. After circling the parking lot at the Logan Pass visitor center for nearly 45 minutes I saw a spot, and like a vulture I swooped in and made my kill. I quickly grabbed my pack, locked up the car, and headed to the trail. It was a beautiful day for a hike; I couldn't have asked for better weather. Half-way to the chalet on the Highhline trail, I was pleasantly surprised to run into my friend, who not only brought me a tail beer, but took a lot of the weight from my pack. The next morning, we headed out to hike Swiftcurrent. Like a fool, because I wanted to let my feet breathe, I wore my chacos instead of boots. Boy, did I pay the price. My feet were completely raw and wrecked from the straps of my chacos within a couple miles. When we got to the Motor Inn, I swear I cleaned them out of duct tape. My friend basically made me a pair of duct-tape shoes on the spot. I gritted my teeth, slammed a beer (or two), and we headed back to the chalet. Nearly 8 miles and a 2200 ft climb was unforgiving to my poor paws. Nonetheless, we made it back in a timely fashion; three hours to be exact. I hobbled around to a pool of glacial water and dunked my feet. They remained in the cold water until they were numb. I don't remember much after, but I know that night I fell asleep grinning and feeling fortuitous, despite my achy, throbbing feet.
Steve Paull
Driving across the Plains from Illinois to Many Glacier the first time in '96. Campground just opened, cold, windy, the wildest place I had ever been, no one else camping, was totally alone. Stars were so bright they woke me up in the middle of the night . Griz walking down the road along Lake Sherbourne on way out in the morning. After trip went home sold everything and moved to Flathead.
Only after coming back to Texas for college did I realize how the beauty and richness of the state I was leaving behind. Montana is one of those places where you can still step away from the busyness and bustle of daily life, breathe deeply, and enjoy the raw majesty of the world around you. Glacier Park is one of those locations where that beauty can be enjoyed by anyone! Whether it's Going-To-The-Sun Road for the weekend warrior, hiking out to Triple Divide Pass for those more adventurous, mountain goat spotting for the eagle-eyed wildlife watcher, or just skipping rocks out into Lake McDonald on a picnic with the kids, Glacier truly has something for everyone to experience! This is one of the most beautiful (and one of my favorite!) places on earth. Go!! You will not be dissappointed!
Christopher Coggin
Glacier National Park was a turning point in inspiring me to open my heart and mind to mother earth. Me and my wife started our trip at lake McDonald feeling the sure awe and peacefulness that only mother earth can express. The mountains have a way of calling your soul. All I can say is a trip to Glacier National Park will open your mind to all the wonders of nature. From the smallest of things to the big sky that paints the largest of canvas you ever seen and everything between. Driving the Going To The Sun Road is like no other. Taking a early start and seeing the fog and clouds slowly fade away to reveal the true beauty of this park was amazing. Many will walk away with photos of beautiful things as we did but what impressed me more was the memories I made on our trip. I look forward to our meeting again old friend.
Laura Archuleta
i have a couple of hobbies - collecting sand and drinking water from steams, lakes and rivers ( filtered of course). I've collected sand from deserts and beaches. Drank from oceans and alpine pools. The water from McDonald's lake was by far one of my favorite. I snagged a sample of sand from the water's edge and added it to my collection. My husband and I spent a couple days trekking around the park and saw much wildlife and photographed the mountain faces. We plan on returning again.
