A Montana Road Trip: Missoula to Billings

Earlier this week, a road trip to Billings (Montana’s second largest city) was needed for a work conference. So we rounded up the girls and made the six hour trek from our homebase in Western Montana to Montana’s largest city.

Near Deer Lodge.

We love road trips.

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m a Montana girl through and through, which means that I’ve spent countless hours road tripping through Big Sky Country for family events, six-man football games (yep, that’s a real thing) and various excursions. And while I’ve seen the beauty of Montana countless times across thousands of miles, I’m still amazed at how much she continues to leave me awe-struck at her beauty.

See for yourself…

What’s your favorite place to road trip?


13 thoughts on “A Montana Road Trip: Missoula to Billings

  1. Mokihana

    I’ve taken and written many a blog post about our road trips to Montana; for this island girl (Hawai’i born and raised) the vastness of the state is incredible. I would be hard pressed to nail down just one area as a favorite because I love them all. I love the variety and beauty of each area… driving from Oregon to Montana and seeing the “Welcome to Montana” sign on Interstate 90 always gives me a thrill. And the beauty of Glacier Country is a heartstopper, as is Yellowstone.

    I just plain love Montana!

  2. Nicole

    Hi! Came across your blog this is awesome! I am driving from Missoula to Billings with my BF on Wednesday for Thanksgiving and it’s my first time in Montana…. any suggestions on cool local places to stop, restaurant, look out stops.

    Thanks! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your beautiful state
    -Nicole (I’m from Phoenix!)

  3. Sheryl Metcalf

    Don’t forget the Pintler Scenic Loop, exiting I-90 at Drummond and passing through Philipsburg (the CANDY STORE!) past Georgetown and Silver Lakes, Anaconda (mind the speed limit signs), and back to I-90 15 miles east of Butte. Beautiful drive. Only a little bit longer than straight through I-90 and EVER so much more interesting!

    1. tiatroy Post author

      I LOVE the Pintler Scenic Loop, Sheryl. And I’m a big fan of The Sweet Palace and the whole charming town of Philipsburg. 🙂


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