Sheila Hoblyn
Grew up 18 miles from Glacier National Park, I have traveled to many places in the states and out of the country, But nothing Compare's to Glacier National Park. My favorite place in the world-I miss it so much. I don't have one special memory of Glacier, but many. Every time a relative would come and visit us- off to Glacier we would go, Our trips involved picnics, hiking, walks, fishing, boating, site seeing, animal and bird watching. Traveling in a back of a camper which was on top of a pickup truck, crammed full of cousins, to being jammed into a station wagon. Among my favorite memories was going to the ranger station to see Elmer the Moose- Not sure if this was a name we gave him or the park did. He was always there, we loved him so, until he was tragically killed after tourist chased him onto the frozen lake and he fell through the ice. Every time I visit the park, I still think of the Grand Fellow- He was so beautiful. It was a great Joy when I was able to bring my Children to Glacier National Park and let them experience the Joy that only Glacier can give. The four of them Grumbled all the way up the mountain, as we hiked to hidden lake. They did not find the joy I did in such fresh air, filled with beauty all around. It didn't take them long though to get into the joy and freedom of it all, they were soon running up and down the mountain, Playing, sliding in the snow in the middle of summer, enjoying the togetherness in such a blessed place. I pray they will one day bring their children to this special place- to enjoy Gods beauty in nature as only one can do in glacier.
My first memory of Glacier consisted of a lot of tears. I was beyond frightened of heights and at the young age of 10, the Going to the Sun Highway had me fearing for my life. At any moment I thought the roads would crumble beneath us but alas that did not happen and it was with that one trip that the journey of my life began. From that day forward I vowed that I too would become a flat-hatted ranger and share the beauty of Montana to the world. I've since been back to this beautiful place and it's the closest I've ever felt to home... It's a powerful place that is sure to captivate any visitor near or far.
My favorite memory of GNP is my first date with my husband, a hike to Iceberg Lake. He won my heart and we continue to share a love of adventures in the park and now enjoy sharing them with our 2 young daughters.
Carrie Hubert
My favorite memory was last summer when we only had one day to make it to Glacier and back from Spokane. We left Spokane before the sun came up, drove the Going to the Sun Road from west to east and then back again, stopping at our favorite spots (including some great billy goat watching at the pass), then headed back to Spokane, pulling into the garage almost exactly 24 hours after we had left. A completely and totally exhausting day, but whenever a day involves Glacier it's worth it in our book.
Rhiannon Mortensen
My favorite GNP memory is hiking to Virginia Falls. I've been there twice once with just my husband and once with the entire family. It is a beautiful hike, no cell service so everyone is chatting with each other. We love Glacier and go a couple times a year, it is the best family vacation we take all year. I learn more about my kids during those weeks than the rest of the year combined. We try new hikes and take more boat rides, last year we even learned to stand-up paddle board.
Theresa Spears
Oh, please! I want to experience it all! More, I want to take my boys to experience it all! Every weekend we watch Rock the Park on CW. The show covered Glacier a short time ago and we drooled, awed and ooed through the entire episode! I want to take my boys hiking to the glaciers, I want to show them a grizzly bear, I want to camp in the beautiful campsites, I want to fly fish the rivers and lakes with my boys and I want to drive them on the Going to the Sun Road…. I want them to experience everything there is to do and see in our national parks! In short, I want my family to visit all of our national parks, the same as on the show Rock the Park. What a great life!
Marcia McLane
My favorite experience/memory in Glacier was last weekend. You see, I grew up visiting the park, camping with my family and bringing out-of-state relatives ('flatlanders') over the Going to the Sun Road. I have a fairly recent diagnosis of MS but my niece and I came to Glacier for the weekend, and I thought it would be a perfect time to test any 'new' limitations I might have. I am soo happy to report that I actually was able to walk past the closed gate, all the way to and through the cedar trails and back! I'd never been able to enjoy that road early in the season without all the traffic. To be able to see (and hear) the incredible views of all the water, (waterfalls up high on the peaks, waterfalls in the river at 'high' water, etc). My right foot was full of blisters from the new inflammation issues, but it was worth every single second of it and I definitely will be hiking this summer, hopefully up to hidden lake, etc. I want to re-explore, experience and learn about more trails this summer. Of note, there was a very, very, very tiny frog (the size of a walnut!) that was hopping across the road toward the river during our walk... and the birds were so boistrous! It was truely an incredible, and very memorable day: fairly large waves on Lake McDonald, exploring Fish Creek Campground/picnic area, being mesmerized by the beautiful rocks through the clear water with the inevitable "skipping of flat rocks" on the shoreline that followed, trying to get as many skips as possible while "re-filling" the lake. It was such a fulfilling time, filling my soul, and fulfilling my dreams of still being able to participate in those things I dearly love. Thank you soo much, President Rosevelt FOR our National Parks, and to everyone who protect and treasure them daily. I only hope that our current politicians will relearn how important they truely are to our mental and physical well being. I am so thankful to have this treasure close enough to home that I can visit.
Jessica Szerwo
Growing up in Montana, my family ventured to Glacier several times, but I would have to say that my favorite memory would be me and my husband's impromptu honeymoon we took last year. We didn't have a lot of time after our wedding to go anywhere, so after spending a few days at Flathead Lake, we decided to go to Glacier. What was magical about this time was how we took our time winding around Going to the Sun: stopping here and there to take some pictures, feel the cool breeze and the hot the mountains rise from the fog and then clear as the day went on. We hiked up to the Grinell Glacier and had lunch on the shore. Another couple asked us to take their picture and we asked the same only to find out we shared a wedding anniversary. The wildlife, the magic, the people. There is something about Glacier that just simply cannot be topped. I can't wait to make my trip back this summer!
I love Glacier National Park! Before my husband and I had kids we went there every summer! Then when our 3 kids were old enough we brought them and they share in our love of the Park! Our oldest daughter brought her boyfriend from Australia. He loves the park too! I would love to go back and stay at Granite Park Chalet again! It would be great to bring the whole family. There are so many great trails and things to see in the back country!
Stacey B
Spring of 2000, my first visit with my dad, seeing Glacier for the first time was breathtaking! When I tell people, I describe the scenery as if God painted the most beautiful oil painting, so perfect and vibrant! The most recent visit was last August, took my mother and daughter. Again, I was blown away at the inspiration this park is for soul, and so grateful to be able to share this with my loved ones!
I have a lot of wonderful memories from my summer working in the park. I think that my favorite memory was climbing Mt. Clements with some friends and seeing a complete circular rainbow. It was both the first and last time I've seen one. And.... as always, the time spent with the amazing people I worked with.
Lori Criner
Growing up in eastern Montana my parents would take us kids camping to Two Medicine each summer for vacation. We would pack every thing we owned our bike,Barbie dolls, fishing poles, and the cribbage board to go spend some time in the big outdoors. The station wagon was packed upon arrival we all had our chores before any of were off to see if anything new had taken place in the campground since the year before. Once the tent was up the week of fun and adventure began. Just to many great campfires stories to tell.
krissy bruckner
whenever i take that drive through the sun road it brings back so many child hood memories. i remember getting packed up in the early morning hours and leaveing the Blood Reserve Canada and making it to the park just in time to see the beautiful morning skies over the mountians. that trip has been taken countless times and still counting. i remember stopping to see the falls and feeling the cold crips water in my hands. i cant wait to share memories like that with my daughter :)
Chris Hodkiewicz
I want to hike along the high line trail with my family the most. I also want to go on a boat ride on St. Mary Lake and take in all the amazing scenery the park has to offer. I haven't been there yet but the mountains are calling and I need to go!
Jason Dormady
Age 5, 1980 ... we left early in the morning from Great Falls with other families from my sister's severe-profound special ed center. We arrived at Apgar on a misty mid-morning, road on the lake and later even saw deer in velvet when we stopped for lunch (and at that time in the park they were habituated to eating chips from your hand). 35 years later the green, the mist, the water, and the happiness of my sister (which we rarely saw) locked in a body she cannot control ... all those memories still make me happy. Three years later when my parents separated my mom fled to "the park" with me for three days for us to heal because we knew there was something special about Glacier. It is a natural tabernacle for our family. I still take my own children every time I get back to Montana so they can feel the power of Glacier.
Joan Schweinsberger
My favorite memory of Glacier National Park was from 1982. I worked at Lake McDonald Lodge, and my best friend Elin was among the first 3 female jammers ever hired to drive the red buses. For the first and only time in the history of the park, the managers of the Horseback Trail Riding concession decided to string all of the horses & pack mules on the west side of the park over to their winter pasture near Duck Lake, north of St. Mary riding on the trails from Packers Roost to Many Glacier (instead of trucking them over a hundred miles around the south & east side of the park). At the end of the summer riding season, Elin & I were included in the ride from Packers Roost (below the Loop) up to Granite Park Chalet & then over Swiftcurrent Pass to the Many Glacier corral. We had a beautiful September day, and although we had hiked the same trails during the summer, it was the experience of a lifetime to be part of that ride. We started early, stopped at Granite Park Chalet (which had been closed for a couple of weeks) to eat our packed lunches with all of the wranglers (each managing their own string of animals). After lunch, we mounted up, got back in the line & headed up over Swiftcurrent Pass to the breathtaking views of the Many Glacier valley 3000 feet below us. The ride was about 15 miles long, through heavenly scenery, and the memory of a lifetime for me!
My favorite memory of Glacier is when my grandpa from Indiana came to visit and we went up to Glacier and drove the Going to the Sun Road. Lots of snow, saw many critters and was lucky to see a moose. When my sister's boys were young and my boys were toddlers we would get up very early and leave Choteau to do the Going to the Sun Road. Seeing the baby wildlife was always worth getting up early. The wonderment in my children's eyes is something I will never forget. Glacier National Park is my heaven on earth. There is no place closer to God. I try to go there every summer and try to get up there as soon as the road is open. Best chances I've had at seeing the newborn critters and all the wild flowers coming into bloom. Every time I go to Glacier I see something new. Fingers crossed and praying for the opportunity to go this coming summer. I have family coming in from Ohio in July and would love to be able to take them to my most favorite place on earth. However, I have several autoimmune diseases, am in a great amount of pain, and not much expendable income to be able to make my beloved yearly journey. This pass would be such a blessing for me and my family. Thank you for the chance to go to heaven this year ❤
Mara Murphy
My favorite memory of Glacier National Park was my first trip to the wonderland...30 some years ago. I'll never forget my first pass over the Going to the Sun Road. Growing up on the "flat side" of Montana, I had never seen or imagined the mountainous sights that I encountered that day. Truly a magical place! I journeyed back to the park last summer & the beauty of land still gives me chills.
My first visit with my dad, 9/11/01. We drove up to Logan Pass and escaped the world for a few hours.
Patti Wygonik
My husband has been to Glacier Park as a kid, I haven't been so lucky. He has spoke so much about it with our kids. We have decided to buy an RV this year and in hopes of fulfilling a bucket list item for me and let the kids experience real nature at its best. I do hope to make this come true next summer!
Lawrence Harvey
I will always remember Yosemite National Park and the awe I felt at the beauty and majesty that was there. The visit came when I was in the military, and several of my buddies and I decided to go when we had four days leave. We were forced to sleep in the car because of no vacancies. Every night it would snow and we would shiver. It was fantastic. Glacier National Park is the park I most want to see while I can still travel. The pictures alone take my breath away. The fingers are crossed.
william landry
worked at Lake McDonald Lodge 1978, went back to visit 1981, lots of memories, but signature event of the summer was getting stuck overnite at Granite Park Chalet due to aggressive bear hanging around final leg of trail down to the road. Had to wake up early and double time down the trail to get back to work the next day!
Jill Rocksund
My favorite memory of GNP was getting married on the shore of Lake McDonald about 18 years ago in July. It was a beautiful sunny day with just immediate family. Couldn't have been any better!
Angie Chase
My favorite Glacier memory is the whole weekend we spent there last July! The excitement of pulling in, making sure everything was in the bear locker, sleeping in a tent on Fish Creek wondering how I was going to hear a bear over the sound of the rushing water, having breakfast with a deer, Lake Mac Donald, freaking out a little on the Going to the Sun road because of being on the edge high on the mountain, having goats and bighorn sheep run past us at Logan's Pass, the stars, great food, fun, family, our motto was #Making Memories! Me and my sister have been to three National Parks together. The Grand Canyon, the Badlands, and Glacier. I would love to be #MakingMemories at all of them!
John Erickson
The scenery is always beautiful, however one of my best memories was checking out the intricate work on the fireplace at the Lake McDonald Lodge. We later stopped in Billings and I mentioned it to my mother (90 years old) and she told me she worked there as a child. She looked after the children of the Lodge workers one year. Thanks, Glacier, for creating something I could share with my mother.
Cathy B
Plane tickets are booked!! Glacier here we come!!! So excited!! Don't even know where to start ...want to see and experience EVERYTHING!! Coming from South-Western Ontario, Canada....we are a little starved of the natural, majestical, magical beauty that your part of the world has to offer!!! We are so ready to make our memories at the Crown of the Continent!!! See you in August!! :)
Kate Gillett
Two years ago my grandparents asked what I wanted for my 22nd birthday, and my response was that I wanted us all to go on a trip to Glacier. We spent three days in the park, and headed up to Waterton as well. That trip was one of the best experiences of my life. Hiking throughout the park, getting to see 20 (yes, 20) bears in less than 24 hours, and spending time with two of my best friends was an experience I will never forget. I know that as they get into their 80s my grandparents won't be able to do the same amount of physical exercise they are currently capable of. I am so grateful for the memories shared in the park, and will treasure them the rest of my life. Glacier brings people together in a way that is undeniable. Viewing those gorgeous mountains, wide open valleys, and cold mountain lakes makes so many of the "troubles" associated with everyday life seem so insignificant. Glacier is truly heaven on earth!
Jen M
I can't wait to visit Glacier next year with my family!!!
Leslie Budewitz
One memory? Impossible! But I will never forget catching my first fish at Lake Josephine in, oh, gosh, maybe 1970? Chilly waters, even in summer, but I was so proud and happy -- and so was my father, a serious fly fisherman who first came to Montana in 1937, fresh out of high school, to work in the Park.
Denice Malley
So many to choose from but I think hiking to Ptarmigan Tunnel is my favorite. Once we reached the top, the view was just as breath taking as the hike!
Cheryl Moss
I am a Montana native. Born in Butte, raised in Kalispell , graduated from Montana State. It is funny how some things are just a part of your being. Glacier Park is just that for many a native. Stories....where to start. Going to see the bald and golden eagles in grade school, when George Ostrom brought his camera lenses. I remember thinking I could reach out and touch one. Going to Glacier park on senior skip day with high schools friends, clouds cascading over Going To The Sun Road like huge ocean waves. Joining friends as we climb out on large upturned tree roots to get the best "picture"...with McDonald Lake in the back can not go wrong. Yep McDonald Lake is always cold, do not listen to anyone telling you different. Avalache creek in any season. Knowing a picture from Glacier park any time you see it. Water so clear you can see the fish, and knowing rocks in Montana are beautiful all be themselves. Seeing a female sow while hiking, and slowly backing up while the tourists keep going forward????? Answering questions like," When is that deer going to turn into an elk?????" Enjoying the sun on the rocks by the creek..Huckleberry stained hands. Northern lights. Where to begin...
Dani Crismore
My favorite memories of Glacier include introducing my kids to the vast beauty of the park. We love having Glacier in our back yard!
Paula Chait
I don't see my original post and don't want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to win so I'm posting again. Every visit to Glacier is spectacular but one of my favorite memories is from several years ago when I failed to connect with friends visiting from NY. They weren't at the campsite and after waiting a couple of hours I decided it best to head home (Arlee, MT). It was just after 5pm when I started east on Going to the Sun Road: there were few other vehicles on the road and the light was just incredible. I had R Caros Nakai flute music playing on the cd player and it was just one of the most peaceful drives through the park that I've ever enjoyed :-)
My family and I love GNP, we try to make it into the park every year. My favorite part of the park is the Many Glaicers area.
Cindy, it's beautiful in the spring and fall! I also love it in the winter...the park is open year-round, but the majority of the Going-to-the-Sun is closed.
Carrie Escobedo
I met up with my cousin and her family in 2010 for a picnic and fun with our young children on the trail with all the beautiful cedars. It was the perfect place to reconnect after over ten years apart, and to introduce our kids to each other. Since we are each other's only family within 1500 miles and GNP is a 3 hour drive for each of us, it is the perfect place for us to meet.
Glacier NP has always been my favorite park. I lived in Northwestern Ohio for 48 years. When I was old enough to travel a little I usually ended up there. And now that I am living in Northwestern Montana I can visit a lot more often. On of my favorite trips was a camping trip to Two Medicine . Waking up to heavy footsteps outside the camper and finding a family of 3 moose! Camping so close to the water, the animals and a perfect late September was AWESOME! And this past October I was lucky enough to camp at Bowman Lake. A little rough road but so worth your time. BEAUTIFUL!! We only left because there was an early winter storm approaching and snow was beginning to fall.
Paul Bersch
I have never been to Glacier National Park but it has always been on my bucket list for things to do I would love to see this park.
Janet Kuhn
While hiking the Avalanche Lake trail on the way back from the lake we spotted a female black bear. Then her cub appeared. The little cub clung to a tree while staring at us with his biggest, bravest mean bear look. Mama wasn't too concerned with us however so we were able to observe them for quite some time.
Kristin Ivers Dupont
Where to start. I was 3 months old when I moved to West Glacier. I woke up every morning to the splendor of home. I grew up not realizing how lucky I was. I hiked many trails and roads in my back yard. I rode my bike all over Glacier Park and like many kids as long as I was home by the time the light outside came on, it was ok. I'd pack a few snacks and water and just leave. In the summers I worked in Apgar and again rode my bike there. My dad worked in "the park" for 22 years . What is my favorite memory? I have none because every day was a blessing. What part is my favorite? All of it. How many people can say it's their home and truly mean it? I can.
Linda Wilson
I missed the deadline (just saw the post from The Wave :-( . . . ) but I still wanted to share our memory of Glacier, which was about 2 years ago when we decided that we just HAD to move to the Flathead after driving through Glacier and having "chicken skin" from the WONDER of it all . . . . truly blessed to be in this area and can experience that WONDER over & over :-) ! ! ! ! !
Cynthia Rademacher
The North Fork of the Flathead river is one of four wild and scenic rivers in Montana. It is often rainy with braided channels but it is breathtaking. The blue-green water and blind corners drop you into spots that feel enchanted. One particular trip I awoke early and hiked the mile-ish, from the campground, to Polebridge Mercantile, for fresh-that-morning, hot huckleberry bear claws. I hitched a ride back in a lumbering forest service truck on it's way to restock fisheries biologist gathering data at a high meadow lake. When I arrived back at camp the coffee was on, my family was camping tent groggy and excited for the adventure and I was a rock star of provisions. It was a perfect morning - a Glacier National Park morning.
I had the experience of three summers at three locations, Lake McDonald, Rising Sun, and Swift Current, working, hiking, playing, meeting the public and seeing wildlife. It was great. I recommend it highly.
Steve Knaus
I was to Glacier NP when I was 13 and it left a big impression on me(now 40). The thing I remembered most is that how clear the lakes were and how blue the water was that flowed in the streams. I have 2 boys who are now 6 and 7 and am hoping to get them up to visit Glacier sometime soon.
I was 12 years old in the Summer of 1974 when my family traveled to Glacier National Park. Sitting in the high-ceilinged, muralled dining room of Many Glacier Hotel, I was smitten with the employee-couple singing on the stage in the corner of the restaurant. She had long straight brown hair and a beautiful full face. He had blond hair and gazed at her as he harmonized along with her. They were musical, hotel employees... college students that had fallen in love in Glacier National Park. I wanted the exact same thing in my life! My family of five had visited other National Parks and chose hikes as if we lived at elevation but always bit off more than we could chew, in distance and terrain. I couldn't get enough. Staying at the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn at the end of the road, we were at the jumping off point for so many hikes. One evening we came back from Icicle Lake and I turned to my Dad and said, "I don't want to go inside yet." I was perfectly serious. He looked at me, smiled and said, "Okay Sweetie, we can go out for a little while longer, but it's getting dark, so we have to come back within 30 minutes." We came back in the dark. It was really dark and I was so happy we were out in the dark. Leaving that valley made such an impression on me. I vowed I would work at Many Glacier Hotel someday and planned on falling in love there too! I started applying to the National Parks concessionaires as soon as I turned 16, and every year until I turned 21 when Lake McDonald Lodge hired me. And yes, I fell in love, a few times with boys. Mostly I fell in love with the incredible vistas and trails and friends of a lifetime. About 40 of us moved to the Seattle area after working there in the early 80's. It was the closest metropolitan city to the park. We still have reunions there, every three years. Now my kids have backpacked there with me and they know exactly what to do with my ashes after I'm gone. To the top of Mt. Gould for half and the other half in Lake McDonald. Seems like the perfect place to go into the backcountry, not having to worry about having to come back out again.
I have yet to visit Glacier!! I've been begging my husband to go for my birthday this summer!! I've seen so, so many beautiful pictures! I really want to see Lake McDonald in person! Looks amazing!
Laura Vazquez
I wish to be there so beautiful pics
Lisa Otto-Westman
We went to GNP 2 years ago for a family boyscout trip. There were about 20 of us that went with a mixture of boyscouts ranging in ages from 13-17 and parents and siblings of all ages. Some had been to the park before but many had not and very few had ever done much hiking like that. We are from North Dakota so rolling hills is about all we get. Our first adventure was Logan Pass visitor center (that's as far as the bus was allowed on the Going to the Sun road) and we helped out with a project for the NPS by counting and recording areas of various animals. Great hike and great experience! We had many adventures in our 10 day visit, staying as St. Mary, traveling on the shuttle through the park, hiking, visiting Many Glacier, then ending our trip at Apgar, we even went white water rafting! All our adventures were awesome and the park is absolutely gorgeous but I think the most amazing thing that came out of it was the experiences we had with eachother that we can look back share the memories. There were some that thought they would never have done anything like that now they are planning more trips to parks. My personal family included; we recently became a blended family. Me and my son had done several parks and camping and hikes before but my new husband and his boys had hardly been out of ND. We are now planning a family trip to Yellowstone this summer and they are actually looking forward to it! Thank you for allowing me to reminisce a bit. :)
Lisa, thanks for sharing those memories! :)
I was there 5 years ago couldn't believe how beautiful this place is ! I remember coming in on the east entrance to "Going to the sun road" My wife & I took our time stopping at the many pull offs to go out and explore nature. I remember going to a waterfall that was maybe a half mile hike & the sign posted where we parked watch out Bears have been spotted in the area ! Well being from Illinois we thought it would be great to see a bear not realizing at the time that we could run into a grizzly bear . The waterfall was amazing and the water crystal clear & I'm sure we probably could have drank from it but didn't chance it. The vista's were breathtaking ! A true hidden gem ! The next time I go back I will stay a couple of days there !
Michelle Heflin
I've never been but am actually going later this year. I'm excited for all of it and can't wait to make some memories!

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